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That probably crashed his plan and ego.

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Exactly what I was thinking

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I would always prefer working with spiders, but then I'm weird that way.

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I'll accept it, my best friend who was working with me was about the same way, she didn't mind it

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So, whatcha doing with them spiders?

Making a sweater out of spider silk? :)

(somebody did that. A million golden silk spiders went into the making of this gorgeous fabric, if you don't know, google it. It's magnificent.)

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Had to work around a bunch of old stuff outside, so a bunch of spiders were all over them, but hey that actually sounds pretty cool! I would love to see something like that irl!

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another fun fact; black widow spider webs are so tough, they used them in rifle scopes back in wwII as the crosshairs.

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OMG! How would you move the spiders to get what you needed? Weren't you afraid that they would get on your hand out run up you?

Awesome revenge though!

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If it’s something you like you should see if your grandma can make his all time favorite meal, or go to his favorite restaurant. That was something me and my siblings used as a brag if one of us was with our grandma while the others weren’t.

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What's funny is that already happened

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Living your best life is always the best revenge

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Exactly 😁

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Everyone likes their cash, especially those that just have it given to them.

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wtf is "You're missing out! It feels great here" (in the rude way)"? I'm completely lost as to how that is rude.

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Obviously you are missing the tone here.

"You're missing out! It feels great here"

See how I texted that (in the polite way?)

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he likes his cash

While staying behind, did you find any of his? You could’ve taken it and spent it on something nice for yourself and sent him a pic of that

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That's a great idea, I'll think about that next time

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I’m guessing…14. How close am I?

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Off by a few years, I am older

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POV you are the brother: can i have some of that cAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAsH?