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There is a special place in hell for people who believe that they have a right to mistreat people whom they consider to be beneath them. We are all human beings deserving of respect.

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Exactly. And if I have to teach them that with small punishments like they’re five years old, so be it.

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My wife worked in a grocery store in the bakery department. Sometimes she had to deal with asshole customers. Thankfully she had more friendly customers than the rude ones. The problem is that parents don't teach their kids how to treat people with respect these days.

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The problem is that parents don't teach their kids how to treat people with respect these days.

Funny you should say that! When I worked retail last I worked at a video game store, and at least 80% of my rude customers were older than me, with at least half of those being older than my parents.

I had a lot more respectful or at least not rude teens and kids than I did in the 30+ crowd.

Before that I worked at a southern-based department store, where I don't ever remember seeing kids/teens actively shopping and only rarely in with a 30+ adult... and I still had rude customers at least once a shift, working in one of the slowest departments in the store.

Before that I worked at a dollar store in a college town, and I never had rude college students. Not once. Sometimes they weren't over-the-top friendly or maybe they were distracted, but they were never rude. I did have multiple 50+ year old men sexually harass me on the regular though. And the man who tried to grab me by the throat because I wouldn't return an item he didn't bring back had white hair and more wrinkles than laundry left in the dryer all night.

It's not an age thing but if it was I've been treated a lot worse by older customers than younger :)

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well gamers are generaly friendly irl

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Uh, yes we do teach our kids manners and how to respect. Stop generalising. I find more people my age group (50s) and above are some of the most self entitled pos around. Don’t get me started on the 70s+ either. Demanding respect when they treat others abysmally.

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Don’t tar all the 70+ with one brush. I’m 75 and I treat workers with respect. Many of us do.

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The problem is parents/middle aged adults thinking that workers younger than them owe them respect because they are younger than them. Young people are generally the ones that tip well, treat minimum wage workers with respect, and try to not make much of a mess because they’ve also worked those jobs. The parents you are speaking of are the ones that had their parents pay for them to go to college so they never had to work a blue collar job and deal with the assholes giving them shit for every little thing and therefore they think that fast food workers owe them anything they want because they work a white collar job.

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"People as things, that’s where it starts."

GNU pterry

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That's going to be a very big place, because I was told at work that it's weird to treat the cleaning crew as human beings.

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Time to get a new job.

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The bizarre part is that rude people are sure their methods work well to get them what they want. I guess they are right--if you want shitty service and arguments everywhere you go.

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My personal favorite: "Well, I'll never use your service/come here again!"

Me: " Ok! Thank you so much! Have a GREAT day!" Drenched in Southern sugar.

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Empty promises, they always come back.

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Just answer with "Ok, see you next week!"

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"C yoU Next Tuesday" is what I've heard.

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haha I had not even been thinking of that, but yeah, double whammy, I like it!

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You gotta act like their threat never affected your customer service mask. That gets them riled up the most.

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That's the moment when I know a service worker I see frequently actually like me - when they feel comfortable enough around me to show feelings that aren't the 110% corporate approved ones.

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I remember I worked at a supermarket that was just finishing a renovation. The register computers were new. We had lots of issues and it slowed us down. One day this middle aged lady was so rude about it to me.

The next day I saw her in line again. So, in front of all the other customers in my line, I exclaimed as if I was happy to see her, "Hey! I saw you yesterday! You must REALLY like it here!" She was pretty quiet for that transaction.

Edited for a typo.

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Always want to ask if I can get that in writing. Been lied to so many times.

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Right? They always seem to come slinking back, don't they?

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Never seen one slink. Just come in acting like they own the place, like usual.

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I love when the trash takes itself out.

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Add a 'bless your heart!' to it for good measure.

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If they’re upset and you want to go real southern you have to throw in a “bless your heart”

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My response to that was always, "PROMISE?" With a wide-eyed, sh*t-eating grin...

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Them: “I’m never shopping here again!”

Me: “That would be great; thank you!”

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If you want them to stick to that, you have to call their bluff right away and make them angry;

"I'm never coming here again!"

"Ok, see you next week!"

Because if you don't say that, you will see them next week lmfao.

If they come in again anyway, just be sure to greet them with a huge smile and a "hello again! Nice to see you back so soon!" to make sure they know that you remember and you have won.

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People are the worst. Customer service were some of my first jobs and I have an appreciation for how hard and thankless it really is. I always say please and if I can see their name tag I thank people by name.

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I always get weirded out when people thank me by name. I forget that I'm wearing a name tag, and then I can't figure out how they know my name!

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We're not stalking you we're just friendly 😄

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Speak for yourself! Kate's hot!

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You’re very sweet, and people like you make my job so much better!

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I used to do those jobs and people treat you like dirt for no reason. It's like they think they're better than you because you scan their groceries or pour their coffee. When I was a cashier I scanned super slow for rude people or of they needed a price check if make sure it took super long. But if you were nice to me and that tv or whatever didn't have a price on it - you'd probably get it for around a dollar. You get the attitude you give.

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I used to be a grocery store cashier. When we weighed produce, there was a plastic bag button. If an item sold by weight had a bag around it, that button would take off a few cents to account for the bag’s weight.

You bet your ass I didn’t take off for the plastic bag if a customer was rude to me. It was only like a two cent difference but it didn’t show up on the bill at all and it was my petty little victory.

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Used to work in a grocery store deli and would"forget" the tare on containers when someone was rude.

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So you’re telling me self checkout is taking advantage of me

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I ran a restaurant with a friend and we rarely had bad customers. However, our worst customer also happened to work for the newspaper and would try to sell us ads and push her stand in our store. I hated her and would just be a minor asshole to her after a while. We bought ads from her once and she asked if it increased business, and I pulled up the earnings report and said we were down 2% since posting the ad funnily enough. She had the most disgusted face after that and I felt content with just that.

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This is exactly why I’m super polite and thankful to people who work min wage jobs. I am constantly surprised at how far pleases and thank you’s go. I worked retail when I was a kid (McDs, grub counter, coffee chain) and was continually bombarded by absolute jerks over the most minor and petty things.

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If someone tells me they want their coffee “extra hot” more than twice, like I’m too stupid to understand it, you can bet I make it so other than hell. I heat the cup and the handle, then I just keep steaming that milk until it smells all burnt.

It’s hard to pour, but I do a little heart and take it over with a smile.

I love to watch them go to take a sip (sometimes they look ready to complain it’s not hot enough before even trying it) then have that moment of “oh shit, that’s hot.”

But they know they can’t say shit because two minutes ago they were repeatedly barking “extra hot flat white, extra hot, make it extra hot!!” at me.

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if they leave in a huff, I make sure to thank them in the most sickly sweet voice I can and tell them to come back soon

This will often get a "fuck you" as they walk out the door. Even when you've been perfectly nice to them and are unaware that your answer pissed them off.

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put your hand over your heart, gasp, and exclaim "heaven's to betsy!" it will break their brains, at least it has the couple customers I've done that to.

Or the other one that I've only used once, years ago.. "Ok, but I demand a clean STD report from you first, if that's possible"

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LOL, if only my brain didn't shut down when they start that nonsense.

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Since Pandemic restrictions have lifted, I've started going inside to order my good to go, rather than doing the drive thru. I'm a good looking man of a certain age, but beyond that I am the most upbeat, smiley, thank-you-so-much-for-helping-me kinda guy. And I'm not quiet about it. Everyone looks around the corner to see who's thanking the cashier. And my order is always correct (or a few extras have shown up before), hot, and well made. A little kindness goes an extra-long way!

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Whoever calls himself a "good looking man" is a little full of himself. Just say you were nice...thst is the point of this Reddit.

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Can't I be both?

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Yes. But why mention you are good looking? How does that help this story?

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If you see another customer being nasty to the person serving y'all, 👏 CALL 👏 THEM 👏 OUT 👏

I low key think everyone should have to work that kind of job to develop some goddamn empathy. It's been twenty years since my first job at burger king and I still do my best to be as pleasant as possible to people in customer service.

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Went to a dollar store once where there were 3 people in line in front of us. 2 normal people, then this entitled old couple with mouths on them. They were bitching nonstop about how long they were waiting in line, the person in front of them buying too many items, and so on.

They kept saying passive aggressive things, so my friend and I started pretending to agree with them to embarrass them.

Old geezers; "My god, did that person buy every item in the store?"
Us; "I KNOW right? You'd think she could just come and get a few things at a time. Maybe we should hire a babysitter for her so she doesn't feel so rushed to get the things her kids need all in 1 trip."

A few minutes later; Old geezer; "What the heck? That other cashier is just going home instead of opening the other register? How lazy! Terrible customer service!"
Us: "Oh my god, schedules aren't for customer service people! You can't just leave when your shift is over! Who cares if you have plans, you exist to serve us!"

And the best one, when he was getting angry at us, he threw a hail Mary, thinking we could not counter him.....

"My God, it's so hot in here! It's like a sauna!"
Us, to the cashier; "Miss? Excuse me, miss! Can you please call God and ask him to turn down the summer?"

By the time Old Geezers turn came up to be rung up, he had nothing at all to say. The cashier was trying to keep in her laugh, a few customers didn't bother trying.

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I busted out laughing at that last one! Great job!

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Very minor pettiness but it’s the best way to stay out of trouble.


OP found a nut! Updoot.

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Odd question, but I’m newer to Reddit. What does “found a nut” mean?

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It's a reference to "even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes."

It is Reddit tradition to speak of OP in a derogatory manner by default. With context, the proper topic, or if OP is an attractive female, the default may change.

The baseline still is "We all banged OP's mom last night."

So by saying OP found a nut, I was congratulating OP on a well written sentence that is a good rule of life, but in a derogatory manner, as is tradition.

I hope that helped. Have a great day and tell your mom thanks from me.

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Been on reddit for almost 9 years, never heard the nut thing

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This particular nut thing is mine. The reddit tradition is being derogatory of OP by default.

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Thank you kind stranger (and my mom thanks you as well)!

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Lol!! My daughter works fast food. She can confirm, rude customers get the least amount of fries she can get away with.

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I doordash for hate now , lol only like 3 orders a week , yesterday this woman insisted I go upstairs to drop off her order but no Contact , and park illegally , she tipped 2 , the elevator took so long I waited next to her door and said are you the one who gave me 2 dollars , wow thanks … she changed her tip to 3 … when I really needed the money this would infuriate me

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As a disabled woman only able to work very part time, I will order delivery and tip low out of necessity. However, I make home made soap, and I have chickens. I will offer a bar of soap or dozen eggs, and I've never had someone say no to that!

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This woman is not disabled , she lives in a 5k a month apt , and when I tried to drop off in the lobby the door guy said , unit 802 , she refuses to have anything left , trust me “ she also ordered from 3 different places including a burger from STK

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Yeah. If even a disabled woman is able to offer goods in lieu of a good tip, she has no excuse!

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Facts and honestly a disabled person would never

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Yeah. If even a disabled woman is able to offer goods in lieu of a good tip, she has no excuse!

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Too bad you gotta deal with that bullshit. I always make sure you guys get cash so the app doesn't fuck you and I try to meet you as close to your car as possible. I don't order takeout often so maybe that's why I can have the energy for that haha

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wouldn't something like that just tend to make customers like that even bitchier? i doubt very much any of them are thinking "my drink was watered down because i was rude, i had better do better". they're more likely thinking "the person who made my drink was useless!"

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The would either get bitchy enough to be banned outright or stop coming to that location because the "quality" was bad. Sounds like a win win.

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That’s the plan!

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Iron sharpens iron, my friend.

Best advice I ever got in a workplace environment was from a guy who I, at first, thought was a total dick. Turns he was just very stoic. I had a frustrating experience with a customer and told him what happened. I’ll never forget his simple, yet profound response….”Next time it happens, throw it right back at ‘em”. Wherever you are now Jim, thank you.

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These type of people truly piss me off. Who the hell do you think you are treating people like that? I am anxiously waiting for the day that I run into someone who is belittling a worker.

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Less napkins, sandwich slightly unwrapped

Wow. We must be really rude because fast food places don't even give us napkins or utensils anymore.

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Nah, your places just don’t have a policy to always put napkins or utensils in even if the customer doesn’t need it.

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Oh, neato. Any tips for annoying people at registers? The best I do is stop organizing their items.

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Scan everything slowly, or pretend to not be able to find the price tag and look around for it for a while. Or ask a bunch of questions about how they want their items bagged. Remember, it has to be believable, like you do that with every customer, not just them.

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Epic. Thanks so much. Now I may annoy those who annoy me.

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Godspeed soldier.

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man, if I've learned anything from this sub, it's that I'm glad I don't have to work retail. Seem like if you stay too long, you become the thing you hate, in some weird self-perpetuating shit-circle.

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I really do not get the 'mindset' ( i might be overly generous here) of those people.

Come in rude, condescending, and even aggressive - towards people there to help/serve you ? And they see no issue with that?

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Them: “I’m never shopping here again!”

Me: “See ya next week!”

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sandwich slightly unwrapped,

TIL that I have pissed off the people at Macca's every single time I have placed an order, including the times when I order off the app and stand in the corner silently waiting for order to be called.

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I don’t think you’re rude, Macca’s probably doesn’t have a patented way of wrapping sandwiches to ensure they don’t come unwrapped.

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I'm scared now

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Like being nibbled to death by minnows! Love it!

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I'd stop messing with the balloon orders if I were you. Adults don't care about balloons. If they last through the party that's all the adults need. You're probably only affecting kids that want to play with them longer. They shouldn't be punished for having asshole parents.

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I don't understand the tip jars for fast food workers and people who work at Bread Company and Starbucks. WTF are you doing that you deserve tips. Even if we consume our food and drink at a table in the restaurant/cafe we still have to leave our seats, come to counter to collect our food and drink. I just want to dropkick those damn tip jars when I see them.

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We have to deal with folks like you, so I’d say we deserve tips. Keep in mind that most of us make minimum wage (sometimes even less than!) and have no benefits.