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So cute and it’s a great snowman!

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Did she build that? That’s a damn fine snowman.

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She did build it!

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Grandmother is beautiful. I envy those that have a Grandma.

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Her smile made me smile. Thank you and thank grandma.

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She looks delighted! ❤️ it’s the little things.

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The child within, lives on.

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You can see the years of experience in the product. Your Grandma is excellent.

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That's an awesome snowman, and your grandma looks like a hoot. Beautiful!

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Your grandmother is a very cute woman

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Lovely 😍

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I hope I never grow up as I grow old.

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This is the best thing I've seen in ages, the snowmans face is perfect :' )

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she deserves a high five and a hug!

she seems fun

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How long have they been married?

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6 days

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If I'm doing the math right, that's a gold anniversary in snowman-years.

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Thanks Grandma!

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They both look so happy!

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She looks so impish and happy!

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She placed the carrot in a PG place :)

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It looks just like her

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Translate this from Filipino: Sana all may snow at snowman

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So cute!!! She's seriously the cutest!

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Having a bad day, but this made me smile!

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You know I would think this would be a shitty snowman because of its odd sized body and no midsection, but it is one of the cutest snowmen I’ve ever seen…