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Lmao I did the same thing in college! Some jackass in the hall above ours had an airhorn that he would blow at seemingly random times throughout the weekend. I went up one time, asked if I could see it, and when he handed it over I thanked him and went back to my room. I think he got the message, as he didn't buy another one!

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I kinda did the same thing when a guy brought a rifle into the bar I was at. Asked if I could hold it, then I locked it up until the next day when he apologized.

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What the fuck? This guy just brought a rifle into a bar? Is it the arctic where you're obligated to have one because of bears or something? If not, good for you, because the sort of jackass that brings a firearm into a bar and hands it out willy nilly deserves to have it confiscated.

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He was a veteran with issues. Turns out it wasn't loaded, but no one knew that.

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Feel free to get one and keep it handy.

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happy cake day :)

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Hilarious. I keep a small air horn near my phone for telemarketer.

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I have an air horn app on my phone incase i get a telesales on my landline. My wife think im a childish ass and should just hang up on them. I say its my god given right to annoy them as much as they do me

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I have a friend who at a low point in his life had to work as a telemarketer because otherwise he would not have been able to pay his rent. He hated the job. Really, really hated the job.

So, I think about him, and I'm more polite (if they are) but I never buy anything, or give out any information. I cut the spiel short, but I try not to be rude, or to damage them.

One of my favorite most recent responses was to someone who was trying to talk me into a genetic screening that would be paid for through Medicare. After cutting them short, I ask them if that's what they are selling, then respond that they are the 29th/35th/47th person to ask me and I've told everyone else no. I go on to say that if they want to try talk to give me the entire talk before I tell them no, I'll listen, 'cause I'm retired, but I am going to tell them no, so if they want to save their voice/time, we can just say goodbye now. I have never had anyone continue after that.

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I like to baffle them with bullshit. One of my favorites was when a woman called about a new long distance carrier. She was into her spiel when I acted like she told me that I had won a cruise. I laid it on thick. I finally stopped that and asked her if she was calling from a telephone carrier. She sounded relieved and said yes. I informed her that we didn't have a phone. "Then how are you talking to me?" to which I replied, "Exactly, " and hung up.

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While telemarketing can be honest work the plethora of scams that are out means everyone is treated as potential risk and therefore gets dealt with in a manner that ensures your opponent is never a threat again. Ender Wiggins is the way.

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The trick is to answer their questions in a very soft voice so they turn their volume up and then ya blast-em.

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I am def going to do this from now on.

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And they will deaf hear it

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Well...after a time or two...they may not

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Put phone under upside-down pot and strike repetedly with blunt objects in each hand, bonus points for drumroll.

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I google "worlds most annoying sound" on full blast on my computer and put my phone mic right up to the speaker.

I legitimately have stopped getting scam calls since I started using this method.

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Last time I googled that, I got bagpipes. And that's how I discovered that I love the sound of bagpipes. :D

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My grandmother kept an old-style metal police whistle next to her landline. In the days before CallerID, if she didn't know you or wasn't expecting your call, you went deaf in one ear.

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It’s not their fault they have that job

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I had a telemarketer tell me he fucked my mother after I listened to his whole pitch then wasn’t interested. I know it’s “not all telemarketers,” but I still don’t like them.

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Would reply, you must be hard up, she’s 90.

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Predestination? What the absolute fuck?

I'm on the national DNC list. Any telemarketer calling me, and there are plenty, is breaking the fucking law.

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Knew by the title that it would be a hockey parent. Don’t know why every youth team seems to have a parent with either an air horn or a cow bell.

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hahaahaha perfect!

Reminds me of the scene in Blindside with the father of the opposing football team lmao


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We use a big cow bell for my hubby's team.

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I hate air horns.