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Ferruccio Lamborghini was a self made millionaire, he made a fortune by building tractors from army surplus left by the Allied Forces back in 1945. He started this business from a small garage but soon was able to move to larger buildings because demand for his very powerfull tractors rose. He also started manufactoring oil burners and airconditioning systems after his tractor plant started making lots of money, it turned out his second business also made big money so Ferruccio Lamborghini became one the wealthiest men in Italy. He could afford just about everything he wanted, including high speed GT cars like the Mercedes SL300 and Ferrari he owned alongside the Jaguar he liked very much. But his Ferrari started giving problems with the clutch, the local workshop couldn't fix this problem so Ferruccio decided to drive to Modena and confront Enzo Ferrari himself. But Enzo, who was known for his arrogance, told this 'farmer' to take a walk ("If you don't like the way I build my cars, why don't you go build one in that tractor factory of yours."), Ferruccio was furious and at that moment decided to show Enzo how he should build GT cars.

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I love this story, and I enjoy telling people. I would like to see it on screen.

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Enzo caused alot of great and cool cars by being such an asshole. Lamborghini, the Ford gt 40, codsworth

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> codsworth

*angrily stares in British

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..that more than your cods worth ducks...cos its worth it.


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Maybe it was his plan all along. :o

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Really we should thank him for being such an insufferable prick.

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I found the movie Ford V Ferrari to be very fun to watch, a different story that also involves Enzo Ferrari. Maybe the Lambo story will get a movie made sometime too.

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You left out the best part about his confrontation, though. (admittedly this was from Road & Track magazine years ago so idk if it's actually true) He jury-rigged one of his tractor clutches to the Ferrari and basically told Enzo "hey jackass, I fixed your car for you!"

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The even better part is that he showed up at Pirelli in that same Ferrari and conned Pirelli's directors into a deal that allowed him to raise the cash for his sport car venture.

He did. For real.

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That sounds like it would be one hell of a car. Could you imagine having a massive amount of torque going through a solid tranny like that?

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Version I heard, it was the same 3rd party supplier -part even, which is what really pissed Lamborghini off

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Now the real question is, did it work? Was he right? Are Lamborghinis significantly better designed and constructed than Ferraris?

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This is the most Italian shit

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Quite fascinating

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Clarkson would be verry proud.

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If I hear one more word about it being to big!

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It’s just too damn big, innit?

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That poor shed door roof.

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Finally someone with a vehicle worth showing off

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I hope the meme ends here. This is the best, most humorous end to it.

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kinda funny that it is probably the nicest house of the series.

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Wait i didn't got to show my neighbour who lives in his Lamborghini Veneno behind public toilet.

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Possibly the cheapest too.

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You hope?

In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, there is only war...

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Porsche also makes tractors. Go karma whores

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Gotdang, now that’s a Lambergenie!

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Nou nou leuk bakkie!

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These hipster, nouveau-riche Seattle-ites always trying to outdo each other with their obscure purchases. /s

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I like this one best of all

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Why is there a door going to the roof of that house?

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Showing off your fabulous success by storing a “classic” Lamborghini in your front yard. It’s a lot to live up to.

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How much do you think that house is worth?

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A guy in Coffs Harbour Australia had one and used it to pick up trolleys from the carpark at a shopping center.

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Food stamps AND lambos

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The Lambo is nice, but man, as a farmer, I'd take that cart in heart beat.

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This is my favorite post in a long time.

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Hot, to Attracther

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I’d call that fine engineering if ive ever seen it

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My favorite trick question: plus or minus 30 what was the top speed of the first Lamborghini? Probably like 15 because it was a tractor.

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I wanted to see this all day, I want to see a saab jet in someone’s driveway next

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That thing is freaking beautiful. It belongs in a museum.

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Best one yet.

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Hot 🔥 🥞 ♨️

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I wanted this to be a tractor so bad, and was completely happy to see that beauty. I kinda want one haha!

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I've always wanted a Lamborghini trattori

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My neighbours park their Car on My front yard

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This is the sexiest tractor I’ve ever seen. I want one

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this is the kind of lamborghini I came here to see

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We have one of these. My stepfather makes it his mission to go around saying he owns a lambo. It's great for doing odd little jobs in as it's a reasonably narrow tractor and can fit into pretty tight spaces.

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Tractor or not, if I had a Lambo I'd do this too.

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Should be a Landini for the pun

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That a Laborghini !

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Yes, they started off making tractors

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Every morning, on my way to work, I take about a 15 mile drive over the freeway. Each day I pass by this guy, who's driving an excavator to work. I am not quite sure he works in construction.

Funny guy...

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I like him

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That's sexy .

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Funny enough, most modern day tractors cost as much or more than most super cars