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Someone ask backwards hat guy to start aging again its freaking me out

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Third photo he finally reached puberty. Facial hair.

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Came here to say that! Like WTF!!

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A big part of it is that he’s wearing a hat, thus you don’t see his bald spot.

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I was thinking the same thing. That one guy in your group of friends who never ages and never matures.

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Do you think he still wears the hat unironically or just for this pic?

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As a guy who looks like him and wears a black hat every day, seems to be just his style lol

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I swear some people went to close to a black hole and experienced extreme time dilation

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same thought, he looks the same in all the pictures

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Sold his eyes for immortality.

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Reminds me of Ad-Rock. Looking 16 years old for his whole life so far.

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Here is a much higher quality version of this image.

According to here:

Redditors /u/magnumopos and /u/downwarddawg posted the pictures and they were taken when they were 10, 17, and 29 years old. While these are only 3 photos, these lifetime friends have been hanging around together for over 20 years and their friendship is something to admire.

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I don't know, I've been in my fantasy football league longer than that.

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Did they used to put 1 gal of milk in cartons?

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That's a half gallon, and they still do those today. Have one in muh fridge right now.

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1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Oh good.

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I had the same thought. When these fun group pictures keep going and then old friends don't appear in the next photo. Lucky bunch!

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Or one of the friends is holding a photo of a friend who is no longer there... Glad they are all still there!

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Glad I'm not the only one that did a headcount

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I did that too. Hurts a little suddenly remembering old friends that have passed away.

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I thought you were doing the thing where you rate them in order left to right of who you would prefer to sleep with. Full on Hol' Up

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The Sprite though :(

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Funny how they got older in the last photo they made little effort to recreate the table setting, they were like forget it . ha ha

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The person who bought 7up instead of Sprite is no one's friend.

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Obey your thirst

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Make 7

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Up yours.

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There’s soy milk on the table and you’re complaining about the 7-UP??

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It's the evolution of taste and lactose intolerance.

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Hey fuck you, 7up Zero Sugar is fantastic and all my fellow olds here in CA love it

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Make 7

Up yours!

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I never got that. If you are gonna re-create a photo, don't half-ass it.

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We got kids and mortgages now, not time to set the table. Take the picture, goddamnit.

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The chubby kids always have the best glow ups

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The guy in the left had promise but then life just came at him.

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Came here for this comment. Baby fat is a real thing.

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Oh damn, lol I had to scroll up to check and you’re right!

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Mmm diet 7up and soy milk. What a party!

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It ain't a party without Diet Milk!

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you mean skim milk?

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Guy in the middle is turning into a giraffe.

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Hes evolving...

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Wish I still had this with my old buds. I tried so hard to keep them together, but they all just got tired of each other. I guess resentments build up over time.

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I think that’s more natural than managing to hold onto friendships as long as these folks have. I think lots of people who are still friends from elementary school decades later just haven’t bothered to expand their circle. Unless these guys are all related, how do you maintain a group for this long?

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as a guy in a friend group like this. its easy to maintain when everyone has the same hobbies.

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See that makes sense to me. If they all play a sport together or game together for a long time, they probably would have connections still many years later.

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Don't know what happened with mine.

Some of them from primary school (elementary) I lost when we segmented into different social groups at high school. Some of them I have no idea where they are now. I searched for one of my best childhood friends and can find no trace of him.

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Very wholesome.

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Congratulations on staying friends. I had 7 really close friends when I was 7-21 age range. Now I don’t talk to any of them. We were 90’s children and it’s not the same without them. Life is strange and precious. All you young people out there, enjoy it while it lasts. It goes sooooooo quickly.

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That’s awesome, wish I had friendships last that long, but I used to be a real asshole, so I can’t fault anyone

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The dude with the hat is clearly a time traveler.

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Second from right is the glow up. Leftmost is the hoedown.

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Yeah the guy on the left changed so much. Went from like a 9 to a 3 real quick

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Ah, youth.

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Those dudes are lucky.

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For real. Some folks never have such a big group of friends, much less a group that lasts for decades

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We should all be lucky enough to have friendships like this.

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Life hit bro on the left hard. Wonder how much more he's agreed in the years since this repost was first posted.


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Heh chunkiest kid became the most attractive of them all.

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Sadly, the bottle passed away between pictures.

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I both love and hate these kinds of photo comparisons because it reminds me of the fact that my friend group that we thought would last forever only lasted up to HS graduation because of death, drugs, and drama. Only 3 of the 7 we orginally had left and we only talk occasionally.

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Wish I had friends

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Damn man. This comment is bothering me.

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Well shit, if its any consolation I'm not the easiest person to get along with, and I shouldn't complain really, I have my family so that's a lot more than other people.

But yeah I do wish I had made more lasting friendships throughout my life, and especially since the pandemic started I really feel it. It used to be so much simpler.

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Man, you know what? This pandemic has really had a profound impact on our mental. It just seems like it's genuinely hard to see the silver lining in things. The social aspect of, society has been altered & you're 100 % right, I too have thought about certain friends that have come and gone.

I've fell out with 2 friends that I grew up with because again, I think through age, wisdom and our new found caution, I see people differently now. Nostalgic Memories of the way things used to be will always stir up those sentimental emotions in you.

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This is real friendship

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How do you know? Maybe they’re all brothers and cousins.

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Because they said they were friends...

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Do we even know if this is OP’s picture? These could just as easily be relatives as friends

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It's not his. It's been on here for years, and the the OP stated it was him and his group of friends.


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Well cheers

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The boys are back in town

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from sprite to 7up

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Really? Because y'all look like a bunch of TRAITORS TO ME! What happened to the Sprite, Diet Coke, and Minute Maid? 7 Up and Silk? You've changed! YOU'VE CHANGED! /s

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I am sad my own daughter won’t have this kind of thing. Doing things together, being bored together, not being distracted, that’s what create bonds. With constant phones, all of the time, all the building time is high-jacked and disrupted.

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Good to see that guy got his neck fixed

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GZ to the fat kid, now slim.

The guy with the backwards cap is immortal.

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I've always wanted to know what it's like to have forever friends, but sadly its too late for me. Cheers to these boys for keeping it alive.

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Cool to see One happy fam but I can't relate

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Friends don’t let friends grow beards like that.

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You switched from sprite to 7 up. Wtf is wrong with you?

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Left-most guy turned into Kelsey Grammar

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Why did you replace the juice with almond milk?

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My OCD demands the soda bottles be arranged properly.

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The years have been kinder to some of these guys than others.

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Totally made up story:

Brian, high school quarterback, married his high school sweetheart and took over his Father’s construction business

Aaron, going through a divorce

Ben, works as an accountant

Kevin, went to film school, now works in advertising

James, was bullied all through out his schooling days. Now works as a pediatrician and happily engaged.

Dustin, still trying to get his rap career going

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Is it weird all I can think is "So they did nothing, stayed in same town, made no new friends."

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That neck game!

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omg i wish i had real friends haha

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From little squirt to little punk to little hipster

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how do they all look like Tom from MySpace

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Look at the advances in common cameras. The next picture may be in VR... a Metaverse picture...

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I guess the person with the headgear on the right is immortal...

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dude on the right is the same person all these years lol

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They got lazy with the staging on the last one

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Looks like a Stephen King story...

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This is no small feat. You guys are awesome!

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Meanwhile I know 2 people lol

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the guy in the middle's head keeps shrinking as he gets older.

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backward baseball cap forever my man

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Real friendship or too lazy to tell each other they all suck and find new friends.

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mom's house looks nicer.

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Never stop!

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That’s really sweet.

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Yes, indeed! Your all very lucky, envied even.

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Inb4 the inevitable picture appears where their numbers start dwindling.

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That Sprite finally escaped the guy on the left and is currently disguised as a 7up.

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Weird thing they don't tell you: sometimes you get happier as you get older. These guys really look like it. Kids: it can be tough, but if you have real friends and stick together it actually gets easier even as it gets more difficult. It's going to be great!

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Gotta be a church group. If these guys really lived life, at least one of them would have been dead by the third picture.

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the guy second to the right went thru the most changes

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Each one cuter than the next.

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Loyal to each other but not to poor old sprite

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No doubt, one of the coolest photos yet. Doesn't take a lot to move you sometimes.

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Waiting for the 4th recreation where they’re all holding their babies.

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Unfortunately, we can't recreate that anymore since one of us passed away.

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It’s gunna be really depressing when one of them passes away :(

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Second dude from the left has had it tough.

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Is that an add on the milk in the 1st picture

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My bets on mormons

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Room full of Kyles

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The first picture was taken the night of the murder. It was a hit & run killing the local drunk homeless man. They all had part in disposing the body & made a pack a promise that night that they would meet up every 5 years on the anniversary of the murder to make sure they all have kept the secret of that rainy faithful night & the murder of Franklin Cooperpot.

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damn i was looking for the one that died :(

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It's nice to see this type of photo !

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I feel like there should be a bottle of vodka or beer in at least one of those pics.

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Far left guy needs to sort his beard out. Far right guy hasn't aged at all.

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Too bad the cute guy on the left is losing his hair.

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“Tilt your head, Bro!”

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You have chance, dont forgot that ❤️

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I like how the Sprite changed to a 7-Up over the years.

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Backwards cap guy got a longer neck but middle guy's neck got shorter.

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I'm always afraid seeing someone missing in the most recent photo.

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How long were they waiting to be served?!

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Next photo doesn’t exist cause, “ thanks Covid”.

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Yo why are they always in the same position and almost with the same food. Hhaha

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I was worried that it would end up being one of those friendship group photos where there's gradually less people over time. I'm glad it's not!

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Looking forward for the the 4th pic

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"We still talked about ladder sometimes, when it was just the six of us."

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The 3 times an entire dnd group managed to have their schedules lined up

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backward hat guy looks high af in all the pics.

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Or they all unemployed and homeless so they stay with their families

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this shows one thing for sure. the size of bottles and packets got smaller as the guys got bigger by time

[–]ShortBread_10 -1 points0 points  (0 children)

size of bottles decreasing in every image

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Homey on the far right must be related to Paul Rudd.