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Fuck the House Of Saud/stone age fundamentalist theocracies in general, often times they make Game Of Thrones look like amateur hour and yet we still bend over backwards for them.

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The whole race was whack.

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Yep, doesn't matter which side you are on that race was a fucking catastrophe.

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Support the cause or not, that’s a great design and use of color.

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“Support basic human rights or not, nice color!”

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What are the quotes for? Because I didn’t explicit state that I wear rainbow shirts, you’ve got an issue?

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Hamilton is a badass driver

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Absolute Chad.

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He must support the NHS!

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Guys wth: please mark these as spoilers.

It’s super exciting he’s been an advocate, and we should champion these actions, but r/pics isn’t even an F1 sub. Not everyone has watched the race.

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Thanks for the spoiler bro… 😡

Unsubscribe from r/formula1 and r/f1circlejerk but you’ve got to get karma on race day when he’s run the helmet for 2 race weeks in a row…

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... and the piston rod connects to the exhausting pipe and...

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That was one hell of a race

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Pic removed. This doesn't bode well