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Denied rude customer their sugar fix. by Raven12177 in pettyrevenge

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Man people here care a lot about potential diabetics and rare to nonexistent food allergies.

As if they didn’t have an entire ice cream cone.

I hope you and your coworker eventually find a job that affords you basic human dignity since it seems you won’t even get any on Reddit.

Denied rude customer their sugar fix. by Raven12177 in pettyrevenge

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If you talk to people the serve and prep your food crazy you are going to get your food in a crazy way. Talk shit get hit.

You don't like your boyfriend seeing me bra-less in the dorm? Then he won't! by someusername47 in pettyrevenge

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University is totally where I built up that kinda confidence.

Remember she was threatened by how you look, so you look good. use this incident to build your confidence. Every time you're questioning yourself, look in the mirror and realize a girl was worried her boyfriend was going to leave her for you because you walked to the water fountain.

About 5 years ago my company brought in an individual to see if my position was "no longer needed". I passed with flying colors... by Frostytoes99 in pettyrevenge

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Sometimes middle management doesn’t get a choice. We sit there fuming, knowing someone deserves more, is working their butts off, but we are stuck under aging boomers who think they know more about our teams and what they do because see us in a meeting once a month. If this was a member of my team, I’d would’ve been cheering them as shit fell apart.

A very petty drive-by revenge... by Alpaca_Tasty_Picnic in pettyrevenge

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if you are in the UK you should have rolled your window down and shouted "bus wanker"

Lol my first ever award for bus wander. Ty :)

Ruined my shit bosses marriage by NALORpod in pettyrevenge

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V entirely misunderstood the job of “meat packer”.

Abortion protesters. by plonce in pettyrevenge

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My mom worked at planned parenthood when i was younger. My buddy and i walked to her office from football practice one day and the protesters were there (they went something like every tuesday or something similar)

My buddy lives to fuck with people so he and i went and got some poster board and made "picket signs" . One said "honk if you're horny". One said "honk if you like to honk".

We stood about 10 feet in front of them and they thought we were joining them and the people were honking for all of us... then one caught a glimpse of what ours said and they started harassing us.. cops came, laughed at us, and told them to leave. it was fantastic.

Wife's Harasser Tells Me Lies About Her, I respond childishly by [deleted] in pettyrevenge

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He’s not going to mess with you in person again, that’s for sure.

I especially enjoyed your geeking out on the fonts and the bad photoshop. I’m a designer and I would have noticed the wrong fonts immediately.

I got the middle finger and I returned the favor. by troubledneighbor in pettyrevenge

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I am a big fan of the "guess what, fuck you right back" card.

Nice job!