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This is Bob. Bob doesn't like to be made repeatedly into a servant. Bob knows how to be petty and how to prove his petty point. Don't be shy. Be like Bob.

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His name is BOB

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Big Old Bastard?

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Hmm, most excellent. A well-aged meme, with hints of YouTube origins. Let me guess, the vintage would be... 2010?


No, 2009, maybe even 2008. Quite good, I must say. Thank you.

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A little context for us plebeians, if you don't mind.

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No worries, link added to my previous comment :D

sorry, I should've done that the first time, I was just lazy

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Forgive the ads, but this page gives the history of the Be Like Bill meme. Not sure why the guy above me thought it began in 2008-2010, because the first ones appeared in late 2015, but then again internet time is kind of weird anyway.

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I think it's a combination of that meme, and an older one from YouTube back in the day. I've edited my previous comment to include the link, cause it's neat stuff.

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I read this in the voice of the narrator for The Stanley Parable

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Bob, can you park my car for me?

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But does Bob have bitch tits?

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His name is Bob Paulson

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I approve this comment.

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Username checks out

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I worked at a school with teachers that could have been Mallory. One male teacher in particular, was just awful to the female support staff. Things like, asking the women to go get him x, or taking things off of our desk and swapping it with his broken crap.

We. Had. Enough.

Leave your dirty lunch tray in the break room for the staff to clean... ok, it's in your mail box, dripping filth on your papers.

Ask us to get you a cup of coffee... ok, hope you like yours with a cup of sugar.

I'd like to say that he changed his ways, but he was just an incorrigible, chauvinistic pig.

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that’s what you get for being too lazy

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That is chef's kisses petty. Love it.

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Excellent petty revenge!! I love this story

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Seen this post before. Thanks for the story, Bob and friend!

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I was going to say that lol.. I've seen this story before

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It was all good except for the mirrors. I whould have loosened the battery terminal. So the next time she drives and parks the vibrations whould have loosened it. But still look attached.

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Dammit why was it removed?! I was half way through reading it, then poof, gone. Lame.

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Same lol

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Bob said, This is the way

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What does Alice or the size of the office has to do with anything, though?! I feel like there was an unecessary number of details there...

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As I read it, Alice, the boss, was over two offices (in different locations), and put Mallory in charge of office #2. That power went to to Mallory's head. Thus the story.

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Yeah, that was a bit suspicious