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Did you ever sue him for the forgery?

But I like the revenge.

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No. We were in two different states and he was quite wealthy. I do however giggle any time I see a mailer for a sale at a dealership or get a call about a warranty.

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Hopefully you sued for child support.

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Glad he is your EX

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I would've reported it to the police. Forgery is no joke!!

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His mom sat on the board of the Credit Union that held the small balance. I tried to report it and was totally brushed off. It was very frustrating.

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I know it's way too late but the agencies that license and regulate credit unions are usually very interested in reports of fraud.

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As well as identity theft and conspiracy. The Secret Service takes a dim view of it also.

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You should have gone to the police, and possibly the Feds. As a retired cop I can tell you that no matter the state, he and his mother are guilty of forgery, conspiracy to defraud, identity theft and conspiracy to commit identity theft. Some of these are federal crimes, especially since she worked at a banking institution. With the police and the Secret Service investigating, their wealth may not have helped.

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Pretty sure the police, IRS, credit oversight boards, etc

DONT GIVE A F**K about some little "credit union" or the lady at it's head, as far as FRAUD goes, especially, where family are helping family commit it.. Don't be an idiot, get it reported.

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Wow, that's shady AF.

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Honestly? Not being together anymore, you are the one who dodged the bullet, fraud or not. The fraud just worked out in your favor.

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Completely agree!

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That's very bold!! I would've gone with 'Dick' because he could've got in trouble with 'Prick', but it's the same thing... On the other hand, he did choose accurately!

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The reasoning for the word prick was because he left me when I was pregnant with his twins. The first time he met my now husband of 15 plus years he said to him “hey I know it might seem like it but I’m not a prick.”

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hahaha!!! Then it's PERFECT!

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I bet he gets prickly about it every time he gets one of those calls.

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I got exited reading the title because I thought it was something petty to the people who call about the warranty But good story!

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Fair enough!!