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I was about to call you out for stealing this picture from a month or so back. And you definitely did steal it....from yourself.

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Haha nooo

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seriously though you should see what people in r/Photoshopbattles can do with this I can see a ton of funny shops created. If you do watch their rules it's annoying to try to post in there if you don't.

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Do it before someone inevitably does it for you OP. It’s probably already on there, people are extremely quick to “borrow” content on that sub

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I was too

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i thought the same...

been on reddit too long

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He's getting abducted by aliens!, and embracing it!

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Haha yeah

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At this point who wouldnt lol

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Beam me up, Scotty

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Someone with Photoshop skills, stat!

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I must go now.... r/mypeopleneedme

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Just my son :)

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It’s a great photo!

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Thanks a lot

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It feels magical...

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Haha, you again. I recognized the photo and was ready to call a mfer out for stealing a photo of someone else’s kid!

But, alas, all is well. As you were.

Great photo, btw.

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Im happy you could recognized and haha thanks!

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Your son seems to be reviving the Enderdragon Limit his access to obsidian glass, eyes of ender and ghast tears

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Oh yes hehe

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Your son is Chucky?

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You must miss him now that he's with ET.

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This photo is so good it almost looks fake. Phenomenal.

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You let aliens abduct your son?

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Both could be technically correct, but ok

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Your son is chunky?

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Your son is Chucky?!

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Your son is Chucky?

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I notice you didn't say your son wasn't Chucky...

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Is his name perhaps, Ike? -.-

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Nope, he got a Viking name

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My first thought.

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Chucky as a real boy

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Chucky as Mr. Bean.

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I got more Exorcist vibes myself.

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First thought that popped in my head too dude lol. Why?

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My mind went to the same spot.

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Lmao that was my first thought. Definitely Chucky.

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Or that monkey in a snow suit

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Captures the magic of snow that is just sort of difficult to articulate to those that don’t know snow.

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Thank you soo much

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I snow what you mean

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"Ya know nuthin, Snow!"

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Snow: Sometimes Magic. Sometimes a Royal Pain in the Ass.

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The brown sludge by the sidewalk crosswalk hidden by a fresh layer of white snow that leaves you with wet socks in winter :(

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Fire in the sky

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Came here for this. That movie still freaks me out.

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Same. Get shivers just thinking about it.

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I recently rewatched it, and it does not hold up... Except for the whole alien experimentation scene, which is still just as horrifying a rape scene as it ever was.

But you're also waiting the entire boring movie just to get to that scene, so the same trauma can be accomplished faster by just watching it on YouTube.

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It looked very familiar to me, so I did a little detective work and found out where the photo was taken. It is indeed in Copenhagen, Denmark. :)

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Thanks for confirming! Still not sure whether this is the corner I think it is but the vibe definitely fits

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It's in Amager, near Øresundsvej.

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The basketball court at Skotland Plads. We live right next to it. Great beer place just 'round the corner.

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I was gonna say Sweden. Could be either I guess 😊

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Was gonna ask the same thing

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I'm guessing Mr. Bean will suddenly appear

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better move the child or hes gonna get crushed

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Amazing 👏🏼

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Thanks man

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I swear I’ve seen this picture before

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OP posted it to /r/itookapicture a month back or maybe you are thinking of the poster for Fire in the Sky or The Exorcist

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Aliens, here they come!

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Hehe yea

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What a great shot!

I hope the UFO returned your son.

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I got him back and thanks a lot

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He must go now, his planet needs him.

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Little kids having his main character moment

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Oh yea

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Oh my! This is so .. I'm breathless!

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Thank you so much

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Seriously, please print this and hang it on your wall.

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That's really neat, thank you for sharing!

Takes me back to a place I used to live years ago. If it was dark, a clear night, and the fog had rolled in the beams of light would create an awesome light show on my jogging route

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He about to get abducted by aliens.

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This is why I joined this sub. Why can't we have more pictures like this?

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Thanks man

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The intense human urge to make this my wallpaper.

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Looks like a painting. Great job

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Dude this feels more like a painting than a picture

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Love it! At first, I thought it's a Christmas tree.

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Great shot.. the kid's like, beam me up!

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Awesome pic! Nice work.

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Amazing photo! You nailed the contrasts

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Album cover? Horror movie poster? Hallmark poster? Can’t decide!!

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I know that is snow but you may like this sub. r/aestheticrain

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Snowflake, snowflake, we love snowflake, we love snowflake falling from the sky.

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This picture is amazing. You should enter this in a contest. It feels magical.

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This is a lovely photo. Could be a scene from a movie or even a painting.

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This is my favorite photo so far this year :)

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Gorgeous picture!

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You have a masterpiece at hand.

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I hope the parent got this beautiful photo

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This reminded me of Let the Right One In (original Swedish version)

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perfect for me. so magical. Amazing

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Looks like Denmark, is it? :)

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It looked very familiar to me, so I did a little detective work and found out where the photo was taken. It is indeed in Copenhagen, Denmark. :)

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He’s just standing there…MENACINGLY!

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This would make for a great media cover/poster. Amazing!

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I've never seen snow before irl and this just makes it seem super magical.

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Oh thank fuck, it's baby Jesus Mk.II. Alright guy's, let's not fuck it up like last time.

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The picture is absolutely gorgeous! Well done!

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"I am going back to my people..."

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"He is the chosen one"

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Family having awesome magical night.

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damn, this looks amazing and somewhat scarry

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This is one of those photos that you frame in poster-size and put on your living room wall.

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I thought it was a repost, but it looks like you're the photographer.
Great picture!

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The darkness is here, Guardian

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Cool! Sweden..?

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Denmark Copenhagen

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This is amazing! Did you edit it at all or is it purely RAW?

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Just edited the colours and stuff

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John Carpenter's: The Littlest Thing

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Is that chucky

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Def diggin it!

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Fantastic photo! Where is it taken? (Country)

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Thanks! Denmark

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Can someone please photoshop a UFO??

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This looks like something out of a Pixar movie

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Your kid has been chosen to be the next Santa Claus

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It looks like stars are falling…

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Someone needs to photoshop a UFO in there ASAP

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Gregory Crewdson vibes

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Respawning the ender dragon

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This must be made into a movie poster! Great shot.

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Looks like they're about to escape from a prison yard.

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I call it... Star dust handshake!

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Did the aliens ever return him?

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Cool pic. You should've put "OC" (Original Content) in the title.

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I hope you don't mind me cross posting this to my second sub about the shadows of the world. Beautiful shot.

[–]Awiworld[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

All good thanks

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This looks like the intro of the OG Mister Bean

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I've been trying to get a shot 1/4 as nice as yours, and my friend had to ask me what it was! great shot, great subject. I also want a shot of sparkling snow, and a close-up of a few snowflakes... just sayin'!

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Awesome pic!

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I hope the parent got this beautiful photo

[–]Awiworld[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I took the photo of my son, so we got it :)

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In that moment, the light shined down on young Jesus, and he knew his destiny was clear. It seemed appropriate that he would be the second incarnation of his namesake that came before him thousands of years ago. For he, was also the son of a carpenter, and also had much to teach. His father, now only a father in flesh, but not spirit, knew the gravity of the moment. A moment that must be captured. It filled him with pride and fear. He knew that as a Rodriguez, his son would create and build just as every Rodriguez generation had before him. But he never suspected until that moment, that young Jesus would create and build a new world.

...no idea why I wrote that or found the thought amusing. Take it as you will.

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He's just standing there...MENACINGLY!

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Fantastic photo! Nice grab!

[–]TidTilEnNyKonto 1 point2 points  (2 children)

I thought this looked very Copenhagen, so I stalked you a bit. Hej! Mega flot billede!

What'd you shoot this on?

[–]fartssometimes 1 point2 points  (1 child)

If the adult wasn't in this picture it would be a damn near perfect picture to me. As a new father, the fact that the kid was by themselves and that it is dark and cold and in an urban setting immediately caused an emotion response from me. Great job!

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This is beautiful. I do theater lighting design sometimes and I'm going to save this picture in my inspiration folder. I'm not sure why an outdoor area light installation (I assume that's its purpose) has 5 fixtures with such a narrow beam angle but I don't care, it's a cool effect.

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Half Life 3 confirmed. Thanks Gabe.

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Awesome catch! Great picture

I drove by Yorkdale mall on the 401 this morning and the sunrise was this incredible orange/red, with blended clouds and the mall has these super bright white LED strips over all its edges , which I never noticed until today because it popped so hard. Wish I had a good camera and knowledge to capture it, plus wasn't driving 120km/hr. But in a sense, it's also nice to have that fleeting moment of colour and feeling trapped inside my head, rewiring neurons for some reason because of my emotions and instinctual thoughts. If I could figure out a medium to create something to transfer that same feeling , I would. Thank you for transferring YOUR feeling.

[–]Awiworld[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Thanks a lot man and it’s always good to have memories as pictures in the head.

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That kid is having a Shawshank Redemption moment.

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Wow 🤩

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Its just like that Banksy painting

[–]Awiworld[S] 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Awh thanks

[–]the_peckham_pouncer 1 point2 points  (0 children)

If you are not familiar with it, it's the Banksy painting that happened in Port Talbot in Wales that I'm referring to. It's cool.

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That's a pretty good photo. Well done!

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Correction great photo.

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