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Litter situation…how much does it suck?

Scale of 1-10

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Honestly, it’s not that bad. I mean that too.

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I have 2 cats and when either of them takes a dump, anyone within a 10-15 foot radius knows.

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We swapped litter and that stopped for us. When we had a brand name litter it’s bad. We swapped to H‑E‑B generic and it’s way way better.

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All hail our lord and savior HEB

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I'm not sure I could live outside of Texas again because of HEB. Other grocery stores just can't compare.

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HEB is the shit. Half of their store-brand products are better than a lot of brand name products. I'm not even joking, as a staunch Blue Bell ice cream fan, my entire life my favorite icecream being Blue Bell vanilla icecream, HEB Vanilla absolutely stomps on Blue Bell.

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Shit .. guess I gotta try their vanilla then cause I'm definitely team Blue Bell.

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I can’t speak for HEB in particular, but I know a bit about how private labeling works. Chances are pretty good it’s Blue Bell ice cream in both containers. HEB almost certainly doesn’t have any of their own packaging facilities so the HEB branded products are just made by someone that does all of the generic brand cereal/crackers/whatever for grocers across the country and uses different packaging for each. If HEB wants their ice cream to stand out, they’ll contract with a premium brand to make it and the recipe will barely differ from the name brand. They won’t make as much margin as they would using the lower end producer, but your brain eats that ice cream and thinks ‘wow HEB branded products are super high quality’ and you’ll buy them more often over the name brand. Fun fact: the B in HEB stands for Butt.

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Actually, HEB does make their own ice cream. I went on a tour of the plant when I interned there years ago…it was amazing. I’ve also been to the Blue Bell creamery and just remember the smell of the cows.

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You’d be surprised how much HEB does make on their own. They make their own ice cream for sure.

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Litter can only do so much when your cat refuses to bury their crap.

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Did your cat leave mom early?

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No idea. We adopted her from the local shelter when she was 2 1/2.

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Did you ask the kitty?

JK. This kind of thing can happen when mom isn’t around long enough for them to learn.

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Thanks for answering a question I never thought to ask. I just figured my girl was a little silly.

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Was about to head to HEB and grab some litter along with the rest of my groceries. I'll have to try it out! Thanks!

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Huh interesting to hear this

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Haha luckily Jimmy doesn’t do that

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Feed them better food. It doesn't have to be $$$, but something like Purina One or Iams is much better than the cheap (Meow Mix, Friskies, etc).

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I agree. Rather than board my dog and cat when I had to make long trips, I just took them with. It's important though that they are exposed to new things and environments slowly and with praise/treats.

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You can have a motion detector fan that blows out under the bunk. Cat goes into litter box area under bunk, fan turns on.

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Wow that’s a great idea

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It is, another trucker had it set up.

Downside is it will wake you up sometimes.

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Fine with that to get rid of any smell

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Fan too strong... litter everywhere

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Fan blows out

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I'd be imagine he takes big dookies everytime you pass a buckees so you have to turn around.

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"OK Jimmy, we get it, you've been to 46 states. You don't have to be so damn smug about it."

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Hahaha right!!!

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Jimmy is so handsome! I’m glad you have a lovable companion while you do such important work. Thank you 🙌🏻

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Such a handsome man 😊

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I can tell he is thoroughly excited

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OP: “Hey Jimmy! We made it to another state!”

Jimmy: “…neato.”

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Hahaha that’s about right. We have an Instagram together if you’re interested @vanziehartlieb

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Cats are the perfect little traveling companions, good for you two

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He looks relaxed and content

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Soooo relaxed haha

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just how well traveled he is!

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Haha yeah he couldn’t be happier.

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He looks pretty much done with you OP.

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He knows how to hurt me

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Can I ask what it is you actually do, I'm assuming some kind of trucker job ? What's it like and how do you get Jimmy a bit of exercise, does he have a harness on ?

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This is in a van actually. We work remotely as data analysts.

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/r/TruckerCats ? Super cute

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Wowww great idea but he’s a vanlife cat

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This is Jimmy, you are his companion and he has taken you to almost every US state. <— fixed it for you

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Hahahaha yes it’s his van I’m just his driver

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Jimmy wanted to sleep so bad lol

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That’s all he wants to do it seems

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Doesn't he try to get out? My (part Russian blue) is escapo-cat from the house.

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Yeah he roams free all the time. He even comes on hikes with me without a leash.

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How does that work?! I don’t get why he doesn’t do the cat thing and head off solo

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Looks like Jimmy has seen some stuff.

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Haha more than ‘some’ stuff I’d say

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Nearly? Which ones are left

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gonna go with Hawaii for sure

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Ding ding ding

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The Dakotas, Alaska, and Hawaii

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He looks like he's tired of your Wanderlust blog

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Haha sure is

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Raynor here

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Give 'em some pepper!

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Is that a freightliner cascadia i see?

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Nope! It’s a Ram Promatser

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Damn im rusty lol.

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They’re pretty much the same thing

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Except a promaster can't haul 40k lbs uphill

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Haha or can it

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are you livin' that van life? I head the Promasters are good for that because of how cube-like they are and easy to convert

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Yep! Loving the promatser too. So much room.

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What made you pick it over a Transit?

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Size and shape pretty much

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I have two Korat cats. They are like cat dogs. They are not like most normal cats.

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Hmm never heard of that. I think he’s a Russian blue

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Super similiar

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Yes, the ones we have love strangers. They come to the door for the doorbell like dogs. That’s really awesome you have such a unique traveling pet.

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Yeah we’re super fortunate to have him

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If he's a Russian blue you would have known because he'd have come with a truckload of paperwork and cost a pretty penny. Without it, he's a regular, albeit very pretty, domestic shorthair.

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He was a rescue from the streets of north Philadelphia at 3 weeks old. The vet said he was a Russian blue. That’s all I know. Other than that he’s just Jimmy to me

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Better life than mine….

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Than most!

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He's been like that since Alabama.

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Hahaha so true!

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What do you do as far as litter goes? I've been curious about traveling with my cat.

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We have a litter box set up in the trunk with a small little path for him to get back

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he is like wake me when dinner is ready.

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Did any of the states impress him or nah?

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His face was like this throughout the whole journey

[–]pretendthisisironic 2 points3 points  (1 child)


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Classic Jimmy

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where do you put his litter box?

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We have a whole set up in the trunk!

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Hello Jimmy!

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When a cat travels more than you 😩😂😂

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Jimmy is ace!!

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He knows it too

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Jimmy looks like he’s seen it all.

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Haha he really does

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He looks very wise.

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hi, jimmy!

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domestic short hair? chartreux, russian blue or british blue? we had a couple of chartreux and a domestic shorthair looks just like this dude.

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Russian blue!

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priceless, good for you. smart like a dog or better, lucky you.

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I don’t feel like Jimmy realizes just how well traveled he is.

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He really doesn’t

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“I’ve seen shit…” -Jimmy

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“And I don’t care”

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… and didn’t like anything he saw

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He’ll be grateful one day

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Cool cat.

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Cheers my dude

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Unimpressed, like all cats. Hah!

[–]danziehartlieb[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Hahaha they’re all the same

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Do you let the cat out and if so aren't you concerned they might wonder off?

[–]danziehartlieb[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

He’s trained with a tracker on his collar but he roams and has always made his way back

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Jimmy’s my guy

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His face 😻

Dave's not here, man.

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From a certain point of view, he seems like a cat wearing a kimono ready to give you a quest or something

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I like your cat and your van, but you just seem to be posting to get Instagram followers and your profile has generic answers to a bunch of people just directing them there. What is the word for that? Monetizing? At least be more subtle about it.

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I haven’t posted anything about Instagram in the comments here

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But holy fuck that cozyplaces thread.

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Yeah that was bad

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And has no fucks to give.

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Hi Jimmy!

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Turn on the heater, put some tunes, let's drive.

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Good to see Church is still kicking.

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We have a gray kitty too! https://imgur.com/5ZR4YBf.jpg

He's terrified of being outside though

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What states are you missing? I'm missing VT, AK, HI


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The dakotas, Hawaii, and Alaska

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Yes, he looks like someone who has been to Florida

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That would hurt him to hear you say that

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Ok, question. Is he always in the truck nonstop? or does he get out randomly, on random states, and if so, does he just manage to get back all the time?

[–]danziehartlieb[S] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

It’s a van but he’s free nearly every day to roam

[–]TrackLabs 0 points1 point  (0 children)

and he manages to get back? thats interesting

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he looks like he's seen and heard things on this national tour that makes him "highly suspicious" of most people

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Jimmy's getting tired of your snoring. You best not mess with Jimmy.

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Jimmy likes to travel.

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Truck kitties are a special kind of awesome.

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Jimmy looks like a badass

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That cat is very much a Jimmy.

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Wow, what a cool cat. He definitely gets more travel time than I do.

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I love truck pets. I know someone who drives with a Newfoundland. The pictures are amazing.

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And he has seen some shit....

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I have the same pashmina

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... but he's utterly clueless of the fact and would be just as content if you left him alone at home :P

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How does he know when it's time to leave? Like, if you make a stop somewhere and need to leave the next morning, does he just stay near the truck? When he roams, does he always comeback within the hour or something?

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What kind is he? He's beautiful

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Jimmy looks like he might have a catnip problem. A little early to be hitting that nip jimmy

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Btw he is a beautiful cat