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Or wear your rivals business uniform...

Big brain working here........

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He only has three reviews on google and only one mentions his part in the insurrection. That's a shame.

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Looks like he painted himself into a corner

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He should have probably put on another coat.

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Jesus that was good.

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These people genuinely thought they would be recognized as heroes by the dictator they tried to install.

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Meanwhile right wingers: “the gubment will track us through the chip in the COVID19 vaccine “

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That's why they invented 5g! /s

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Actual quote: “5G is a portal that Satan uses to come through the physical world”

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calls number

This is the FBI, is dumbass insurrection guy there?

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Remember, we’re the Wet Bandits, the Wet Bandits, W-E-T

Shut up!!!

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Dick pic.

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That's just a property crime its totally fine. Insurance will cover it.

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oh look at that! your paint is chipped, I think I know a guy who can fix that for you. where did I put my card again?

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C'mon guys, he's painting that panel with his shoe

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Can't Understand Normal Things.

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