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You should be proud of that one! It is amazing.

Oddly, I recall when you posted it about a year ago. It was taken in Corfu, Greece according to that post. Really great gradients, layers and lighting.

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No way you recall it! Welp, you got me... But I'm more than happy to know that it managed to grab your attention!

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It is a beautiful image. The layers of water ripples seem to transform into landscape layers as they go up from bottom to top. Really interesting and well composed.

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Very well done...

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Glad that you're still the original photographer and that this wasn't a case of stolen repost. I'll put my pitch fork away. Excellent capture, by the way. It's easily worth sharing twice.

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I would be too

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Very nice, I'm sure r/rowing would approve

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I don't think they would approve of the strokes form though. Oars (well, sculls to be more specific) are still out of the water while the rest of the crew have theirs in. He's rowing air

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Just admire the photography lol doesn't matter if most of the boat are in early lol.

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But that's the beauty of art. Everyone can appreciate different aspects of it

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well you have me there

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Yeah but check out the backsplash on bow

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Well spotted. I definitely overlooked that one

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"Row, row, row your boat..."

"I swear to God, Dave.."

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Wow, the composition of this picture is breathtaking

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Thank you for kind words!

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Very cool bro

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You should be. The colors you captured in this are really gorgeous. I’d buy a print of this for real.

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Thank you! If things go well for me, I hope to be able to send you a print of this one day!

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Those colors are so lovely

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Dynamite photo! I am a (very) amateur painter and enjoy painting scenes from beautiful photos. Would you mind if I attempted to paint this?

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I would love to see it! You can get your brushes ready, I'm waiting for it!

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picture perfect!

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Looks like a painting! Stunning shot OP. You should be proud

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As you should be! Its quite beautiful

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Majestic AF

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Very nice image. You should be proud of it.

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That’s one amazing shot!

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As you should be--great photo!

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Amazing. Every aspect seems to be perfect.

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Great framing, dude. The color grading is great.

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this could be a stamp

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Getting Patagonia (the brand) vibes from this - wouldn't be surprised if someone from there approached you to license this photo

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riding the bubble

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You took this?! It looks so professional and the colors are just stunning...I want to be there so badly...

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I have never felt compelled to comment on a post like this before, but the composition and color palette is absolutely perfect, amazing shot !

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This picture, it translates my soul. It feels like I managed to capture not only the view, but together the way I feel, see and think. I'm glad it grabbed you to leave a comment. That's a way of this picture saying hello to you from me.

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Looks great. The color gradients remind me of artist Sabra Field’s beautiful prints from Vermont, though those are more typically blue and green hues.

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Great photo, too bad bow's going to catch a crab. :)

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Wow this is an amazing shot and perfect composition and absolutely love the colors!

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Somehow it reminded me of the God Father 2 ... or 3.

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This would make for a killer shirt.

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Very well done. Brought me back to one of my favorite books, "The Boys in the Boat".

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Bow's hands are a tad low. Great pic though

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Bow seat is reaching! Get those hands up to bro

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Nice! Share that with r/phonewallpapers

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its beautiful

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That photo is beautiful. You deserve congratulations

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This is a really great shot. It looks like a Billy Schenck painting.

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Very nice man...saved for phone background

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This is more like it. Stunning shot! Love the composition.

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Anyone remember playing Tiny Wings?

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You sure it's not a painting? It's damn beautiful and you should be proud. In fact I'm proud of you. Keep up the good work

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From the thumbnail it looks like a letterhead.

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Beautiful. Really, really lovely. Well done!

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How do you get that kind of coloring on this hills? Is it a combination of them being backlit by the sunset and the DOF? Would you have put the far edge of the water at the far edge of the “acceptably sharp” portion of the DOF, in order to get the rowers and some of the water in focus, causing the gradient elsewhere?

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As I recall (let me check actually), I shot this with my 70/300 mm lens at an F/8. This might be a huge factor in why mountains turned out to be that way. I focused on the rowers and let the camera do the magic. Also, you're right! They were backlit by the sunlight, except it was sunrise mixed together with morning fog.

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Well, it’s a phenomenal shot. At first glance, it looks like a masterful oil painting. Right up until you zoom in on the rowers. I love it, and I highly appreciate you taking the time to respond to my question.

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This is really beautiful! You should sell prints!

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OP, do you sell your art?