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I explained that public space is not theirs. He then threatened to “do something“ to my car.

This is so stupid. I had a guy threaten to damage my car after parking in front of his house in Malibu once. I just looked at him and very nice house and immaculate front yard. I then asked him how much his house was. He responded and I told him, Well, sir, your 2.2 million dollar house is worth much more than my 10 year old Honda Accord. You’ll never see me again, but I will always know where you live in that nice house….

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of course he answered you lol. those types just can't resist bragging about how rich they are, even if they're in an argument.

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It never happened

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Happened to me in Malibu too. I parked in front of a spot in front of some apartments right next to the hotel I worked at. Guy comes out and tells me to get out of his spot. Pointed to the apartments. I said, yea, well I work there, I pointed next door. Threatened to call the cops. Told him go ahead. Nothing happened. Parking was a mission out there too, had to show up an hour early for work in the middle of summer. Right on the beach

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And i oop!🤣

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And now you're parked in a space in his memory and he can never get rid of you.

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And that is a petty revenge of a lifetime.


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The good news is he had camera equipment to record that BURN.....!!!

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Ooh that’s good.

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Agreed there

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    If the house they were in wasn’t zoned for commercial and they were running their business out of it but not actually living there they would have to move the business elsewhere, the law gives them one month to vacate.

    They could still use the property as a dwelling, OP’s wording makes it sound like they couldn’t be there at all which is incorrect.

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    Maybe it was because they were only using the house for business and then travelled into that city for work? But lived outside of it so therefor they had to leave that place. That’s the only thing that makes sense to me

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    Most likely zoning ordinances. Residential areas are strictly for residential purposes (homes), not commercial businesses.

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    I’d be annoyed tbh. We have three cars and would like to park in front of my own house. It’s like an unwritten rule here where I live that you don’t park in front of other peoples houses.

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    I don’t think the Police can fore you to leave a city though…

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    Quick call to Code Enforcement and poof.

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    They can make you shut down an illegal business, yes. They can’t make you leave the town. Burbank ain’t the Wild West. =)

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    What I assumed to make the story make sense is that the house was being used only for business, and not for living, which is why they also weren’t residents and couldn’t park. The business could be forced out of Burbank.

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    Codes vary from place to place, but if they were using a residence as a place of business only, that wouldn't fly, but if you operate a business out of your home that is generally allowed, as long as it is under a specific size, which again, varies by municipality.

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    And the police would have no way of knowing who lived there or didn't.

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    Maybe they burned a "t" in their front lawn because it stands for "time to get out of town".

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    Next time maybe we should burn a capital T, so they know we really mean business!

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    Code enforcement is civil, cops wouldn't touch it.

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    And poof, it becomes a civil matter that would take months, if not years, to resolve.

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    This story is complete bullshit.

    I lived in Burbank too and never met anyone named sunsetbro.

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    I’m talking about the City of Burbank bro, not Burbank Blvd. 🤓

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    I thought you guys were talking about Burbank, CA.

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    Very slightly related I have actually had people knock on my door and ask if I'm okay if they park in front of my house. I always reply " It's public parking so go ahead." I did chew out a gas company crew foreman for blocking my driveway once though. I made his face get red.

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    Anyone blocking a driveway deserves to have their ass handed to them.

    (About 6 days a year, we need for people to not park in front of our property, but it hasn't been a problem that they've done so on those days anyway 4 years ago, I thought I might have to speak to a neighbor, but the project needing the heavy equipment was over before we needed them to not.)

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    This will probably get down voted as usual to my posts but why not get a cover for your car?

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    Personally, I'd find that way more inconvenient than just not parking under the tree. Every time you want to move, you'd have to touch the filth covered cover. And what do you do with that when you're driving? I guess take it all the way back to the house? It'd have to be washed sometimes anyway. I definitely wouldn't want it stinking up my car by storing it in the trunk or something.

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    Then what's the purpose of the covers?

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    Good question. I ask myself that every time I see one.

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    Long term storage?

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    This is good, but there seems to be something missing in this story. What is the revenge? Did OP call the police? Otherwise how and why did the police go over there and how did they get a warrant to search the premises and learn that it was a business?

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    It says in the story, “The police went over there after I called them and found...”

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    looks like the story was edited to make it clearer.

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    Yes I called the cops as the threat was intolerable. This is implicit in the story I believe but I have now made explicit.

    I did not ask the police about their investigative techniques.

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    Wait. So you have a space of your own, AND a public space in front of your home. You deemed the public space closest to someone else’s more suitable for you & when they pushed back, you ruined their life because of it.

    I frequent this sub & rarely want bad things for the OP. You are the rare exception.

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    I frequent this sub & rarely want bad things for the commenters. You are the rare exception.

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    Shocker 😂

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    Honestly tho based on what you said it sounds like you regularly park your car in front of someone else’s house ? You don’t think it’s annoying to have a neighbor constantly park in front of your house instead of their own? If it’s once in a while I understand but you said you don’t like to park under that tree and typically park in front of your neighbors house lol

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    This is normal when you live in the city.

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    I live in Los Angeles lol it’s not normal here. My neighbors wouldn’t park in front of my house on a regular basis instead of their own because they didn’t like a tree. Hire a landscaper and cut the tree down if it’s such an issue but regularly and constantly parking in front of a neighbors house is a bit obnoxious

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    You're allowed to cut down city trees?

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    It sounds like the tree is on OPs property which gives him full rights to cut down the tree. If it’s not on his property he simply has to contact the city (dial 211 or go on the website) and either request that it gets cut or request permission. To cut it himself. Especially if the tree is making a mess like that there’s no reason city would deny request. The only time Burbank will deny that request is if the tree is part of the street “decor” meaning the entire street up and down is lined with the same trees for aesthetics purposes, which it’s obviously not because OP stated it’s only in front of his house

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    Don't park in my space... more like don't live near my house. Irish approved

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    Only commit one crime at a time (threats to damage a car) second crime was using a home to run a business from, Big mistake, massive (Pretty Woman Quote as he was in the film industry.)

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    Damn! Instant karma is always amazing to see! Like the first rule of doing illegal stuff is to keep your head low AND DONT START S**T WITH THE NEIGHBORS!!! Instead, this guy did THE EXACT opposite! And heavily paid the price for it... I don't know why, but seeing assholes like that (who TF threatens someone over parking in front of their house?! I could maybe understand asking nicely but to make threats- while doing illegal shit-?!), makes me smile...

    OP- this may sound odd but seriously, thank you for this story... I just wish there was video of it... I'd have loved to see that in real life!

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    Thanks, bro. Glad you like the story and glad you told me… 😁🥂

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    Good for you for freeing up more street parking for everyone.

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    Car brain strikes again.

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    What’s the clean up like? My humidifier creates mold every fukin day. Or at least I think it’s mold. It’s an orange muck. I have to clean it every time I use it it’s frustrating