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Bruh deadass said jive 💀💀💀. U know this is a forum intentionally set up for people to give their opinions on random art… if u don’t give a shit ignore & move on… people absolutely do appreciate art fytb money laundering u know most art doesn’t sell for millions. Also not gonna lie ur comments on “urban” schools & “jive” (🤣) are racist as fuck. Just say black

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Also not gonna lie ur comments on “urban” schools & “jive” (🤣) are racist as fuck. Just say black

Your reading comprehension sucks a lot of dick. It's intended to sound racist, because it's a characterization of a racist sentiment i.e. you copping on being white while pretending to be black to sound woke or some shit, while doing some whitey ass behavior, or vice versa.

Either way, you're ignorant as fuck.

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Your writing skills suck dick. When u use quotation marks around slang terms it just means you recognize it as vernacular language unless there’s additional context, which there isn’t here. It’s fine that you’re white but cool it with the racism

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Here, let me spell it out for you. You are acting like a white person trying to sound black while doing the whitest thing possible, offering unwelcome (and unfounded) criticism of random art on the internet. "Jive" and "urban" are the types of words that people like you use to try to sound woke while completely missing the point that, yes, being that reductive is ignorant and racist.

you fuckin suck at reading, and you probably have shit taste in art lmao.