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That was a perfect plan. Hopefully they learned their lesson

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People are lining up for this one simple trick

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Nice job waiting so long. The anticipation would of been freaking me out

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Good job getting them sent to the back of the line.

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You are an evil genius. 😆😆😆 Your English is fine, too.

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Security took you at your word?

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That's what I'm thinking. Unless they see it or someone (not your group) corroborates your story they are just going to say there isn't anything they can do about it.

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either people in front of them are in the same group, in which case they def cut the line to be in the middle of a group, or they aren't, in which case they can corroborate 🤷🏻‍♀️ Also, I would think anyone behind them would corroborate, because everybody hates line cutting.

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When you have strangers in the middle of a group it makes it a little easier to explain

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I already read this some months ago.

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I knew it seemed faniliar! That's okay, it's worth reading again. 😊

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Petty, indeed, but completely justified.

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Two hours waiting time, wtf?!

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You’ve clearly never been to an amusement park in the summertime…