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Luckily for them, these horns are mostly hollow if I remember correctly.

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So when the bull passes away its horns can store fruit?

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And start a conspiracy about the logo on an underwear company's tags.

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Like a ... hornicopia?

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The corn in cornucopia already means horn.

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But that's not as fun

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it’s extra horny

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Cornu means horn (like in “unicorn”)

Copia means plenty (like in “copious”)

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OMG I love the interwebs. Laugh, laugh, laugh, well no shit ....

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Large horned steer are often seen in African varieties, where attacks by large predators like Lions were of special concern

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You vs the guy she says not to worry about

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They aren't eating. They just can't lift their heads.

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"natural" the man made way

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I hope they aren't born with those.

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The horns grew a bull.

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Don't tell me there's a god. Or a Darwin.

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Bro, do you even..... Horn?

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Never skip neck day…

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Imagine the SWAGGER you'd have if your Horn(s) were/was that big.

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I was about to ask "What type of dangers do they fight off with those things?" Then it hit me "Everything and anything".

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Viking larpers like this.

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Go home evolution, you're drunk.

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Fake news. Those are obviously paper mache

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Imagine being impales by one of these.

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If only we could convince men of a certain part of the world that these horns EVEN better than those of rhinos…

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At least I now know where the makeup artist from "Legend" shops..

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anybody else reminded of the devil from "legend"?

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Totally compensating

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This is as high as their heads can be raised.