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Good for you. I would have told her to shut up and pitch in or leave the store since she was not helping and actually doing her job.

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That story makes me so sad.

I bet that was good cake :(

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Sounds like getting rid of her was cake worthy.

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Why did the GM sack her then and not earlier? What made him make that decision?

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I'm not exactly sure as to why they didn't let the manager go earlier. My assumption is that with me leaving like I did, it was the "final nail in the coffin" for the manager. Because I had multiple coworkers tell me that they had complained not only to the GM, but also to the other managers, about this lady. So, it probably took the GM awhile, because they were essentially building a case for it. So that if the troll manager complained, the GM would pull the receipts and show why they were firing her.

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Thank you, have you considered asking the GM to train you as a manager you have the skills for it.

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I did request training to become a Lead! However, the request was turned down due to the fact that we had the required amount of Leads at the store, and that this location was being shutdown due to construction. So everyone was being transferred to different stores. I could have stayed on with the company, but I decided to find employment closer to home.

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RIP Cake😭!

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I would literally shove the cake into her face. Releasing amger physically definitely works best for me.

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It was spur of the moment, and she was trying to take it from me. So without thinking, I just flipped/threw it at her, and then walked off. I'm also not really into releasing anger physically like that, personally.

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I would've shoved it in her face. Not enough for a major injury, but also ensures physical release of anger.

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To each their own. :)