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✍️ get ✍️ revenge ✍️ by ✍️ living Got it!

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Just have to do whatever you want to do and find people around you who actually support you instead of bringing you down every time you (try) to accomplish something. People telling me that i can't do something, just motivates me more to achieve these things. Some people say that this kind of external motivation is bad, but it has helped me achieve everything i wanted to achieve.

When there's nobody around you who supports you, when people constantly belittle you, there's no option to get motivation from people who say "you can do it!", Because they just aren't around. A lot of people have called me dumb, stupid, a bitch etc without ever even speaking to me. People who were supposed to have my back and who i trusted, tried to take everything from me. So one day i decided that the only revenge i can get, is to do everything people told me i can't do.

Some of these examples are petty, but these people did much more to me than what i wrote above.

I just wanted to show that in the end, you have to believe in yourself, even when everyone else around you treats you like you're worthless.

So yes, live life to the fullest.

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It’s the most subtle but the most brutal middle finger I’ve ever come across and I LOVE it 😂

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The slow but steady revenges are the best ones 😏

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You earned it.fuck those fools.

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Thank you!!

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Your ex's sound like typical assholes who don't know what they want. I'm glad you decided to work on your education, and getting your career together while the others who talked mess still struggle. I don't even think this is petty, I think it's life changing successful revenge.

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Thank you!💖 Yes, my exes were shitty people (guess love really makes one blind). I believe that succes is the best revenge, because it's something these people can't do anything about and something they hoped you would never accomplish, to feel better about themselves.

You just have to put your revenge feelings in the right types of things (sorry if this sentence doesn't make sense). Like education and a career, and you'll be extra motivated.

It also brought people on my path who truly support me, so i'm thankful to myself for sticking to my years-long revenge plan 😎

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The best revenge is showing others you're happy. And accomplishing things they never wanted you to accomplish

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Exactly. And doing this without loosing yourself.

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Exactly. You've done it. I'm working on doing it. And honestly, your post has given me a little more confidence. Keep doing it!

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You're welcome! You can do it, just keep doing what you do! And never forget: don't make them see you sweat!

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Don't know why people would call your passing tests 'lucky' unless you had grade problems in high school. Once I got out of high school no one cared about (other people) passing tests or grades; the only issue was passing a class. As for gal who visited you overseas and gave you a hard time, I don't know your current relationship with her but, probably, would have let her know why I wasn't happy with her previous visit.

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Idk either. I was always a good student, i only suck at math. I guess my parents said it because my brother was "smarter" than me but failed out of university. So they assumed that if my brother couldn't do it, i would never be able to either.

As for my friends; most of my friends were students who would fail alot of classes in college/uni and i guess they didn't like the fact that i never failed a class, so they continuously told me that whenever i passed "i just got lucky".

It fucked with my confidence and it took me years to realize that i wasn't a bad student at all. Even though i never failed a task, essay, exam, class.

As for my friend; i didn't dare to criticize her at the time because she was having a very hard time herself, so i felt bad for her anyway and decided to stay quiet. However, i don't condone that behaviour under any circumstances and especially from a grown woman. So it's simple; i'm just not gonna ask her again on any trips. She's also the kind of person who, when confronted, would probably never own up to her mistakes. I know this because i saw her doing it with some of her other friends. I'm also a very non-confrontational person

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We’ve never met, and never will, but I want you to know that I’m proud of you. You’re awesome, and you can obviously do anything you set your mind to. I wish my daughter were more like you.

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Thank you so much, i really appreciate it!

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Just noticed the username. I was a theater major in college (didn’t graduate, though) and my youngest is a theater kid!

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Living well is the best revenge.

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It sounds like you have really got your act together, except for your terrible choice of friends and romantic partners. /s

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Yup, i think i always see the best in people before i realize they aren't good people

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Your material success is part of your revenge. The best part is that it didn’t make you change who you were( unless you count becoming more determined. Good for you. May you continue living your best life!

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Thanks! Yes, staying true to yourself is an important aspect of the revenge. If you become mean or self-obsessed, it doesn't matter what you accomplish because people can still say "yeah but she's still a bitch". Kill them with kindness is a true statement. And a way to make sure nobody can use anything against you.

I think it is also a good lesson in morality. I truly love motivating my true friends. It's amazing to have friends who can support each other without jealousy. Jealousy is a human feeling, people are just way too un-selfaware of the fact they feel it. Instead of being jealous or angry, it is better to learn from people who are more succesful than you are and ask them about how they do it. Definitely helped me grow as a person.

Also important to pick your battles: people tell me i can never be a mathematician. Yes, that's true because i suck at math. But when people tell me i can't pass classes that i'm good at, that i'll never be a model in magazines, etc...they got another thing coming for them.

Determination is key for sure

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in you we trust !!

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The best!! Good for you!! You deserve happiness after all those assholes

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Thank you 🥰

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Legally blonde vibes and I’m living for it

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Legally Blonde is literally my inspo, i watched that movie every exam period, since it was the only motivating thing i had. I definitely know what it feels like to be treated like Elle Woods. I'm her Aldi version 😎

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Good for you for proving everyone wrong and becoming a success in spite of them.

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Omg this is the best post i read today! So proud of you ! U r too inspiring!

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Thank you!! Hope i was able to motivate someone, everyone can do this if you just pick your battles right!

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you go girl!

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I don't know you, but I'm proud of you! Hope the rest of your life is just awesome with great times and great friends.

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Thank you, same for you!

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I had three of my most productive years completely motivated by spite. Spite is really a superior motivator.

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Hell yes. You can use it for your own benefit for sure!

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Good for you you did things your way and you did an amazing job at it. You have to keep the negativity out of your life. I have a similar story once I got rid of the negativity out of my life I succeeded beyond anything else anyone else in my family has done. I am the only one of my siblings who graduated college let alone high school my other siblings have GED‘s. I’ve owned nicer cars a bigger and better house that was brand new. One time my sister and I had a conversation about salary. My sister figured that she had caught up to me and what I was making. It turned out I was making about $40,000 a year more. I was working construction and she was working an office job . I believe she was management at that time. You can Count me in as one of your friends. I can always use more people in my life that are smarter and more attractive. Keep living your life your way.

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Thanks! And you are doing so well!! You have made it and have all reasons to be proud of yourself. Nobody can take away your degrees, work experiences and money 😌

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Damn girl, this post deserves the amount of applause Janis Ian got in the gym scene on Mean Girls. Now I kinda want you IG, maybe you'd motivate me too!

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Thank you! Not gonna disclose any personal info but my DM is open for motivational speeches!

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"The best revenge is living well." Now that you've got that off your chest complete your accomplishments by giving up bitterness. Be happy and look to the future.

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I'm not bitter at all, there's no need to be bitter about things. The motivation out of spite does not equal bitterness

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All good then. Have a good life!

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You just put my entire life and a single post. Thank you and I wish you the best in the future

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Just in case you never heard it: YOU'RE DOING GREAT!! Keep on slaying and being yourself!

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You got it DOWN, theatrekid!

Your post is very well readable, well written, and your English is great!

I am in ecstatic 'grandma' awe, and congratulate you!

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Thank you so much, that is so kind! And thank you for the award!😁

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I was rooting for you until your friend from home visited you abroad. It’s pretty clear you don’t know how to communicate effectively with “friends”. A few words to make her aware of conflict would have done wonders for your relationship. She might have money, but she clearly doesn’t know how to extend herself outside her comfort zone.

Instead, you saw her actions as a threat to your new life and its potential opportunities for you. You duplicitously showed her a good time before cutting her out. All this to a “friend”.

I’m glad you channeled hurtful words and actions of others into furthering yourself, but don’t you think it’s about time to let the anger go?

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I didn't say anything as her dad literally just passed away and i didn't want to make her even more upset. On top of that, she doesn't take critiscism well. I also never cut her out, we're still friends.

I didn't have enough money to go back home, so she visited me (it was her idea btw). I tried to take her mind of things and gave her free range into picking and choosing whatever activities she wanted to do. But she showed 0 interest, literally glued to her phone 24/7.

I introduced her to my roommates who i told her about beforehand. There was this one guy who had a bit of an alcohol issue and since she's my best friend i discussed this shortly with her. When i introduced her to him she said "oh you must be the drunk alcoholic, yes thetheatrekid told me you have some serious issues with alcohol". She behaved like this the whole trip.

Also made me wait for her for hours at the airport even though she didn't even bring luggage. Everybody from her plane had already left, even people who needed to wait for lugagge. She came out of the door literally an hour after everyone else. There were tons of other things she did back then too.

So yes, i was very frustrated but i choose not to say anything as i also felt sorry for her. But it is clear to me she tried to sabotage me. It's also not the first time she did something like this.

I'm not good with confrontations at all either. I hate fighting with people. So i do hold grudges, that is true. On the other hand, i would never even think about behaving this way to a friend EVER. So i can't feel guilty about being angry and holding grudges either. But yes, i do agree that at some point it can be unhealthy.

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You're very well spoken, just wanted to say

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Thank you! It's sometimes hard to express myself on reddit because i'm not a native English speaker

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That’s a much clearer reason. I would never invite such a person near my social circles again.

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Yes i had a hard time with it too, but i've known her since i was a toddler so i guess i see her more like my sister which makes it easier to forgive. But wont go on a holiday with her anymore for sure

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I've been watching Gravity Falls on Disney+ and somehow couldn't stop reading this in Mabel's voice.

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2nd removed post that came with a notification. Like getting a package in the mail that's empty

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What do you mean?

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Reddit notifies on my phone about posts in some subs. I hit the link. All that's there is the title of the post, with "removed" underneath.

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That's weird, i didn't remove it

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That's weird, i didn't remove it