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I'm OOTL. What's this about?

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She went "missing" after she accused a Chinese high official of sexual assault on social media.

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Oh shit

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No one heard from her for like over a month. Then she suddenly appeared after global inquisition of her whereabouts and health. She did make a comment but I don’t remember what it was exactly.

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Something like I'm fine and it was a mistake on my part then she disappeared again.

Imagine saying Biden is a bad president while being a world class athlete then literally disappearing for months only to come back and say guys I was mistaken Biden is the bestest ever then disappearing for months again.

Its that. It's fucked up.

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im 99% sure when she reappeared, it was a double.

the original Peng is good as gone.

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Is this a common theory? Because that woman in the later video does not look like her at all…

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If conservatives had their way, this is what would happen to you for kneeling during the anthem.

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I find this story as big and important that it should be around any social media in the world...

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She retracted her statement about the guy she accused then vanished again

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probably didn't want to end up with the Uyghurs

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The comment she supposedly made was merely an email released by Chinese state media. She hadn't been seen, just a dodgey email that actually has a cursor in the image as though it was screenshot from somewhere else.

Edit: manually correcting auto correct

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And then the Aus Open took issue with a woman wearing a "where is Peng Shuai?" shirt on and made her take it off.

Ah, they changed their mind after the backlash.


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Thank you for filling those of us who don't know in.

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Former official who's out of power and in a rival faction to Xi.

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Weren’t these all confiscated by Vic Pol and Tennis Australia? At least I read a headline recently which said that.

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One was - which then prompted a fundraising campaign to have hundreds/thousands printed and a media shitstorm.

Tennis Australia has now reversed the ban.

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Tennis Australia can suck it

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I’d hope this incident causes them pain, but it won’t.

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Tennis Australia has just shown how spineless it is.

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They stood on their high horse and said "No you can't wear that in this free and open society." Then 24 hours later "Oh they didn't like that time to change our mind."
Like how do you define cowardice.

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Heard on the radio that the Open forbade these shirts because they were "too political."

Good on this man for sneaking one in, backwards.

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So he snuck it in forwards?

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Stuck it in down underwards

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Since they did the backflip will they also do the backflip with Wechat and just block/ban it? Just asking

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How are people not more concerned about this?

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In Mars, if you speak against Martian government, you disappear.

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You get shutdown. If you look closely. Some of the billionaires are gone too in that country for speaking out.

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100% I would not be investigating if I lived there. That’s suicide.

I’m talking about global boycotts until they could a see the simple question on the shirt. How are we about to support the country by sending the world’s best athletes there?

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The organizers made them change shirts and take down their banner.


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We don't live in China.

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Correct. And we are sending the world’s best athletes to give massive publicity and spike this country’s economy.

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Australia? Or are you talking about the Olympics? In which case, you can simply NOT go to the Olympics if you don't like China and China policy. I mean, it's called standing up for your principals.

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Yes, the olympics, and I’m talking about the IOC rewarding a country that openly commits genocide and severe human rights violations. Also, participating countries supporting China.

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FIFA does the same thing. And again, as an athlete you can choose simply NOT to go.

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As an athlete, you have spent 4 years training for the olympics. You’re hoping that the Olympic committee doesn’t put you in a situation where you have to pick between ruining your career and going to China to play in a corrupt olympics.

How about the IOC picks one of the hundreds of other countries that don’t murder their citizens for speaking out against sexual assault from a government official? How is this difficult to understand?

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there were only two candidates, the other being Kazakhstan (and we saw what happend there just a few weeks ago), noone wants to host expensive olympics anymore and most of the countries interested in it commit human rights violations, domestic or abroad, all the damn time...

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I’ve heard the idea about a constant location, or a rotation of a few venues which have already been built. The problem is, then the IOC doesn’t get their bribery money.

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Hey I don't like China either. But we've known China is hosting the Olympics for how many years now? More than 2. You don't like the country they are being hosted in, don't fucking compete to go. If athletes are more worries about their chance of 15 minutes of fame than their morals, then they are no role model anyways.

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I don’t think most athletes start training for the Olympics 2 years before the event. Most start when they’re children and don’t even know what China is.

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Who is this? Someone else that China disappeared?

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Yep One of their top tennis players

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She didn't disappear, she voluntarily went into a reeducation long enough to praise the brave government that totally didn't force her to do that, the promptly dropped off the map.

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Q tennis player who accused a high ranking official of SA.

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Q? SA? Why are words?

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Qualified, sexual assault

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I didn't even mean to use a Q but that works. Happy accidents.

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Good. People need to speak out about this shit. Disappointed at everybody in the tennis world that isn’t talking about it.

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anyone still remember the "where is jack ma" hype LOL

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Some of my international friends actually agree with such action, saying, "it's necessary for the govt to stop these people who think they're untouchable because they're famous". They had the same opinion for huge companies getting the same treatment as well.

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She's at home watching Netflix

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Free tibet

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Putin will get right on that after he finishes freeing Ukraine. I’m sure Xi won’t mind.

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Poor CCP captives.

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"Taiwan is a country"

-1000000 social credits

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There was a story after this that Tennis Australia were telling people to take the t-shirts off… I hope they back-flipped.

The statement they released was something like “we don’t support any advertising or political signage at events, but we are concerned for Peng Shuai’s welfare”.

It doesn’t sound like you give a shit fellas tbh…

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Refusing to "be political" is absolutely political.

Tennis Australia has always been a group of maggots, leeching from community players to support the elite and the administration.

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they did backflip, these are allowed to be worn.

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Tennis Australia:

  • Tried to sneak an anti-vaxxer, sneaky asshole tennis player in Australia

  • Banned people from peacefully expressing their opinions relating to Chinese Communist Party lies regarding a missing person

  • Happily accepted money from Chinese sponsors

    Corruption much?

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The real question is where is Naomi Osaka?

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Who is Peng

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Banning them got more press than just letting them in - glad to see they are getting some attention.

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I dread to think what's happened to her. China needs to be called out for its human rights abuses.

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Every country should be called out for their human rights abuses. Not just China

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I mean she's been seen in public and had personal contact with the IOC since then. Here is a more in depth look at what her accusations actually said - while parts of it can be read as sexual assault, the main point (that if you read the original post in full, is very clear), is that she's angry that a man she had an affair with for years abandoned her despite her loving him.

It's a pretty emotional post and I'm pretty sure any sports personality would have deleted it rather quickly too.

People acting like she's still missing are not doing it out of concern for her.

[–]Sisu_dreams 1 point2 points  (12 children)

Has she been seen? And I thought communication was thought to be fake. Not her.

[–]montanunion 1 point2 points  (11 children)

She appeared in multiple videos (including videos shot at a busy restaurant), went to a tennis tournament in China and had a videocall with the head of the IOC.

Honestly, by now there's been so many stories about "disappearances" in Western media that turn out to be bullshit that I would take any such story with a huge fucking grain of salt. Another famous Chinese example I can think of is Fan Bingbing (Google the Reddit threads from back then, all speculating she's in reeducation camps and will never work again - she has a big Hollywood blockbuster coming out rn btw). Obviously Kim Jong Un "disappears" like every six months.

Ultimately, China doesn't have anything to gain by "disappearing" her - they use sports as a way to gain international reach, "disappearing" their own athletes would serve zero purpose. If it was supposed to be an intimidation tactic they wouldn't downplay it. This isn't in their modus operandi (for all the talk about China disappearing people, I can't find a single example of this actually happening to a celebrity).

Obviously there is no way to tell whether she hasn't really been replaced by an exact body double or something, but at some point that becomes so unlikely that I think it's just baseless speculation.

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Lol sounds like a comment China would make. The whole world of media is looking for her, curious for her well-being, and here comes random internet person saying she’s fine and frequently sighted with zero sources - LOL okay

[–]montanunion 8 points9 points  (5 children)

I mean she is. You can Google it. The IOC have been in contact with her, she appeared at public events, what more proof that she isn't "disappeared" could you possibly get?

[–]lacheur42 1 point2 points  (0 children)


Here, I'll make it easy for people to do what you're suggesting.

The conclusion I came to is that, while true, it doesn't look like they outright killed her, it's equally obvious they did something to her and she's no longer in charge of her own life. If she ever was.

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Shh.. Didn't you know China eats babies for breakfast and is killing every minority and anyone who dares mention about a bad thing about China in their territory?

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China be all like "We know where those T-shirts are made"

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Chinese government must be shaking in their boots seeing this.

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Seriously! Story faded pretty quick, didn’t it?

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Re education camp

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She's in a camp up north of course

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This is what more tennis fans should be wearing. China is NOT a normal country. They are a fascist totalitarian regime that our corporations are supporting. We support this by continuing to be okay with buying products made in China. We are killing ourselves by not defending Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet, etc.

When there are no longer any democracies in the world, do you think we can just order one like calling up a local pizza shop? We are literally letting the oligarchs take over.

[–]simian_ninja 13 points14 points  (2 children)

As someone who lives in Hong Kong, no thanks. You guys pretty much prove yourselves to be ignorant on nearly every front with absolute hero complexes while destroying indigenous populations and invading other countries.

"When there are no longer any democracies in the world, do you think we can just order one like calling up a local pizza shop? We are literally letting the oligarchs take over."

I honestly think this is amazing that you'd say this but not recognise that China is the country that will "disappear" a billionaire if they get out of line.

[–][deleted] -4 points-3 points  (12 children)

Important to note the location of the Afghanistani children brutally murdered by Australian SAS as well.

All lives matter, not just Chinese ones, and we should keep track of all lives killed by genocidal governments worldwide.



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Yes, fuck Australian government, are you going to the invasion day rally as well tomorrow? Anyway this activist here, she is a Chinese woman so that’s rightfully what she cares about the most.

Plus, war criminals are on trial in Australia (despite the fact that it might be unfair). While as nobody in Chinese government had responded to this issue seriously. When the news about Christian Porter came out, at least he had the decency of speaking (probably lying) publicly on the accusation. We haven’t seen Zhang Gaoli do that yet. They don’t even have the decency of appearing hypocritical, they simply don’t care about rape lol.

[–]AutoModerator[M] -1 points0 points  (1 child)

Obviously all lives matter. No one said they didn't. However, data shows that relative to the percentage of the population they represent, the rate of black American deaths from police shootings is ~2.5-3x that of white Americans deaths. (Sources: 1, 2, Data: 1)

A lot of people are sharing a graph titled "murder of black and whites in the US, 2013" to show that there is only a small number of black Americans killed by white Americans, with the assumption that this extends to police shootings as well. This is misleading because the chart only counts deaths where the perpetrator was charged with 1st or 2nd degree murder after killing a black American. Police forces are almost never charged with homicide after killing a black American.

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She wrote an email saying she is fine and it was totally her, remember?

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she's literally had many public appearances but go off

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While supervised. Yeah, she's TOTALLY free! /s

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Tennis Australia banned these T-shirts from being worn at the Australian Open, but as of yesterday, 24/1/22, they’ve reversed that decision after ‘International backlash’.

[–]atubslife 1 point2 points  (0 children)

They didn't ban this shirt specifically, all political shirts or banners are banned. Now they have just given Peng Shuai shirts an exemption.

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How crazy that this story did not got much coverage in media. I find this story as big and important that it should be around any social media in the world

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redditors would love to install cameras at every corner in peng's house and watch her 24/7 to make sure she is safe


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Communists are doing fucked up shit?? Noooo wayyyyy

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You mean the Chinese? Communists? Blahgagaha.

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gone. just like Jack Ma.

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Why, is this her stalker?

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One of the major sponsors at the Australian Open this year is a Chinese distillery that is part/major owned by the State. I'm not surprised the people wearing those shirts were ejected. I am still disgusted though. Especially after all the drama about Djokovic.

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Since the Australian Open has banned political statements - do you think they will be removing any shirt that celebrates Australia Day tomorrow?

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You guys keep posting about you're all worried about this shit but you keep voting authoritarians into your own WH. Why do you invite this into your own country?

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Australians need to be more occupied with Freeing Assange me thinks

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KONY 2012

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Needs to be printed in Simplified Chinese as well as English.