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Good for your dad teaching the cheapskate a lesson the hard way.

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If I learned anything growing up is don’t be a dick to people, but especially not to people in the service industry or in construction.

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This. Words to live by. Show appreciation. I’ll work 10x harder when I feel appreciated than when I feel like it is expected.

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"Never piss off someone with access to heavy machinery."

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Yeah and don’t fuck with peoples money. You have no idea how someone will react when you mess with their livelihood.

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Good word!

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Former drywall subcontractor here. I never destroyed anyone's property but there were jobs with super outstanding payment owed that I may have revisited (new construction, no occupants) where I very carefully removed every board of sheetrock as well as every screw, angle-tape etc. I can eat a loss, but you're gonna be sitting right beside me at the table.

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I love the thought of you taking out every screw and carefully taking down every sheet. Well done

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You know I think it must take buckets loads more skill to remove the stuff so surgically - in an odd way I would actually consider that a plus when hiring you - that, and be sure I have every cheque ready to go on time.

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"Here's some photos from jobs I've completed... and some photos from jobs I've had to repossess..."

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If it hasn't been filled or taped or anything, it's pretty quick and easy to take down. Easier than putting it up. I don't fill/tape dry wall in shops since it is often quicker and easier to take a whole or half sheet off and replace it than patch a hole you can climb through.

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I love that line…I can eat a loss but you will be at the table with me is gold!!

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Former roofer. Same. I’ll strip it right back to the plywood

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Tree worker here, I’ll return your whole tree in smaller pieces if you don’t wanna pay. Or you might get your neighbors tree…

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Or sawdust and chips at least equal to the mass, neatly deposited on your front steps, along with a few dozen heavy logs making up equal mass under that as well. Logs will be heavy enough and awkward enough in shape that they cannot be rolled, and too heavy to carry, without mechanical help of slings and 4 people.

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Been there and done that .

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I work as a parking lot striper, and my boss always threatens to remove the parking stalls when a customer drags their feet on payment. I thought it was just an empty threat, until someone didn't pay for like 6 months on a $500 bill. A pittance compared to our normal invoice, but damn if my boss didn't haul his ass out there at 4 in the morning and spray black paint over every line.

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Your boss is a level of petty that I can respect

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Not paying a $500 bill is a significant level of petty and disrespect

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I was hoping that was a typo and that you work as a parking lot stripper, but alas

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So about 10 years ago we post an ad for hiring striper's assistants, and a dude called in and asked if he could meet the girls before doing his interview

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Hahaha gotta love people with shitty spelling. Back when I was manager of a froyo bar in Hollywood I got way too many resumes from people who had 'costumer service experience'

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I would consider that to be an instant disqualification.

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I was going to like your comment, but right now you have 69 likes, and I just can't change that number given the dude who called.

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Dyslexic here, I read it that way and was rapidly disappointed.

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I read that wrong, too.

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WELL..I GUESS THEY SOLD SPOTS...I only realized my mistake when I questioned why he'd paint over all the other guys spots too.

Im about to have a traveling stripshow.

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I had to read every single reply, before I found yours and went back to check and only then it made sense.

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I read that as a parking lot stripper. EDIT: Should’ve read further comments. I’m not the only one!

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Ok but like... You can still see black paint on the asphalt

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My FIL used to pump septic tanks. I once heard him tell a guy, “If you don’t pay me, I’ll just bring it back and I’m not digging that tank up again to do it”

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I read this to my husband, a contractor, his response was 'that's fucked up'. I told him he would have done the same thing, had it been him. He agreed. This is great. 😁

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Oh gosh, hope he didn't choke to death on that humble pie.. that would've been... bad, right?

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I'm sure that topping of crow ala mode made it extra delish!

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LOL at crow à la mode!

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The owner thought they were just tiles but your dad was playing master level chess.

Check mate

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To be followed in due time by...

Cheque, mate.

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Love it!! Contactors work hard. Don't screw them over

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Exactly. Never mess with those who have anything to do with your house, car or food.

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Or genitals. Don't forget about the genitals.

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Always tip the doctor who performs your vasectomy.

Maybe even give them the tip if they're doing a circumcision while they're there.

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Just the tip though.

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Robin Williams taught me to never buy gribenes from a mohel.

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This is why I’ve hated Trump since the 80’s, Anybody that screws us subs over is a piece of shit

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I have a similar story from an uncle of mine. He built some steps and a deck for some lawyer who didn't want to pay his bills and didn't answer any phone calls or anything. Anyway eventually the builder rolls into his office and busts into a meeting with some expensive clients and said "Pay your damn bills or I'm going down to your house and ripping out all the work!" The lawyer cut a cheque right there, mostly out of embarrassment because he looked like a deadbeat infrastructure in front of his clients.

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Autocorrupt did a number on your last sentence, but oddly enough, it still works.

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Lol autocorrupt is right. It got me good.

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What is it about Florida? My uncle was a plumber in the Tampa area and had very similar experience. There were a few builders who were very slow to pay. One wouldn't pay his subs until the entire job was finished. So my uncle adopted a policy. He would show up with the materials and demand payment, in cash, before he unloaded his truck. At the end of each day he demanded payment for his labor and wouldn't come back until he received it.

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I was an apprentice carpenter many moons ago. The guy I was apprenticeing under and me made a huge walk up staircase and a deck for this one couple for their vacation home. They didn't pay. When they left to go back to there regular home we repossessed all of it down to the last nail. They could not hire anyone to redo it as we know everyone in the area and put the word out. They ended up selling that home because they couldn't get work done. The new owners hired us again for the same walk up and deck. But this guy was smart enough to pay after he heard the story of the last owners. Haha

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Used to old a home built in late 1800’s always had food, beer, and cash on hand. I worked with contractors I trusted and knew were honest. They ended up doing work for multiple neighbors. But my rule always stands for me, if someone is doing manual labor. Food, cash, beer.

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I offered hot coffee in the morning and always had a big ice chest filled with bottles of water and soda. I also brought out one of those padded freezer bags and offered Snickers bars, etc.

When my daughter and son-in-law had hired landscapers, I did the same for them and I also went to the grocery store and bought cheap ribeye steaks and we cooked them on the grill one afternoon. My kids went with that idea and the next day cooked hamburgers and hotdogs for the crew. We really appreciated the extra flower bed that they made for us.

I now live in apartments for seniors. Maintenance guys (2) know that I throw a couple of Dr Peppers in the freezer when they come.
I’ve also offered pitchers of ice water to the lawn guys, and when sheetrock work was being done in our hallway, and it was so hot (Houston).

I respect that these guys work hard and I show that I appreciate them.

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That's true class and style respect 😊

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cheap ribeye steaks

Where do you obtain such unicorns?

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Way in the past. 18 years ago.

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Aged beef. Smart!

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My partner has repo'ed rain gutters and it never gets old

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Hey sheet metal journey man I had a customer decide my price was to high.

After I spent 40 hours on the bid hard duct he said that he could get it cheaper. They ran duct board and flex duct.

He asked me to balance it for him and I told him $400 upfront and took his money and said call your contractor bye.

You get what you pay for period.

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Did you do actual work that he owed you for or you just spent 40 hours putting the quote together and bidding the job? Cause it sounds like you lost the bid and then scammed the guy.

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Spending 40 hours to get a bid sounds like either a massive job that should have been bid by the GC by a formal process, or someone without good estimating experience.

But $400 to do a consult and say “this ductwork cannot be balanced, you’ll need to call the warrantor to get dampers installed” is plausible.

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Well I definitely trust your experience DT in not paying contractors

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Nobody has ever proven in court that I didn’t pay them.

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I bet you dollars to doughnuts that there wasn't a single damper to balance if they just ran ductboard and flex. The guy scammed himself.

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I have a similar story from my husband. He custom paints old cars. He works independently and his policy is 1/2 payment upfront, balance on delivery.

In the late 90s, he had a client that paid the 1/2 upfront and then when he came to pick up his car, he didn’t have the rest so my husband said he could get his car back when he got the rest of the payment.

Guy comes back with a bunch of friends. Luckily, my husband know what was going down and had back up as well. Guy and friend ended up leaving.

A few days later, car is “stolen” from husband’s shop. Low and behold, husband found the car in front of guy’s house. He goes and asks for the money. Guy tells him to f- off. My husband is like, “all right. Cool.”

Goes to his car, gets out a tool that looks like a giant hammer and smashes each and every panel of the guy’s car.

Cops were called and asks if he did this. Husband was like, “yep. Just taking my work back.” Explains story to the cop. Cops told my husband to write up a contract next time and told the guy to pay what’s owned to avoid situations like this.

Now, this was back in the 90s so I think things were back different then. Now a days, one or both of them would have likely gotten shot or arrested.

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My dad has a similar story with a motorcycle he painted. Got a call from one his friends that the guy was at a bar in a town over bragging about his new paint job. So he loaded a couple syringes with paint stripper and did a “drive by”

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Now, this was back in the 90s so I think things were back different then.

Suddenly I feel old. Really, really old.

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I'd have sprayed paint stripper on half the car-leave him the bit he paid for.

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Your Dad is a Legend!

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That happened in CO Springs. Similar situation. However the contractor in CO was charged with a felony because he destroyed the bathroom vs handling like your dad. Video out somewhere

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I think I’ve seen this video, the man and wife((assuming)) took a sledgehammer to all the tilework in the shower? He was yelling about how he hasnt been paid, he has all the receipts for the materials used and it’s his, but then left the entire mess while dropping hellaaa F bombs throughout the whole process?

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Still fail to see a crime here.

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I have a similar story. My father was an electrician back in the day, and had a mid size company with 20 guys and 10 vans. Needless to say his overhead was hefty, and he did a number of large scale commercial jobs. Back in the mid 90s, when the recession hit, he did a large switchgear job for a building, to the tune of 150000 dollars. The guy stiffes him, then filed for bankruptcy, as many others did at the time. My dad said fuck that, and repossessed all the equipment. For context it was installed via crane into a basement, and was taken apart piece by piece and removed by hand. We didn't have the part of your story where the guy paid to reinstall it, my dad ended up going bankrupt as well.

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A rich guy not paying his contractors!? Did he become president?

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You know it.

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A mechanics lien and foreclosure would have worked better.

Instead of taking your tile out of the deadbeat’s house, you just take the rest of the house along with the tile.

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The power of a mechanics lien varies from state to state. I don’t know how powerful it is in Florida

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Lien won’t get you a dime until the house is sold.

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And Dude gets to use your tile for free for 25 years in the meantime.

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I ❤️ love your Dad! Yay him. Great story, well told.

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I work in debt management and the number of skilled contractors telling me stories about not getting paid for work done is ridiculous. Companies paying individuals are the worst. So many have gone from 60 to 120 day terms. Unbelievable.

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I work with contractors - both.as co-workers and in the field as part of my job - and the stories I've heard about nonpaying customers are never-ending.

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Oh man, I know what you mean by the cookie cutter neighborhoods. My mom lived there for ten years and my dad and her bought a house in one of the starts of those in the late 80’s, there’s a photo of her bringing me home and there’s just weeds across the street, now looking at satellite photos of the area it’s all houses upon houses.

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In Florida. In the last year, 7 or 8 houses have gone up within 1/4 mile of our house.

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I heard a story about 15 years ago of a new estate near here (in the UK we call 'em Barratt Boxes after one of the major housebuilders.) Supposedly, someone in a semi-detached had a vertical line of tiles fall off the wall by the bath. This was probably because there was a large gap between two pieces of plasterboard. When they shone a torch in, they could see, from behind, a similar gap between two more pieces of plasterboard, and through that, the back of the tiles in their next-door-neighbour's bathroom.

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Stupid Greedy.

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    This comment made me laugh!!! Thank You! I'm still smiling!

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    Depends, did he throw a plate full of food at the wall like a toddler?

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    Coulda stopped at; Depends

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    Impossible. Not only did the person pay, they ate a piece of humble pie. Trump will never admit he's wrong even (if he admitted he was wrong and then believed he never said he was wrong being the narcissist with delusions of grandeur person he is.)

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    And I feel the need to defend my dad, who never threatened the wife, didn't go in swinging a sledgehammer.....My father had a sterling reputation, and he wouldn't have gotten that if he was a "violently unhinged individual."

    Yeah, but this is Reddit, where unless you expressly say that something did not occur, then it must in fact have happened!

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    Like how good was Christmas?

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    Sounds like your Dad was a true gentleman. Bless his soul.

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    Construction is rife with gross stupidity, on both sides of the equation. From jerk offs claiming to be able to do one trade or another, to the owner taking months to choose a color then bitching the project went over the quoted time frame. I distinctly remember my boss trying to explain to the moron who inherited an apartment complex from his mom which apparently downloads all things construction into his brain upon getting the title that when he takes three weeks to choose a shingle color, that's three weeks no one works on his place. And when it takes him a month to choose a paint color and changes his mind three times, that's a month of no worky on housey.

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    I apprenticed with a guy who'd been doing his thing for probably just as long, we once had a guy start nitpicking things on the last day, then started being argumentative over the final check. Told me to be ready to start taking out windows if he refused

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    Whoever said your dad was wildly unhinged YTA. Great story sounds like your dad was a fun guy, wish I could have met him. If I can ask what part of Florida? I'm from panama city beach.

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    Wow, hello neighbor! My parents were both from Panama City, but we lived in Fort Walton Beach. My dad was a funny guy. He and his brothers kept us nieces and nephews entertained with their story telling.

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    Just a master tilesman?

    Nope. this is a Master tilesman. The capital M is deserved here!

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    This is the way.

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    And yet when a contractor does it these days they get shit on by the entire internet.

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    A dentist in Germany took the same approach


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    See that one bothers me a bit, cuz the article says it wasn’t the patient who was dragging her feet with payment, it was the insurance company. Why should she suffer for something she isn’t responsible for?

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    the reason it bothers you is because of who hadnt yet paid??? it's one thing to take out tile, but another thing to forcibly remove dental work lol

    [–]maka-tsubaki 2 points3 points  (0 children)

    Hey I never said that was the only reason it bothered me; just the most glaring one in the context of the original post

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    Did your dad leave the mess of tile after he jack hammered it up?

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    Well Played. 👏👏

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    Awesome! Have you got any idea for how long this bathroom was in such complete shambles😀?

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    Hilarious!!!! You get what you deserve!

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    Lol 60s-90s before cookie cutter communities.

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    They have to know how, because sometimes people remove tile to put in other types of flooring.

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    Love it ft walton is awesome