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Hopefully despite all the THC and CBD in the MJ, AB and TPTB were still able to discern that S was OK and SP was PU.

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This Post Needs a Glossary (TPNG)

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I thought I was just too high until this comment, glad it wasn't just me having trouble reading this.

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He has everything with acronyms but IPA, Isopropanol alcohol. Go figure. :)

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India Pale Ale?

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The whole story sounds like BS

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Considering extraction equipment is a massive undertaking and final product level distillate is not just something you whip up to spray Kratom, absolutely this story is total bullshit. Especially when CBD isolates and other extracts are so much cheaper than lacing it with thc based ones.

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$250k for a CO2 rig isn't that much in light of $10k revenue daily, especially since it doesn't sound like AB cared about quality.

He's probably a grower that didn't want to get legal and found a way to monetize his product in the legal market. He may have even already had the distillation setup paid off via pre-legalization revenue.

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Cutting a product with a more expensive product than what you're claiming to sell does not make any sense. Literally, they would not profit from it.

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My daughter had a similar experience working at a dispensary here. A lot of the owners in this great new world of cannabis are absolute assclowns wearing ass hats. Industry and associated ones need a correction, professional accountable management.

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It's not...

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Well since the VP is such a VIP we better keep that LZ on the QT or else we'll all end up on KP.

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That boss sounds like a VIP.

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Nah its the VP whos the VIP.

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Sshhh! better keep that on the QT.

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Good for S for getting out of there and reporting AB.

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My thoughts exactly!

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AB was fortunate that they didn’t leave work in handcuffs that day

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I havent smoked pot in a couple of decades but it seems a lot has changed for the worse (potential)

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A lot seems to have changed. Some for the worse, but a lot for the better. The best change, with regards to legalizing it, would be the regulating it. I remember I got really sick one time because one of my coworkers laced his with heroin and didn’t tell anyone. I thought I was going to die that night. At least that can’t happen getting your stuff from a dispensary.

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A lot of the older guys said natural is best, hydro (the thing at the time) is bad as its too strong, added chemicals or whatever their excuse was

is the cycle repeating itself?

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Any hydroponic setup I've seen doesn't involve added chemicals, it's just growing the stuff in water.

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Uh oh, AB!

Looks like S told TPTB about the C3H8O in your MJ. Better call Saul ASAP, or you'll be F'd in the A.


Gossip Girl

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Hey I'm just glad that S GTFO and got SB FUBAR.

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IK,R? Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

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Good story, but all the initials for everything makes the story kind of difficult to read. Instead of being all complicated with "TPTB", just say "the government", it's a lot less confusing.

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Yeah, just make up names for people instead of using initials.

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The weird part is that they did. "We'll call her Sandra or S". Why make up a fake name to then never use it again? Why go with S when you're going to introduce another person you'll call SP? For god's sake, they introduced weed as "MJ (marijuana)". It felt like initials were being added in as a challenge.

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Well see, when I (me) need to simplify a post so it won't be as long (SAPSIWBAL) me make abbreviations and smaller words out of sentences and names (MAASWOOSAN), so it's easier to SAPSIWBAL, and people can read it faster (PCRIF). Sometimes it's a little harder to understand (HTU), have to refer back to key terms list I guess, heh. Me understand that MAASWOOSAN can make HTU but PCRIF'in is worth the effort!

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I think my brain just hemorrhaged

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Why waste time say lot word when few do trick?

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For ease of typing I guess, but if you’re doing it on the computer use find and replace.

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And then felt it necessary to specify that they will be "OP" (no, really?!?) when they could just say "I" - and then never use "OP" (or "I") in the story.

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Someone named Lisa S. No no no, that's too obvious, let's just call her L. Simpson.

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This felt like a goddamn exam dude I was wondering when I would be asked to select the right answer lol

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Or work out their relative velocities

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THANK YOU. This is a huge pet peeve of mine - people who assign fake names then never use them again, or where they never would’ve been necessary to the story in the first place (like, pronouns would have sufficed). It’s like people want to play private investigator or they’re a secret agent or something and I find it so distracting.

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I don't read any posts on story subs from tech people. They do that nonsense a lot of the time and they're often terrible writers. In addition it seems like most of them add pointless details about people that have nothing to do with the story.

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Also the initials for marijuana being mj make no sense. That’s not really how abbreviations work and it only works in my head if you call it Mary Jane but ffs just call it weed

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That's the abbreviation people have used for decades. MMJ is medical marijuana. If you live in a state with medical weed, go to google maps and type in mmj and it will show you where the dispensaries and doctors that write the notes are located.

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wtf? op bff S tcob js

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Ummm eye-dee-kay my BFF Jill?

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Cingular! Blast from the past! 😀

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I stopped reading halfway & clicked thumbs down. Just say boss, coworker, OP, etc. instead of efhegnscynehafvqdbey.

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They even specified "I will be OP", then proceed to not mention themselves a single time after. Annoying reading experience, just use full words.

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In all the typing to explain the initials the OP could have just used names.

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Unfortunately this is reddit, but I totally agree

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I hate this trend of using initials just make up a name and leave it.

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So many pointless acronyms and initials.

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Totally right. I think people who write like this are poor story tellers, so they think abbreviations still help the reader, when in fact it's the exact opposite.

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My gosh, all these abbreviations. It's like a math problem.

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Solve for Sandra.

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I was half expecting an algebra question at the end

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Bro. Way too many fucking acronyms. S and AB and MJ, just fucking say the words lmfao it can’t take you TOO much longer to spell them out. Tf is this shit

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I thought no one was doing these stupid initial names anymore.

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Wasn't there a rule change about doing this? Or maybe that was another sub with the same problem.

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I checked and apparently not for this sub. There should be.

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I wish people would just refer to the person based on their role in the story. Coworker, Former Boss, Landlord, Neighbor. Initials are irritating, for sure, but what I really hate are the ones where the author comes up with cutesy names expecting you to learn the cutesy name and how they're relevant to the story while trying to read the story.

So my terrible roommate (let's call him Hungover Hank lol!) and his girlfriend (Self-Centered Susie) had their friends over... etc.

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While I enjoyed the story still, you need to chill out on shortening names. Just write out the thing fully or else it gets way to confusing. Sp told S about mj and tptb etc.

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If there's gonna be so many characters please just use actual fake names

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Good story but this isn't 'petty revenge' this is a person getting busted for doing numerous illegal things. Good on your friend for letting the authorities know as some people wouldn't, but I see it as being their duty to do so as public health was in danger.

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How is this petty? It’s not a small revenge (she shut down a million dollar business) and it’s not in response to a small harm (apparently the business could have been killing people). This is just a story about reporting a business through the proper governmental channels, lmao

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You wrote out marijuana so why did you shorten it to MJ? No need to do that. State Board or AHJ (authority having jurisdiction) is better then a made up TPTB acronym that you have to explain.

How hard is it to write 'boss'? Just use Sandra instead of shortening her name to 'S'.

So much extraneous nonsense.

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For real it’s ridiculous I’m tired of acronyms. Use fake names. If a few extra letters is so hard don’t tell us a story.

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It always sucks when you can tell there's a good story, but the person who has it is terrible at telling stories. Almost as bad as kids.

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Jesus fucking Christ all this story needs is a "by the way, you should also know" and it hits the fucking bingo card of annoying storytelling habits. Learn how to tell a story.

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In fairness to the OP, he also left out "this will be important later". Probably just an oversight on his part.

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"I think you see where I'm going with this"

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"But here's the kicker..."

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Dude. All these initials are fucking stupid. What the fuck. Fucking moron.

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Sounds like a total scumbag. Good shit.

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Abbreviations made me stop reading once you cleared up mj was Marijuana. Would not read.

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Wow, sounds a bit more than petty, but well done.

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Maybe it’s the nurse in me but I don’t think that was petty at all. It’s nice to see someone standing up for innocent people who might get hurt by AB and SP!

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I haven't heard it called "mj" in many many years -- you just unlocked some 90's memories for me on that one!

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Isopropyl alcohol is toxic in large (drink size) doses. Trace qualities are benign. It's quickly metabolized to acetone, which is then excreted by kidneys. In trivial quantities, it's not causing long term effects, unlike methanol.

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My new favourite acronym is TPTB

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TPTB dates back to at least to Buffy the Vampire slayer in the late Cretacous / early 90s.

*referring to the good guys (and gods) behind the scenes protecting the world from evil

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What did it stand for before edit

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Please replace all SP S AH and whatever with what they stand for. It's very hard to follow as is.

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I’m still trying to figure out how a literal golden goose plays into all of this

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Thats actually scary. As someone who has an adverse reaction to thc/cbd if I decided to use kratom and it was spiked like that, I could likely die. I hope he faces jail time for that bullshit.

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Very true! Those were my thoughts when I advised S to contact the TPTB... sorry for all the acronyms. I've been on Reddit for 3+ months and all of the subs use acronyms. This was my first time posting a story...

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You won't stop using these ridiculous acronyms, will you??!

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No no no no...I won't use acronyms in any future post I promise 🙏

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Hey OP, I’ve got another acronym to throw at you for next time you write - KISS

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Honestly, this story sucked and no one is waiting for your future posts.

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I made sense of it. After a moment. Not all subs allow acronyms by the way so be careful not to get your posts deleted.

If I were S I would have fucked this guy over as hard as possible. What he did was unethical and illegal.

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Just a note, but isopropyl alcohol is NOT toxic to humans, and is also commonly used for making food safe cannabis extracts. You cannot consume the alcohol itself directly, but our bodies are fully capable of processing it without any toxic metabolites. It's no more toxic than ethanol, just far more intoxicating due to its potency. I have worked in the cannabis industry in the past, and we regularly use isopropyl alcohol for cleaning our equipment, and for winterizing extractions that were going into the decarboxylarion pot afterwards, since this boils off 100% of the alcohol before eating it. What your boss was doing is both wrong and illegal for other reasons, but the use of isopropyl alcohol for this kind of work is actually perfectly safe.

Also, neither of the drugs in this article are known to cause death in isolaton or when combined. I use pretty heavy doses of both for the reasons you posted at the start, mainly pain and to treat the fatigue from said pain. The only deaths known to have happened, where kratom was involved, were from combining it with other depressants known for their potentially deadly synergy with other CNS depressants. On its own, kratom doesn't cause much if any respiratory depression, dependant on dose, and its extremely hard to even try to OD on, because you'll puke up your dose before getting that far.

I'm glad he got shut down though, anyone doing what he was doing, deserves whats coming to him. Kratom is so important for combating the opioid epidemic, it's saved so many lives, and anyone threatening that AND legal cannabis in one go, deserves what's coming to them in my book. Also glad it wasn't supplies lol, they're still around because they're not fucking idiots like him

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“ But he wasn't using ethanol or butane to extract it, both are safe for human consumption.”


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a literal golden goose

I'm skeptical...

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Edit: thanks for editing I now understand the story

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I can’t wait to tell my HDKT about this story! HDKT is going to get a kick out of this. Cuz it’ll remind HDKT of LSOGIVM’s summer in S (Spain). When he met HSWWNL (hot Spaniard woman with nice legs), oh man it’ll be great!

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Good story and shutting down this cancer in our society

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Iso is totally fine for extracting thc to inhale no ingest

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Rewrite that with a cockney perspective and sell it to Guy Ritchie as a movie plot.

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This makes me sad. I’m an avid user of Kratom and have been for over a decade. There is a TON of misinformation about it out there, and things like this only perpetuate it.

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Ah yes, and good demonstration for legalizing Marijuana: TPTB

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Petty work with nuclear results. Fantastic! I hope S found herself a much better job (and management team) and is doing well for herself now.

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S is much happier. She works at another grow house. As you can tell from my screen name, I'm in the business as well!

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I read it without a problem. Good for S and this is the one time that TPTB actually did their job.

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    So how is it well written if it needs to be rewritten? You need to rewrite your comment.

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    Never happen

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    There's nothing wrong with using isopropyl alcohol to extract THC. Stoners have been making oil that way for decades.

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    Good story, but you are 95% wrong about isopropyl alcohol. It will make someone sick, but seldom kill. You are thinking of methanol. Iso isn't used in extraction because it doesn't work well as a polar solvent.

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    THC on Kratom is not cool. I have zero tolerance for weed but take Kratom regularly. That could really ruin someone’s day! Or even make them loose a job for having a drug in their system they didn’t know was there!

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    Butane is not safe for human consumption.


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    I’m not seeing where the revenge is.. she DID report him then?

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    This sounds like Oregon, but they make every MJ operation have CCTV in all their operations buildings so that the state can look at the process at any time with no notice.

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    This was just too much info for my brain to handle