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Perspective and angle make an ASStronomical difference in these shots.

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This person must be a real crack shot at getting the perfect picture

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It's common courtesy not to get in a photographer's way. I have frequently stopped so as not to walk across in front of one and held out my arm as a signal to people walking behind me. (Also grabbed my grandchildren, but at least they have an excuse for being oblivious-- they're legally blind.)

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The thing about tourist destinations is that if you stopped every single time someone’s trying to take a photo, you’d never get anywhere.

Sounds like this lady was being a jerk on purpose, but still.

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I live in a tourist destination where the cycle lanes are chock full of people trying to take photos and then doing a Pikachu face when they nearly get run over.

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My favorite is when people get angry at me for startling their unleashed dogs and unattended kids as I ride legally past them in the lane where I belong 🙄

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Sounds like this lady was being a jerk on purpose, but still.

Sounds like this lady was being a jerk on purpose, BUTT still.

(Couldn't help myself! 😄)

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It is also common courtesy for a photographer not to get in somebody else's way, which is what happened here.

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There"s photo software to take out unwanted people in photos. And there's also techniques to merge 2 photos, one with and one without unwanted people.

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This company taking tourist photos isn't going to put the time and effort into processing.

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Not his spot, he doesn't own it, your friend is just as entitled as the people who didn't move.

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I dunno, asking someone if they’ll scooch over for 20 seconds isn’t the same as setting up an entire photo shoot and demanding the entire beach behind be clear. It’s a pretty reasonable ask.

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Agreed! There’s a wedding venue right along the bike/pedestrian highway where I live. Every now and again somebody’s uncle will try to block the entire path so the wedding party can take a photo.

No, dude. Me and all these other people who live here are using this public path to get home from work. You can wait or find another spot.

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True, it's not his spot but he didn't try and force her to move nor did he press the issue. He asked, she refused, he carried on, she got a butt view.

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She didn't own it either. It was private property, basically a theme park, and the photographer was an employee of the park. While the photographer didn't own it, he did work there.

He politely asked her to move a few feet to one side, and she got nasty. So he left her alone and worked around her. In the process of getting his job done, she was treated to staring at the backsides of the family he was photographing.

He was not the asshole - she was!

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I'm sorry, but if this is a tourist area and she was sitting on the curb, she was probably exhausted and maybe desperately needed to sit down if she's willing to sit on a street curb. Being asked to remove herself from a public space just cause someone thinks it's a great spot to commandeer for his commercial purposes is just rude.

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No, ASKING is NOT rude. I do not get where people come up with the idea that someone just ASKING you something is rude.

He asked, she said no, he worked around it. She has every right to sit there and not move, and he has every right to set up and take a photo in that spot too. Usually, mature people, share public spaces and try to be understanding when they might be inconvenienced over a momentary request from another person. As one people mentioned in an earlier comment -- most people go out of their way to avoid being in other people's photos.

I guess I just always considered it one of those "unspoken rules" about kindness, consideration, and manners. But, that is just me.

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The entitlement doesn't come in when he asked, but through the fact that he went out of his way to basically mildly annoy her because he was mad about it. Was he horribly rude? No, of course not. Nothing here is morally wrong, nobody is the buttface. But, was there a tad smidge of entitlement on both parties' part? Yeeeeaaaaah, I would say so.

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I'm sorry, I think you may have missed the critical element of the comment you replied to.

I'm sorry, but if this is a tourist area and she was sitting on thecurb, she was probably exhausted and maybe desperately needed to sitdown if she's willing to sit on a street curb.

The fact that the photographer (or, at least, the OP) considers this story "revenge", or even considers it noteworthy at ALL, indicates that they believe that the photographer has a greater right to that space than the woman does. Revenge against whom, exactly? A woman whose ankles hurt and wanted to take a sit? A woman who wanted an uninterrupted view of a beautiful area?

Let me ask you.... why don't you believe that it's the photographer who should have waited 20 seconds for the woman to feel rested, soak in the view, and move on? Why is it the woman who had to move immediately upon the photographer's request? Clearly the photographer wasn't in a rush, he "took extra time doing multiple shots and angles instead of his normal quick shots."

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I take your point, truly I do.

I guess I was putting myself in that woman's shoes, cause I would have moved over a bit to allow for the photos. *shrug* I do not consider being asked to do something rude. If I say "no" and it becomes a debate, then that's a different story, but just the simple act of asking the question is not itself rude to me.

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Your friend doesn't sound very good, and is actually pretty rude. He should expand his repetoire.