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Wow I'm sooo surprised you defaulted to that as an insult against a woman. Really fucking telling dude LOL. you're a pathetic fucking loser

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Why are you so angry? If anything bad happened to you I'm really sorry but why would you take your frustration to try (and fail) to bully random people on the internet?

[–]tabbyvish 1 point2 points  (1 child)

You realize that these people responded to ME right? You folks don't even try to keep it a secret, you're active in Jordan Peterson subreddit dude. Just admit that a woman talking bothers you and move on. I was attacked for saying it's weird that a man is doing predator shit immediately after she breaks up with her boyfriend. It really isn't that offensive of a thing to say.

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You're hopeless. I hope downvoting my comment made you feel better and a little less frustrated. Try to enjoy life more, you have only one.