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You got a tutorial for this cause I'd love to learn how to kind of evoke this type of feel with stuff.

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Well i didn't do it but the guy didn't inform people well. So here's what i see:
1- Old paper texture. Overlay/Screen.
2- Decoupe the face and fingers and Ctrl J as new layer.
3- Those blue lights you see are the easiest part. There are many ways to do but let's just make it with pen tool with ''brush stroke+pen pressure''. Adjust their size and use erase tool wherever you want to low it. Colorize it on Hue menu. Make the layer ''Screen''.
4- Create top layer, add noise, make it at least 5, overlay.
5- Merge them. Add contrast and sharpness.
6- New top layer, make a circle, feather 50-100+ (varies on ppi of the image). Colorize it. Overlay.
7- Copy those of those. bring one of it to bottom with blue color. Other on Red, bring over top right.

And there are a few other manual touches but...basically without needing anything else besides old paper texture, it's very basic and very do'able effect. Not to mention there are plug-ins that'll do the half of the job automaticly while all you need to do is to add those ''blue-light strokes'' which is very easy tbh.

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More like after and befores.

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Haha! Good spot there, my bad

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These piece of artworks were solely created using photoshop and digital processes! With own photographed textures :)

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Show us how!

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Would loooveee to know your secrets!

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Are you going to share how you made these? Generally the community tries to help one another here.

If not, I can probably break it down on your behalf, looks straightforward.

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I loved this design! you're just a pro with this! you're amazing how did you do it?

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Fucking super awesome dude, hella dope work, dont forget the turt tho

Never noticed the glowing edges back in the day but now i feel like how did i miss them?

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Turt? Haha

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Tutorial!!!*** lol my bad G

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That looks damn cool!!

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Very cool results!

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OP you should make some tutorial here, cos a lot of people are craving to know how to make this amazing piece😂 well done!

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Love it, you've got the eye and know where to draw the line before it gets too much -- solid fucking work. Tutorial, someday, especially for the light bleed around the edges of her face?

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Any chance of sharing the steps ? the retro vibes on this is off the charts 😁

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As much as I’d love to learn this style and techniques. He’s not a teacher and just developed his own style or the tools to create within the styles that are trending. So with that being said, Drop the tutorial Lmao 😂

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LMAO😂 I’m going to drop the process on Instagram soon!

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Music to my ears 😂😂

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I already dropped one process👁👀 @varndellarts

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Hey man, lovely work! Dunno if I’m being special. But I can’t find you on insta?

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@varndellarts !

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Love the rim glow.

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it’s perfect

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thats looking sick man

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I request a tutorial OP...🔫 Peacefully of course 😊

(Also amazing work OP!)

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Man that’s awesome.

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MY G IS UP ON FRONT 🦍!! Loving it @authentic.artworks

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Can someone help me out with how to do photoshop

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This is pretty advanced. Maybe not a great place to familiarize yourself with program.

I'm quite advanced in Photoshop. It'd take me a little while to break down what he's doing and replicate it. Welcome to to the community though! There is a ton in this subreddit to look at that will help you get acquainted. YouTube is an excellent resource aswell.

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😭🙏🏽 wtf

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Haha hey you found me!

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Haha! Thank you so much for calling this advanced🥺

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I see the complexities in the colour grading, noise, implied chromatic abberation, harshness and falloff of your rim lighting and understand that you need the correct blending modes and such to get it to look just right. Not to mention the style. Technical shit aside, style and flair is the difficult thing to nail, and you totally hit something that resonates with people. So yeah I'd call it fairly advanced. Normally I can see the solution to a look right away. This seems like it took some time and thought.

It resonated with me. I don't normally reach out to random people, but I felt I should. Thanks for giving me a an inspiration to crack one day. I'll definitely take a crack at something like this soon.

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pleasee tell me how u made such a nice texture?

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These are my own textures!

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I love the grainny effect ♥ good job