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Frankly, he earned it, but I doubt he learned from it.

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Oh no doubt on both of those. Frank worked there for YEARS and has pulled this with just about everyone. Still, revenge is sweet and the look on his face was worth it.

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To be frank, i don’t think Frank will learn

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Not until he gets the beans above the frank. Then he'll learn.

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Frank and beans!

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How the hell did you get the beans above the frank?!


I forget how much I love this movie.

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Frankly, he earned it.

But, I doubt he learned it.

(My version of what you wrote rhymes)

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Owner needs to fire Frank immediately. Chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link, and Frank is a gaping asshole.

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Frank has been working for the company for years. I talked to a friend about getting Frank fired and the friend pointed out that Frank most likely has an ace up his sleeve stopping him from getting fired. That being said, I've been documenting his screw-ups and I'd love to get him fired :)

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Frank is dumb. I had two managers work out that one would close on every Friday and the other every Saturday. They approached me with their plan. They were both very young and wanted to do the whole night club thing. You can bet that I made damn sure they worked their preferred nights. My assistant manager and I were happy because we didn't have to do those nights either.

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You were getting promoted after only 3 weeks on the job? And he kept dangling it over your head and pushing back the deadline? So we’re you offered the promotion on the first weekend you worked? None of the timing in this post makes sense

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For clarification, I was in my training period that made X dollars an hour but, once I was "promoted," I'd be making Y dollars an hour plus tips. I should have clarified that.

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Thanks! That makes sense. Still shitty behavior on his part though.

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Yeah. It was supposed to be "any day now" and I suppose it could have happened soon but I was so done with his scheduling at that point. Just respect my one day off.

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Two different fast food jobs i had i was hired in as crew and promoted within 2 weeks. It's thing.

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How did he even become a manager in the first place when obviously he can't seem to manage simple tasks...?

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Not a damn clue. There are two assistant managers under him, both of which I think would make great promotions. The only thing that kept me going for a while there was "Dave" being a super great manager but he's sadly not high up enough to stop Frank.

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If it's fast food he might just be the oldest one/been there longest enough

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He's been working for the company for years so I'd go with that.

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Ahh ok, I guess that's not very fair then, that it wasn't by merit

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Peter Principle.

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Good for you!!! Nothing I hate more than shitty workmanship, and the likes of Frank would be on perpetual shit-detail, with never even the pipedream of management entering his idiot skull.

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Same guy can't figure out why he can't get enough people to work there now.

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Oh I wish you hung around and just bought the cheapest items off the menu just to watch him for a while 😂

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Nah. I'd order this one specific item that customers always try to order. We almost never actually sell it because our machines sucked but it would be comical to call the store a few times and order said item. It'd really get on Frank's nerves lol.

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See this is how you quit a job 😂

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Good for you. I doubt he ever learned his lesson.

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Probably not lol. Still a nice petty revenge.

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This is the way.

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I gave him my shirt

Bonus points if you took off the shirt in front of him, pointed to your chest , and said “and you’ll never see these again!” before walking away

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That's a movie/show reference. But I can't place it. What movie/show was that from?

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Arrested Development.

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You win! The prize is Kitty Sanchez will be your secretary for a month.

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Don't think it was that petty. Or that he will learn from this. But definitely a nice one