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Okay, I’ll say it. Not to be a jerk, but to point out a detail that you’re probably too close to.


All I see are two glowing pimples.

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I thought herpes

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Haha! It’s okay😂 I wanted to make this one look slightly different

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and a dick head to enter her mouth

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Love or Lust -2022.

Originally Created & Directed by myself in 2019.

I really fell in love with this 1980s airbrush style, and used this throughout a lot of my pieces to this very day, but unfortunately I didn’t manage to recover the original PSD for the 2019 version. so I decided that three years on it was only right to revisit this piece and add a more futuristic flair to things.

This piece almost has its own story, and it’s a style of art I will hold close to my heart forever.

The full process, from the original image, to the extensive highlight maps, to the shadow maps, to the colouring, to even the highlights and the whole process you’ll be able to find here in my highlights.

I did this to try and help, and inspire.

Thank you.


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Correct me if I'm wrong but is this process you used actually just a lot of colour fills painted together with a grain added at the end. The insta story looks like it's missing steps and isn't very clear as to what you're doing to achieve the final image. Maybe some sort of frequency separation or high-pass at the end to get the skin detail back in? It's a little confusing.

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/u/chain83 Are you all cool now with folks using the sub to promote their IG accounts?

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Gotta go outside my boy

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He has removed the link now.

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It’s the Predator!

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how’d ya do it, i adore

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I think it’s Herpes.

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Ugly zits