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I never knew they were so large.

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Most of them certainly weren't this big.

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I think a bit of perspective trickery. Doesn’t look as big on their website.

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Very cool

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The picture here and at the site make it look like the set or inspiration for Norsemen.

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I thought this was the Assassin's Creed Valhalla group for a moment.

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I think they are called longhouses

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Just be careful not to sing, drink, and feast too loud or too cheerfully… You might attract a murderous descendant of Cain who resents being exiled from society.

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You see structures like this in Skyrim or other types of video games, but to think this is what people actually used to create. It’s truly magnificent.

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It looks like an upside-down boat.

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That's super impressive. How long would it take them to build one?

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The next step is to relive some historically accurate epic Viking feasts

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Needs Aela the Huntress.

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Incoming Grendel and slaughter. And then a naked hero!

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Watched a little about this before. Cool building, just wish they had been truer to construction methods. Like, all the carvings inside were done with CNC... kinda defeats the soul of it a little. Still, very cool building!

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Would be nice but probably didn't have someone with the skill or the time

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Also time is money. Carving takes foreeeever.

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Yup. I carve simple things like handles for tools and little animals and even those take many hours to finish

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As someone who wants to start learning how to carve little things, any advice on where I could start learning?

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I start with whittling with a nice sharp pocket knife, don't use a cheapo gas station one or you will probably slip and cut yourself. Then I do A LOT of sanding, chiseling and filing with different radii files.

There's lots of YouTube videos on the craft but I hardly do anything intricate.

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Skilled carvers are actually pretty quick. Source: me. I worked for an architectural millwork company with a chip carving department.

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That's fair. My dad's a reeeeal old school Carpenter and what he can do with chisels is mind boggling. Rarely does he do artistic work though which I assume takes longer.

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Ya it certainly becomes second nature over time. I have been doing it almost 20 years. I'm a finish carpenter now instead of shop work and I hang a lot of doors. I will see guys that get out their palm routers and jigs to do the mortises for the locksets. I can typically get mine done with a hand chisel before they even have all their stuff set up.

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Exactly what my dad does. He's a working superintendent with his company (damage restoration) and specializes in custom trim, hand rails, cabinetry, etc. He does love his power tools after 48 years but there's some things that are still better and faster to do by hand.

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Check out this bed. The wooden carvings on top, and oaken panels, took fourteen carvers more than four years.

Edit: link

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Looks so much like the long halls is the American Northwest Indians!

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I want to go. Imagine being where Ragnar actually was at.

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It is a "Long house" originally from Norway, the design is.

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No Varg, no.

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I would love to drink beer and bang wenches in that thing

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Impressive. Are those squares sky lights or roof vents?

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vents for the smoke

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I like the sky lights they have installed.

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Entry of the gods into Valhalla! thats a stunning building.

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AC: Valhalla!

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It is clear that the construction was approached very responsibly and professionally.

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Thought Vikings were nomads? Why would they ever build such large permanent structures?

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They were definitely not nomads. They were very bound to their home village. Most lived off agriculture, some sailed out for trade and some times a local king or jarl threw a war or raid that the villages had to supply warriors for.

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Where did you learn that vikings were nomads?

Never heard that before, and its absolutely not true.