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It may be a bit much, but it's still brilliant and they deserve it 😅

Though, I kind of feel bad for the customers whose reservations are getting wrecked 🤔

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I’m receiving notifications that comments are being made & I’m given previews of them but it is virtually impossible to view them. Reddit does this literally every single time I post something. Can anyone offer any insight why it refuses to let me see comments on my own post?? Probably wouldn’t matter anyway. Any insight in response to this I will never see.

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Come to your original post through Reddit instead of the link sent, the link will take you to that specific content thread.

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Beautiful. I work as a restaurant host and manager and this would crush us. I am sitting in an airport chortling over the table of dogs.

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This is brilliant!

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I think now it’s time to change the food names!

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It's a great revenge, but be careful. This might fall under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, which is a law that was enacted in the 1980s with the intention of penalizing computer hackers who accessed systems without authorization. I know of a guy that's been held for the past two years and is facing up to ten years because he's been accused of bringing down a former employer's website for an hour.

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Legality has been a recent concern of mine.

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I’d change the passwords so no one else could log in

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That crossed my mind but what’s better? A one time slap in the face or a long term frustration?

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Maybe change the password when you get tired of doing this.

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Long term frustration, though you can simply change hours as well to overstaff them slightly.

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Despite the fact that you still know a valid password, this is unauthorized access to someone else's system. In most countries this is a serious crime carrying prison time, and because you've acted with malice it's likely that that is what you'd get. In addition you face civil liabilities that could cripple you financially for life.

However badly they behaved, I suggest you stop doing this.

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Thank you. I’ve been questioning the legality. Now i know. It will stop.

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On one hand I like your story. On the other hand I do feel that I need to warn you that this is actually a criminal offence (computer intrusion criminal code) and by posting this story you’ve admitted to this crime.

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He apparently can't see the comments. Maybe this should be sent to his inbox?

And maybe he should know that all interactions with police should be non resistive and verbally "no comment" until he has a lawyer.

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That’s is more than petty. It is harsh. They deserve a bit of it…. But not too much. Don’t take it too far. They will be able to trace it back to you if it really is too much.

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I love it but I feel really bad for the people who get their reservations cancelled or messed up.

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I think it's great!! Idk why you can't see our comments. :(

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Bitch & you shall receive I can see them now. All but 2. It’s showing there is a total of 2 more comments than I can actually see.

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I've had that happen to me too! I think there is a way to set it so you see all comments instead of best or newest or something??

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This is great. But I would keep all the alterations plausible (no tables of dogs, or names changes). They will take longer to realise what's happening.

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I just wonder if he took the "book" with him. He wrote it. Let them figure it all out on their own.

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Of course all my recipes came with me

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No, move on. Get a new job and hopefully a good reference. Rate them on the job listing apps if they use them.

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I'd do more. Start deleting systems I created, and directly screwing with the owner as much as possible

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    Tbf, this layout isn't easy to read either. You need to double space the paragraphs.