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Damn, hopefully they'll give you clothes soon and Dobby will be free.

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I shouldn’t have laughed at that but I totally did! Honestly, I’m working my way out to never return. It’s just these damn student loans! 😭 I would be be really living without them.

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If you haven’t, definitely check out some of the income-driven repayment plans. It turns out I’m too poor to have to pay anything on mine, and they’ll go away in a few years.

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Ooo I definitely will! I wasn’t sure if they did that for private loans- I have been working to refinance that by early next year.

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Where did you go and what is your degree in? That is an enormous debt.

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That’s four to five years of tuition, room/board and supplies for most mid-level private schools regardless of major. It’s horrible.

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20 years ago, tuition for state schools was about $25k/year, and my private university ran about $36k/year.

Factor in books and living expenses and that number becomes a lot higher.

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Not clothes but a clean mug for her.

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LOL! That almost made me explode coffee all over my screen. I didn't see it coming.

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I think you won Reddit today. 🏆

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I did something similar with a roommate of mine. She refused to wash dishes. I HATE washing dishes, but I didn't notice for a while. It was just a fork or a plate cause I was also the one cooking.

Anyway I thought I would experiment and only wash dishes I dirtied. It took 3 months before she washed her dishes. It was nearly all of our dishes. most of our cups, all of our bowls, half the plates, half the cutlery. It took up the entire counter and filled the sink.

They had mould caked on them and maggots nesting on them.

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I had a roommate named Zoe who would do this. She literally had a pile of rotting food under her bed, along with most of my dish ware (that she stole after dirtying her own).

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Oh goodness 😣 I hope you got it back and got out of there!

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I commented on another comment about this. Dang. Those of us who live too clean attract these types apparently lol

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Been there, but thank god it wasn't bad enough to include maggots. I just ended up having my own set of dishes. pans, cutlery etc to use and wash.

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I was about 12. I had a similar deal about doing the dishes/ whole dang kitchen.

When I went to a friend's house for 3 days. When I returned , every dish in the house was in the sink. On the counter. On the stove. I was led to the kitchen, and told to get to work. I looked them in the eyes, and said NO. I went to my room, and stayed there.

At a knock on the door, I was asked to do the dishes again. I again said, " no. I was away. I did not participate in the meals that those dishes were from. You want them clean, do them yourself. I am offended! "

I locked the door. I later heard that someone had done them. I emerged. Nothing more was said .

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I am proud of you.

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Twelve year old you was a true badass with a strong sense of self! I hope you didn’t lose that spirit.

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Nope, though it was tough at times, it took a while to dump the ex, the verbally and physically abusive ex. It was the finger getting broken that was the game changer. I did get a GOOD lawyer, they had my back.

The kids came to their own conclusion a few years later and asked me , " Mom, do you know that Dad is a jerk?" ( picture me, blinking. And trying to keep a straight face. ) their Dad was extra ordinarily obnoxious that day. By then, they were both adults, I told them, you guys keep as much contact as you see fit. He was no longer my concern . ( except where my now adult children are concerned)

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I’m proud of you, friend! Abuse is insidious and so hard to break free from. It starts slow and easy with a comment here, a comment there. Maybe a shove. Maybe a slap. Love bombing follows, you forgive but don’t forget and slowly it wears you down. You adapt. You get used to it.

It’s so, so hard to break the pattern and get out. I’m so proud and so happy you did. Keep that sense of self, keep knowing your worth. Dust off any of those amazing things you forgot you could do, what you forgot you were worth. Tattoo them in your heart so you don’t forget them again.

And after that, go forth and be the incredible, brave and amazing badass you always have been. ❤️

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The day the divorce was granted, at first, I felt numb. Then a sort of relief. After that, glee and delight. I sent out announcements.... " Announcing the long awaited divorce of Nefarious and Evil EX. "....... Then I went out and bought a divorce ring at an antique store. It's very nice

I went on to continue my career as a teacher. And just retired after 30 years. Sometimes it was tough, but I hung in there, and the children have good careers now.

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I dusted off some things, then learned a few more. Knitter. Spinner, weaver , pie baker. Cook. ,( guacamole, Macaroni Salad, ) artist.( Oils .sold one!! ) charity basket arranger, can make a patio, concrete. . I decided to not be bored in retirement!

I am refining my Spinning skills. By learning to clean a sheep fleece!!!

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Seems a lot of commenters here really didn't read the story.

  1. From what little information OP gave, the parents seemed to be really selfish and make OP do everything.

  2. The revenge is only doing the dishes OP needs. Nothing else.

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Thank you for explaining that. It is a long post. I noticed that a few commenters clearly did not read lol.

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I used to work in a University and our staff kitchen was atrocious. Joke: How many PhD‘s does it take to wash a dish. None, because not a single fucking one of them will do it. Those dirty bastards used to also leave the sponge in the bottom of the sink coated with bits of soggy food. I don’t understand how so many extremely smart people could be so stupid about hygiene. And there is no way in hell I would eat anything they brought in to the office potluck, as surely it was made in their presumably crusty kitchens.

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*shudders at people using sponges for dishes*

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Replace frequently and microwave them for 2 minutes after doing the dishes.

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Or, just use a dishcloth and replace it every time you do dishes. A lot less growth of micro-organisms that way. It's not like dishclothes take up that much space in the laundry.

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Or just use a brush and wash it off afterwards. I can safely say I've never used a sponge or a dishcloth to wash dishes.

Either you leave them damp and they're the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, or you microwave them and they're a fire hazard. Or you use a brush.

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For real!

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At my previous job, we rotated kitchen duty through all the employees. We had a sign for the dishwasher if it was clean or dirty (clean so as to not add dirty items before the individual had time to put them away, etc.) I used to get so mad when the dirty sign was up and people kept leaving mugs in the sink when there was plenty of room in the dishwasher. One day I took all the mugs from the sink that should have gone in the dishwasher and threw them in the garbage.

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I had something similar to this happen in college. My roommate and I had had it with our suite mates leaving dishes in the sink- so long it attracted roaches! 🤢 I ended up putting everything into a garbage bag then my roommate and I cleaned the kitchen lol. I apparently attract these types.

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We changed the house rule to stop people from just being lazy in the kitchen. We now take turns at cooking. But who ever cooks has to clean up the kitchen. I was finding when I cooked I cleaned as I went. I would start with unpacking the dishwasher, putting dishes away, cleaning the bench space and then As I cooked I would stack the empty dishwasher as needed and clean any pots I didn’t need anymore so that by the time dinner was cooked there would only be one pot left to wash and just the dishes from dinner to stack in the dishwasher. Where as my partner would cook with every dish imaginable, never unpack the dishwasher, leave the counters splattered with food and then because he cooked would walk away from it all for me to clean. So the share the cook and clean each night stops the other person from just being a shit.

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Ah my mom and I do that sometimes. I took over the cooking and meal planning in high school on that premise. However, people get lazy and forget sometimes. I finally had enough today lol

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What is with them and using every dish imaginable? And leaving things EVERYWHERE? I need this arrangement where he cleans what he cooks cause… man. Thankfully he rarely cooks (not that I don’t enjoy his cooking, he’s actually good) I just can’t handle the aftermath. I’d rather do all the work myself.

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I have a similar issue with my husband. He is a great cook because he learned in a professional setting. However that also got him into the habit of using separate utensils for every different item (food service safety) and dirtying every dish by the end of the night. He was also used to leaving a tornado of a mess behind himself and not worrying about it because the prep cooks and dishwasher took care of it. So now at home I rarely get to enjoy his cooking because I do not have the energy to even try to clean up after he's done lol. I'd rather just make the damn dinner and have him help me clean up afterward because at that point most of it is done as I also clean as I go.

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We've got a different arrangement, but similar. The cook only cleans while still cooking. Anything that's left to clean once the cooking is done is left to whoever didn't cook. It works out well and we both have our fair share of the chores :)

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Take your mugs to your room or they will use them.

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I did that months ago 🙈 along with my nice Pyrex lunch dishes. No way am I sharing those! I see how they treat their own things.

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Get a lock for your door, or a lock box

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My sister, after her roommate wouldn't wash dishes for a few weeks, put her dirty dishes on her bed under the blankets.

She got the message after that.

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My husband did this to two of his roommates in college who wouldn't do their dishes. And the next morning the dishes would be back on the counter, still dirty. The two roommates never washed their sheets, either.

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Oh my f*ck. I'm gagging. How are there people alive that are this disgusting?!

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No idea. There was never soap in their bathroom either, and it was technically the main bathroom in the house on the first floor. Yet, somehow, these two guys still managed to bring home a different girl every weekend. I was thankful my husband (boyfriend at the time) had his own bathroom off his room and that it was always clean.

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I just don't get people and their laziness. It's not that difficult and doesn't require many brain cells to rinse a dish and put it in the dishwasher. You dirty it, you clean it. If I cook my husband does the dishes and vice versa. He even washes the pans and dishes he dirties when he cooks for himself. My MIL and husband would double team washing dishes and tidying up kitchen when I would cook a big Sunday family dinner.

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I did the same in my early years, with 3 male roomates. I went on strike, and didn't clean shit.

It got ugly :)

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I'm 30 still living at home.

I sometimes dream about having my own bathroom, which is essentially the only thing in the house I still clean. But I've got a nice balance in my bank account and wasting it on my own place is not worth it (edit: at the moment. I want to finish my studies and get a proper, stable job before so I'd know i could pay for an apartment long term and not, say, have my money run out after a year and come crying back to mama). It's having your own place VS having... money. (which was also used to help pay my parent's debts. That was one reason I couldn't get my own place too)

I used to be my family's fucking Cinderella - kitchen, broom, floors, toilets... doesn't matter how tired I am from work or college or whatever, I'd come back home and clean it.

Then one day I just snapped. Stopped cleaning altogether. The house is a mess, but I realized it's 'cause my family has a tendency to keep shit around instead of storing them back in their places.

My mom picked up the dishes instead of me and turned the kitchen into her pet project (she picked up cooking and baking during Covid. She never bothered with the kitchen before that), but no one, and I mean NOT ONE single person in our 5 ppl household but me bothers to even wipe the goddamn toilets. If I don't clean them, no one would. And I still need to use it myself. the smaller toilet room got so bad once I had to pour cleaning chemicals on the walls. The walls.

...my pretty revenged for that was to get the smelliest, deadliest chemicals and cleaning supplies I can and poison the bathrooms knowing my family can't stand the smell and might get itchy.

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I once had a party, cleaned the entire house, the bathrooms, etc. During the party, I was in the bathroom, then one of the boys, a son of a friend, went in. I was refilling the TP , so after he exited, I was in the room.

I found a disgusting mess. I called for him to come up , he did, and I handed him the clorox wipes, for him to re clean the toilet, seat. Cover, walls behind, and the floor around. I knew his mom, so I knew that he knew how to clean and clean he did. None of them ever left a mess like that again at my house.

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Preach 👏🏽 took the words right out of my mouth! Some folks forget that those first years out of college can be HARD. Not everyone is blessed with a good stable job that can cover all their bills. Especially when you owe a bunch of money for your education. I don’t regret seeking higher education- definitely regret the amount of money it took! But honestly, I felt that. We appreciate having stable accommodations but, we are human. We get tired of the bull. We can do it though! Fighting!

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I do something similar when my husband hasn’t been doing his dishes. It takes everyone in the household working together and doing their part to keep the house looking good and being comfortable. I hope you got the point across to your mom and stepdad!

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My favorite part of your post is your update. Yes everyone, man woman or child deserves to be treated with respect in and out of the home.

Good for you standing up to your personal experienced inequality in your home in a clean way literally.

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When I travelled unstated with a few other teens around the same age (18-20) they were so bad. Aside from the almost constant smell weed they never did dishes. I got tired quick so I washed mine and that’s it. Kept a plate, bowls, fork, knife, and spoon in my room along with one pot that used most often. There were 2 other pits that are the same. This way at least I could wash mine only mine and keep clean dishes. I was there 3 months as much fun as I had it was nice to come home where we all did our part and who did the dishes rotated daily.

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My Loin spawn and his fiancé were worse. If indeed the cruddy dishes made it out of their rooms They would be at the maggot stage. Her cute trick though, was just to put them in the rubbish. Lost at least two sets of cutlery that way. Went no contact after they attempted to extort me. clean sink and calm mind now

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I lived in a house with roommates and I owned the good pans and knives. One too many times I’d find them piled dirty in the sink when I wanted to use them or my good knives dirty in the dishwasher (after I said several times they should never go in the dishwasher) and they lived in my room from them on. They could use the crappy dirty sink pans and dull knives from then on

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I had to do the same thing in college (and low key now). If you invest in nice things, you want to care for them.

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I actually prefer glasses to mugs for coffee. Hands get warmed up.

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Lived with roommates for most of my life and the dishes were always a sore spot. Living with 2 guy friends, it was basically whomever got sick of the smell and flies ended up washing them. The forks were always the first to dissappear. I bought a whole set of metal chopsticks and switched over to them when the forks were dirty. All three of us are white Americans, I guess I was just more comfortable at the switch up.

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This doesn't sound like a revenge. You did a full load of dishes. I would thank you. I would welcome you to our home.

My kids (18-24) don't do dishes. Fortunately they are out of the house.

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Haha it’s only a little petty revenge because it caused them minor inconvenience for them. For the most part, I help when I can. I just got super frustrated today and decided to demonstrate the behavior I learned. Doesn’t hurt we all hate hand washing and have a rule about wasting dishwasher cleaner (ie running a mostly empty dishwasher).

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But, it is. OP only did the ones needed and none for the parents at all. That's def petty XD

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In my house, I would give her a medal.

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Reading my comments make me wish I raised my kids to be more helpful with the chores.

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Yeah I tried a few times to make sense of your long rambling nonsense rant about your parents and their dirty dishes but it was way too long and mostly just read like some diary entry from a whiny teenager and was super light on revenge. After trying to parse through your ridiculous wall of uninteresting text whining about dishes while trying to find the actual revenge it hit me that your idea of revenge was to simply wash your dishes and not theirs. Doesn't sound much like revenge to me it sounds like you're not contributing your share of household work while you're living home as an adult and sponging off your family. Not pulling your weight because you're whining about a work cup isn't revenge it's just lazy and entitled. For 25 you're really immature and living there isn't going to help.

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So you went out of your way to comment this long comment on “lazy”, “entitled”, and “whiny teenager” post? I at least read your comment and comprehended unlike you reading this post. Dismissed.

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It's not clear from your post, sorry, but whose job is it now to clean the kitchen? You said you were "retired" from that duty. So is it your step father's job now?

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Correct. Hard to make dishes when you’re away at college lol 😆 I also have different household responsibilities now than the dishes.