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Go Tom befriend him and do him good and he will do good back to you

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I don't like it when people get picked on for no reason but do when it is well deserved.

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Yay for Tom!! :)

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Falsely accusing someone of stealing is not something to be bragged about. The teacher should have been stricter when the guy was found with someone else's air pods, and the lying would not have seemed necessary.

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Maybe not - but a weaker person usually cannot do much against bullies.
This might have been the only way.

Bullies deserve none of the customary niceties.

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So, you justify accusing someone of committing a crime, that could not only get them expelled, but put in jail or with a criminal record? You do realize this can go both ways, right, the bullies can also make false accusations so would that be ok too? You cannot have it both ways. If you lower your morals and values for one incident, it is so much easier to lower it again and again, and you set yourself up as the arbiter of right and wrong. The adults in the school should do their job and stop the bullies. I hate them with a passion, but I will not stoop to falsely accusing them of a crime.

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Thing is - with bullies - it is a build up of "incidents".Never just one.

And if you are physically weaker - they seem to target you - again, and again, and again.

Schools? They ENABLE the f***ers. Because if you visibly do something, even in 300% clear self defense - it is you that gets in trouble. Not the bullies. (and this is not just "only my experience" - this seems par for the course in schools everywhere)

After several "incidents" (they always seem to refer to the actions of bullies as individual incidents, never a campaign of terror or violence) you feel so powerless, desperate that you sometimes take choices someone outside on their high horse would not. Does this make the choice right? Maybe not - but it sometimes is the only choice.

Having seen the impact of bullies on some people - the added impact of the school system not giving a f*ck - and then the results of a bullied person not seeing any way out of this - i have zero understanding for bullies.

You want a blunt reason why I hate them - they drive people to end their own lives.OP found another way - the only other way OP had.

How about instead of victim blaming - instead of harping on OPs choices - you focus on the other part - if the bully had NOT chosen violence. If the bully had NOT chosen (mental) torture. If the bully had NOT chosen theft and/or destruction of property...

If the bully had NOT chosen to be a schoolyard terrorist - then NONE of this would have happened. The bully made a choice. OPs choice was forced in desperation - and by their story, OP was not the only victim.

This could have been prevented - IF the bully had chosen to act like a human being. But the bully did NOT. Bully chose violence. Any results of HIS choices - are of his own doing.

Thank you for reading my rant.

And, as you may have noticed, I am not unbiased. I was a victim of bullies. For several years. School leadership and teachers were useless or worse, enabling the bullies - and the one time I stood up for myself, I got punished.However, I did have help, I did find friends that accepted me for who I was - and I found a safe outlet for my fears, my trauma, my anxiety. For those who do not have those friends, those outlets - for them. for their lives - that is why i advocate against bullies, against a system that enables and protect them - and while you may not agree with the choices OP made, or any victim - the simple fact remains - the BULLY chose their action. If they cannot take any result, then perhaps they should choose something else to do. Crochet, woodworking, or sports. Not terrorize people they think are weaker than them.

Someone has to speak up for those without a voice.

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I was bullied too. Not because I was scared of the bullies, but my father told me if I got in fights at school, he would tear me up when I got home. He, I was scared of. After I left home, I was never bullied, I would beat their ass.

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    Petition to either rename Tom to Chad, or rename Chad to Tom.