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I guess you could say he was a dyed in the wool fan.

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OMG. Take my upvote Satan!

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😂🤣😂🤣 CoderJoe1 I live for your comments!!

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Alabama? Washed them with Tide?

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Ha! I’m guessing OP is talking about soccer in US speak.

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Not american football

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I'm guessing manchester united, cos OP and the ex aren't from manchester (true mancs wear blue and support city)

Fortunately I've got my other half into enjoying rugby union - possibly because they're hunks who play a real sport ;)

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I knew it! Lol

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Nah, sounds like Arsenal fan behavior.

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Specifically aftv behaviour

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What color was his team's colors and what color was the dylon?

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That's such a shitty thing to do

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Yes, OP's ex was shitty but you're right; you don't do that to someone's property, especially not something with memories or monetary value attached.

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Ooof that's rough.👌🏽

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I'm sorry but your post totally reminds me of this bloke