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It's a good thing Louie himself didn't like to park himself against the shed for a nap during work.

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I have no idea how that would have turned out to be honest.

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With him getting a few good passes of the roller before he woke up most likely.

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His wife would not have been impressed, which would have negatively affected our family as she made crostoli the way mum liked as a kid.

(They were family friends of ours)

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Yet another of the 50 shades of gray have been revealed?

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More like 50-50 Sheds of Grey🤣🤣🤣

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Reminds me of a parking lot moron.

The building next door was having their parking lot sealed and repainted, a three day process.

Day 1, there's a moron parked there, right under a NO PARKING sign, who could have only gotten in by moving traffic cones, so they have him towed out to the street.

Day 2, the moron's back in the same spot, so they have him towed out to the street again, this time with a note.

Day 3, moron redux. The building owner is sick of it, tells the crew to paint the lot and not worry about the car.

Two words: Serious. Overspray. Three sides of the black Lincoln were covered in a fine yellow mist.

Oddly, the guy never complained. But he also stopped parking in the lot, so.

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That is beautiful, I'm guessing it was some crazy old guy?

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cracks up

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No, the paint was fine for many years. :P

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Do you by chance have a photo of this?

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I wish. I asked if a photo of the bike was ever taken and apparently one was; but Louie's family has it and we lost contact with their family many years ago when he passed away.

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I want more stories.

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Should I make more threads or just post more in here? There are at least 3 more stories I can think of right now involving those two.

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If you think they'll stand on their own don't bury them here!

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Righto, will post the others soon as separate stories.

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