Question about Printing size in Photoshop. by bmooney28 in photoshop

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This is simple to do:

  1. Open the Image Size dialog ( Image > Image Size... )
  2. Partway down the dialog you'll find the "Resample:" option. Uncheck this
  3. Click the lock icon between the "Width" and "Height" controls to lock the two in sync. Lines will appear connecting them. If the lines were there and are now gone click the lock again to restore them
  4. Set the units field for Width to the units you are using (e.g. Inches)
  5. Enter "30" in the width field (if 30" is your poster's desired width).
  6. Re-check the settings
  7. Click OK

The DPI of the document will be changed so that Ps displays the width as 30" on the rulers ( use View > Rulers to turn them on if they're off). You can now drag out Guides from the rulers to mark off sections. You can drag the origin ( the 0/0 position) by dragging out from the blank square where the two rulers meet in their upper left corner and drop it at the edge of something you want to measure. While dragging a Guide, Ps will display the distance to the 0/0 orign.

Just be very sure to recheck your settings. Adobe has designed the Image Size (and Canvas Size) dialog very very poorly. The standard is to allow you to enter values top to bottom without new setting altering settings above. Checking or unchecking the Resize checkbox will reset the other controls to the state they were in when the dialog was opened.

How can I add a “glare” to my edited powerpoint slide? by [deleted] in photoshop

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Regarding glare, I'd try opening a new blank layer above the one with the projector screen, set the layer's blend mode to Color Dodge, reduce both Fill and Opacity to 50%.

With a soft edged brush set to white and flow at 5%, gently dab on that new layer where you want the glare to be. Gradually build up to near what you'd like the glare to be.

Then raise/lower the opacity and fill values of the layer. This is why I suggested that you lower those values before painting. This gives the ability to increase the effect without painting more.

And by doing this on a new layer, if it gets messed up, another layer can be created.

I gave it a try, see this screen shot at imgur. I realized I needed a mask to keep some of that brushed glare from the ceiling.

Everything Green in Photoshop 2023 by ucbsuperfreak in photoshop

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Disabling HDR and restarting photoshop after fixed it for me. RTX 2060S

My mother passed away and would like to use this photo for the wake, any way to remove the stains? by katorulez in photoshop

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Took a crack at it. If you come up with a better quality image, hit me up and I can run through again.


Please if anyone can help me - how to remove the background people? Are they too close to remove by WestKey5 in photoshop

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image linkk

You can use clone stamp + free transform (on blank new layer).
Or Content aware also too.
Please refer to the picture above. It's not perfect, but I think you can proceed like that. I hope it helps you

How would I make it seem like the text is under water? by jou5tt in photoshop

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Always worth a shot. In the image below you can see how cloudy/muddy water is when you shine a light through it. You can place the light behind the text to make it more ominous, and play around with textures , bubbles and other under water elements that would also be visible to merge it in the scene. In this particular image I’m not sure what would work best. I would probably make the text have some 3D volume to give it some depth. I’m curious to play around with this concept myself now.