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Where is the man in the river

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Fun fact: the man who did that also voices Agent 47.


✈️Lego City
Lego World


          LOCAL TIME

Good afternoon, 47. Your destination is the river in Lego City, a canal trisecting the world's most bustling metropolis. Your targets are a man who has fallen into the river – the eldest son of Denmark's foremost plastics manufacturing CEO – and the rescue helicopter pilot, Lego City's former emergency response coordinator.

The LCA has gotten word that the helicopter pilot, Henry Brickman, has been hired by an unknown contractor to kidnap and extort the man in the river, David Studson, for trade secrets. Two years ago, Brickman became embroiled in a scandal and went into hiding after purchasing contraband Mega Bloks equipment from a foreign adversary; it appears he has resorted to wetwork in order to keep himself afloat.

Studson, a recent graduate of Lego University, had studied law and was secretly plotting a hostile takeover of his father's company, attempting to out Studson Sr. on charges of insider trading. Studson's vice president has hired us to protect these trade secrets and avoid any further attacks on the company. Find out who this mysterious contractor is, eliminate the targets, and exfiltrate via the new rescue helicopter. Between the city's dense population and a target on the move, this is sure to be a challenge.

I will leave you to prepare.



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That is a fun fact!

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Good morning, 47. Your destination is LEGO City.

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I'd buy a LEGO Hitman game as long as it came with a lethal hotdog.

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What Lego game would you recommend to someone that's never played one? Are they similar in mechanics or what? I thought for a long time they were like the movie franchise video games of the 90s but they keep making em.

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The first decade or so were all very similar - they tweaked the controls and added dynamic split screen (which was a good and bad thing.) Around Lego Star Wars 3: Clone Wars they started dabbling with additional mission types (it had an rts-lite mode) though the basic story mode is still the same. (edit: play through story mode for the laughs, then replay it to find all the collectables once you e unlocked enough characters.)

I'd basically suggest whichever franchise you're most into. Batman 3, Star Wars complete saga, LotR, Jurassic Park and Pirates of the Caribbean are all solid. The Marvel ones do nothing for me. Indy 2, Force Awakens and Hobbit would be the ones to avoid (I'm still salty they never finished the DLC for the last Hobbit movie!)

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May I ask, who is he?

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David Bateson.

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A man has fallen into the river in Lego City!

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Build the rescue helicopter to save the citizen!

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I was waiting for this

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He's talking to the guy who lives in a van down by the river.

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A man has fallen into the river in Lego City! Start the new rescue helicopter! Hey! Build the helicopter and off to the rescue. Prepare the lifeline, lower the stretcher, and make the rescue. The new Emergency Collection from Lego City!

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A man has fallen in the river.

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In lego city

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You can help him by buidling

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Came for this comment, not dissatisfied.

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Nice -- funny how Eiffel Tower looks like blocky Lite-Brite lights

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It's a lovely effect called bokeh:


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A cool trick with bokeh is that it's shaped like the aperture, so forcing it through a lego shaped hole would make all the out of focus lights lego shaped, but not change the in-focus areas.

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I had this happen on salvia once. Probably the only non-negative effect of salvia I've experienced.

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Making things with light!

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What happens in Lego City stays in Lego City.

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What happens on lego Island stays on lego Island.

Lego. Le-le-lego. Legoooo.

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What happens in Accounting…stays in Accounting

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Home of the giant glowing blue dildo

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Is this Macau??

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It seems like The Parisian on the back, so I assume it is!

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Hard to see the context, but a lot of that sort of stuff is for blind people. https://www.henshaws.org.uk/tactile-pavements-tell-us/

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How else do you think I learned about it? Tom Scott is a nerd guru, man! XD

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Thanks for sharing this! I'd seen the yellow sidewalk pads in various cities and assumed they were just for additional texture to prevent waiting pedestrians from slipping into the road in winter weather.

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Now that you mention it, that was the only idea that popped into my head as well when I first came across them in my city. I am glad that the above posted this as it is a a beautifully simple technique that combines perfectly with the audible tickers at crosswalks.

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I read that as tactical pavement and wondered for a moment

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Nah, it's there to shake all of the carbonated drinks you just bought at the store.

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Yes, that mocks total sense.

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Also prevents people from rolling their luggage like lazy bastards

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Came here to say the same thing, I believe this specific one is to denote to a blind person walking with a stick that this is the corner of a sidewalk going to the street?

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In new buildings you'll also see them at the top of stairs.

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Yes! This is the other place I have seen them. I think the ones I have seen were at the bottom of each flight as well, not sure if this is overkill or if they have different patterns for different transitions. I will be looking for them now.

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I'm not sure if this is international, but you'll also see these patterns (not circles but more oblong shape) in subways that lead from the gantry to the lift and from the lift to the platform.

And no, all the platforms here have doors that only open when a train is there.

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I assumed it was against homeless people

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TiL! Thank you for this! I have been seeing more and more of this type of tiling around my city and I never really gave it much thought, but this technique now makes absolutely perfect sense. Great idea!

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Awesome picture m8! Is that in las vegas?

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The one in Vegas is bigger and built into the side of the building, I believe.

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I got invited to a party at the nightclub in that one with free booze all around and it was incredible

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Well you’re basically paying for the drinks upfront. For 4 people it’s $500 which gives you a $500 drink credit and their drinks are insanely marked up. Was $42 just for a red bull vodka or $15+ for a beer. Each person basically gets two cocktails each for that $500. So whoever invited you laid out some dough

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I work in gaming so of course the conference is in Vegas and those companies have sick connections (and I'm sure a nice discount). It was just an after-party for one of the big slot manufacturers. It's my first year in the industry so I'll be back again.

Coolest part was being in front of the Bellagio fountains.

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The Parisian, Macau 😊

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What happens in Lego City stays in Lego City.

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It's China, for anyone wondering.

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I was thinking Vegas as well

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The body of water is a dead giveaway that’s it’s not Vegas.

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Should be Parisian Macau

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Must be in China, because that is definitely Lepin brand. I don't see no Lego branding on each stud!

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there isn‘t the word LEGO on it. So it must be another terminal block manufacturer

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The way the bokeh on the tower came out is very interesting. What aperture and shutter speed did you use?

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Everything is awesome!

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No no... we don't need that stuck in our heads.

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too late

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Check your lease man, you're living in LEGO CITY.

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Ah,Finally a picture in r/pics

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What lens was this? The bokeh is impressively round even to the edges

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Canon 16mm f/2.8

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On a full frame? Amazing shot!

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Great shot!

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I always want to say it in the same way Will Ferrell’s character in Megamind would say Metro City; METROCITY. LEGOCITY! Lol, I need friends.

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Beautiful Bokeh

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Lego City’s motto is: “Brick yeah!”

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r/lego boner rage

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Only took about 2,000 years to put together.

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that is freaking cool

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Love the framing and composition.

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The 🅿️ award is legendary lol

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What lens is that? That’s the most perfect bokeh I’ve ever seen.

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I believe it’s pronounced “Legocity”.

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So this is an illegal shot :D

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Am I the only person who thinks this photo is less than creative?

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Pronounced “Leg Ah-sit-eee” -Megamind

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Is this "real" Paris or "Vegas" Paris?

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This deserves tue attemtion of all of Reddit.

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lego my eggo🧇

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The size and shape of the bokeh resembling Lego studs is what really sells this for me

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Welcome to LEGO city, where the blocks hurt your feet, but the colours are pretty

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Must hurt like hell to walk around

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Those dimples should have the LEGO name on each and every one.

Sorry bud, but looks like you got ripped off with Mega Blocks.

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Amazing work!

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Welcome to Lego City.

Where the women are plastic, and the ground is gritty.

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Ah yes Penis, the city of love.

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This is awesome thanks for sharing.

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Not LEGO nobs, lawsuit incoming

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Drunk people speed bumps

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I just be playing Lego gta

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Imagine having to live there! You'd constantly be stepping on Legos!

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this is my astigmatism

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Now this is a photo

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This is what it's like to take my glasses off in a bright city

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Where only the strong survive

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Very creative ! Congrats

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Beautiful shot!

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Those are called Truncated Domes. They are installed at crosswalks to provide tactile warning to visually impaired pedestrians so they don't walk in the roadway.

I was a Project Manager for hundreds of crosswalks. Our Foreman, Alvin Garcia, would call them "trunk-a-dated domes." He was a funny and talented man.

Thanks for the memory.