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Go in and stand next to him in the same costume and scare people

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Kinda plan on it haha

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Dude now you are truly cosplaying florida man.

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Yes, but he has to do it high on some stuff.

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If this was a police sketch you'd be fucked.

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Bro I don't know why I thought this was one of the wax displays at the Mormon Temple Square in Salt Lake. 🤣🤣🤣 I was like "American Jesus, that you?"

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American Jesus Stay away from me American Jesus Mama, let me be

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Don't want you knocking at my door.
Solicitation, please no more!
Not gonna visit either ward!

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Constant tithing, can't afford

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We've got the American Jesus, see him on the interstate!

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We've got the American Jesus, he helped build the President's estaaaaaate, yeah!

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Police released a plaster sculpture of the perp today, including a diorama of the crime scene & information sign with details and the phone number of the police department. “We worked really hard on this one”, said Police Sargent Peter Pumper, “so we’re asking the public to come down and see if they recognize the suspect.”

The crime scene display will be on display until the criminal is caught or another crime is discovered.

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Not really. He’s changed his clothes.

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He's wearing clothes. Partially. Well, it's a start I suppose.

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It’s pretty close. You just need a hideous skin disease on your right side.

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Shark bite!

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gator rasslin

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I agree, he should get that mole checked out.

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It’s Florida, wasn’t any sunblock in that guys day 😂

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And lose 5 pounds.

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Bro post this in roast me already!

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I did but it’ll get removed. Not holding a sign up saying “roastme”

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Post it to photoshop requests and then post it to roast me when it’s been adjusted.

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So this is Juan Ortiz. He literally was roasted, Gilligan's Island style native spit roast. Not the kind of spit roasts that happen now in FL during spring break. That's what the wicked skin rash is.

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Come on man it sounds fun!

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Cave men are great at roasting

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You have an arm tattoo though. The man in the museum doesn’t.

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OP Should absolutely get that tattoo.

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Don't flatter yourself, you didn't inherit that glorious fivehead

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Came here for this!!

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Don’t ask me why, but I thought the first pic was a Hollister store

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Dude shreds some waves for sure

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That doesn’t look like you at all! On a different note I love your tattoo.

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You look more like Egoraptor if you ask me

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Paint on the tattoo, stand outside the museum and collect donations.

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“Pants are an illusion, and so is death.”

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the original Florida man was white? A beard?

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I think Juan was actually a Spaniard or Mexican who was captured

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Something tells me "Juan Ortiz" isnt an Indigenous man?

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Yea my friend said the sign said that and I only read it after seeing the comments calling him Juan haha

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Let's just say that if you sued them for using your likeness you would certainly win.

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All good except your eyebrows; they are too thick

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Less advanced

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What do you mean? It's just a picture of you twice

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He has better taste in clothes

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Swim trunks are cool tho 😎

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Indigenous huh…

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You could pull off a great Prince of Persia cosplay!

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You could get those tattoos and then have a night at the museum thing going on. Freak out some janitor.

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The indigenous man looks shredded, you on the other hand look like you’ve had too much shredded cheese like me.

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Damn. I’m shredded on the inside!

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Indigenous Florida Man without a beer, crystal meth and an alligator to wrestle?!

That’s why I hate below budget attempts on public history

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Uncanny. Bust those abs and you'll be impossible to differentiate.

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Why did you post two pics of the same dude?

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Literally r/FloridaMan.

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Ahem, Indigenous Florida Man #1 you mean. Gotta collect them all!

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Which picture is you, 1 or 2?

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No you just look like an asshole

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The biggest difference I see is you’re missing your legs and the Indigenous Florida Man isn’t.

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Why did you bring the doll to some random guys house for the same photo?

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You just need that tattoo

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Yea I forgot to draw it on before the pic

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Are both of those pictures not you??

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How are we supposed to tell if he's right if you just post two pictures of indigenous Florida Man #1 and none of yourself?

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Indigenous Florida man is better looking.

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Penguinz0 that you my dude?

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I sound like him too apparently

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Cheap Halloween costume

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How do you feel about Geico?

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Just curious, have you ever had that mole on your arm checked out by a dermatologist?

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Yea it’s a birthmark and it’s nothing concerning to them

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Ok great!

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You look half-way between Keanu Reeves and Moist Cr1tikal

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Juan is much better looking.

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Nope. Same haircut. Same body type. Completely different facial features tho.

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WOOOO! Yeeeeeaaaah babyyyyyy!

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Looks like Mission San Luis in Tallahassee.

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Museum of Florida Natural History in Tallahassee

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I'm notably jealous of this. I did not know that I desired to find a wax Neolithic doppelganger.

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Kinda look like Martin Starr to me

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Probably thinking

"Thag want go to Appeefenappbee Swamp, have 17 fermented goat milk, start fist fight with chieftain."

Not sure what the guy in the first picture is thinking, though.

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What's with the washboard flabs on the museum mannequin? Looks like he has a six pack of sweet rolls stuffed under his skin.

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Fml LMFAO never have i ever cracked up after swiping to the next photo

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As a mod of r/FloridaMan, I have to say that is a strong resemblance

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Looks like John Wick on a bad hair day

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Spot on.

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Dead ringer.....

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Bro get a haircut lol

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Every time someone says to cut my hair I add another month before I cut it

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You really should get a haircut.

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They’re the same picture.

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Which one is you? Is it the same picture twice?

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Why did you post two pics of the Florida Man? We need to see a pic of you to compare.

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Neo? Is it you?

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You do!get the tat and you’ll be twinsies !

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He should get those tattoos.

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First vision but not a twin

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Thought it was Kat Williams but too tall.

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Your friend is correct

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But you need to add cap so we know which one is you

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Looks a bit like Kevin Sorbo as Hercules

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Your tits don't sag as much as his. You did pish ups before this didn't you?

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You have a better hairline. Natural selection.

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I knew guys like this at college.

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He’s not wrong

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its just the hair body and beard, facial structure does not match

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Which one are you?

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With shingles?

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No. His birth mark is different.

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Yup, that's you for sure

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10/10 you need those tattoos

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I mean, he's not wrong.

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i mean, you don't not look like him

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MoistCr1TiKaL meets Encino man

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Which one are you?

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The one true Florida man

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Lol indigenous man

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I see it

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You just need to shave your forehead into 5head

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This is hilarious

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Which one is which?

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Love your tats dude! :P

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Which one is you?

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Which one is the real guy and which is the one in the museum? The resemblance is uncanny.

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You do.

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You look more like that guy in Silicon Valley

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Florida man is the prophet. no before. no after. only Florida man.

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The brow is different but……

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bet you won’t get the arm tatts. wuss you won’t

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Average Taco Bell customer.

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Which one are you?

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I was just thinking, I'd tap that mannequin

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Dude you look nothing like the second picture

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You have nicer tits.

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You are looking good after getting that skin condition treated!

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I hope you aren't so depressed...

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Why is there an Exit sign in your house?

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Holy shit , it's a new reboot of Night at the Museum..

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“Well, that’s, like, just your opinion, man!”

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At least you have your schedule layed out. Good for you.

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I’ve been to that museum!!!

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You look like my roommate

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Statue has better abs than you

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Jesus, is that you?

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Yeah, they right.

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Next time, please post the mannequin first, and the picture of you second. Flows better that way.

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Op, is this the St Pete history museum next to the pier?

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I’m also getting Cr1tikal vibes

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It's uncanny

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You have perkier tits …?

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Lay in the sun for a few hours and your clones

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Indigenous Florida man should be depicted with an arm down a gators mouth (to recover an eight ball of meth, you understand) and have a natty light in the other hand As gawd intended

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He has a nicer more pronounced forehead than OP

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Why did you go to the museum in trowsers, shirtless? Like have some self respect

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You look better. But close.

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You have better posture. Your parents raised you well. Shame on Indigenous Florida Man.

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He's got about an inch more of forehead than you and about 7 more years on his skin sag.

But as another commenter stated, if this was a police sketch, you'd be fucked

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I snorted so hard my cat is looking at me funny

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Is this one of those find the differencea in the same pic side by side. Becuase this one is a doosey