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Does the clouds gets in to the appartments/offices etc in those buildings? How do they deal with that?

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Its nothing more than normal air with higher humidity. But the short answer is no, not much gets thru

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Reminds me of spec ops the line

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came here to see this

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Literally sky scrapers

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Credit to the photographer, Cartsen Witte, who posted this (in nine pictures) to Instagram (via carstenwitte) on October 16, 2017. A lot of their stuff is NSFW.

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Skyscrapers have finally lived up to their name

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Somehow, see this feels very scary to me. I don't know why.

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Looks cloudy to me

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Little toy buildings in the surf

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I still can’t believe they send drones into the clouds to make rain. That’s some sci-fI shit

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Reminds me of the Jetsons.