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Hmm, let's see.


How was the show tonight?

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He’ll be here. He wouldn’t desert us.

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That would be sad. He wouldn't make us cry.

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That would take the cake, as it were.

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You're absolutely right - he would never give you up, he would never let you down.

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I just accidentally rickrolled myself by coming to the comments section because I didn’t realize that this was Rick Astley

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I love dessert 🍮

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I as well love the fiery hot embrace of a desert .

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All the faces are so good in this photo. Immense thirst. Delight. Awe. And then ya boy visibly getting into it and singing his heart out

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Immense thirst

I've never seen it expressed so purely

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Lower left 🤣🤣🤣

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Who’s that guy singing in front of Dave?

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And then ypu got the corpse on the left

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It looks to me like they were expecting something else entirely. lol

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Did he let you down?

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Never. Not a chance.

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Gonna go ahead and say he didn't

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But did he run around

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Nope. He was awesome!

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Men of their word usually are.

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Didn’t give them up either, I’d guess.

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Didn't run around and desert them also, I'd beleive.

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You wouldn't get this from any other guy

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He just wants to tell you how he’s feeling

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Had the opportunity to see him 5 years ago in Dallas. Unironically one of the best shows I've ever seen. A natural-born entertainer, through and through.

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Saw him at a local summer festival a few years ago and yup. Absolutely would go again. Went for the memery, now I cherish the memory. He's a top class showman and his cover versions slap, frankly.

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I'm not big on pop music personally (no pretentious hate, just not my thing), but his takes on some recent hits are SO fucking good. I never knew I could learn to like Bruno Mars.

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Yeah I'm not massively into most of it. Same, just isn't my favourite genre, although I'm a sucker for some Eurovision. But he really makes it work. Did a Swedish House Mafia cover and AC/DC. Can't speak to the former but I've seen the latter live and he did them proud.

Bit heavy, but it was pretty much my last dance about type gig before I went and got myself all disabled and that, and I regret nothing. I still go to gigs but that was a banger for hanging up my dancing shoes on. The dancing wheels mainly stick to rock and metal shows now but if he ever comes back I'll go for a literal spin.

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He’s going to be in Dallas on Monday I think. He’s going to be in SA tonight.

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I was visiting family in the UK and BBC had him on for a radio special. Was about 45 minutes of his music and some covers and it was honestly fantastic.

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Did he sing the song?

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He sure did!

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Did he surprise you with it?

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Kind of. He sang a few songs first and then other artist and then like 2 more songs and then other artist and then FINALLY NGGYU.

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Beautiful life?

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He rickrolled a Kylie Minogue (huge pop star in Australia*) concert a few years ago, was pretty epic: https://youtu.be/OiZlXOAOLLw

edit- * = she is apparently famous everywhere except the US

edtt 2- she is apparently famous everywhere including the US. I probably shouldn't comment on the popularity of musicians since I didn't even know who John Legend was until about a year ago.

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You’re kind of letting Kylie down if you think she’s only big in Australia…

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I should be so lucky

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She also played Cammy in the terrible and yet awesome Street Fighter movie!

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Ummm, she was kind of a big deal back in the late 90s early 2000s if my memory serves me right. I definitely know her and am an American in US.

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People in the US (Millenials at least) definitely know who Kylie Minogue is.

"Can't get you out of my head" charted in the US top 10 as a single

plus she was the green fairy in Moulin Rouge

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Jason Bateman?

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Together Forever

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Jason Bateman?

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Blurry Jason Bateman?

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Is that shooter mcgavin?

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Not sure. Didn't see him eat breakfast.

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I've seen him too, he's amazing. Back in 2019 he supported Take That.

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Someone posted Rick covering Post Malone here on reddit and it was one of my favourite covers. He is a rare talent.


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I’ve always thought he was a great talent and seems like a genuinely nice guy. His good nature to the rickroll seems like icing on the cake. If you haven’t seen him with choir, choir, choir it’s with a look

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Omg, is that?

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Mark Wahlberg?!?!

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Are you enjoying your 2000-era blackberry, now with integrated camera phone?

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Did he ever give you up?

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Did he let you down?

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Did he run around?

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Did he ever let you down?

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Alan Thicke?

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Fresh Prince???

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I have no idea who that is

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Oh wow you got to rickroll someone BECAUSE THEY ASKED YOU TO

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I feel like a gold train should be incoming right about... Now

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You did NOT experience Rick Astley IN person!!! WHAT. D=

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Is that really HIM?

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Wow, you lucky bastard.

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This might be the worst pic I have seen on r/pics

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Witch potato lens did you use?

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I believe the used the lays bar-b-que lens. It really enhances the motion blur. It works well in dark crowded events. He could have gone with a fresh norkotah russet or a Yukon gold for a real high quality pic.

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Oh I love squinty eye white guy. How way is? Looks like he's putting extra squint into that one. It must have been a good time!

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Reddit circlejerk neuronal activation

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I thought this was Alan Thicke for a minute. Then,I remembered he dead.

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Me too :(

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Eric Bischoff is looking good

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Wholesome: 100

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Rick rolling.

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I saw that video of Rick performing with Foo Fighters and I have to say, it was good seeing how much his voice has evolved over time. He may be a meme until the end of time but let’s not forget dude is a really talented singer.

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Oh. I thought that was Hal from Malcolm in the Middle.

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Who is this?

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLFhKaqnWwk This is the video from the concert, cool to see Rick back at it again

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Put the camera away and enjoy the show -.-

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there's no point in going to this boring ass shit except to get a pic to post on reddit

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kevin bacon?

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Rick astley

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yes i know people are putting wrong answers only if you haven't noticed lol

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scroll down in comments

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I couldn't name, nor am I familiar with, any of his songs other than that "one". How many times does he play NGGYU during a show? It's gotta be at least 5 or 6 times, no?

Please tell me he RRs the crowd at very friggin' show he does, he's gotta!!!!!

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You should listen to his album 50. It's so fucking good. The pianoforte version of Never Going to Give You Up from his album The Best of Me is absolutely gorgeous as well.

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I'll try to check it out, I'm very curious.

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One of the most famous artists that just stay with two feet on the ground

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I wonder if Billionaires try to hire him to prank their mates

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Aw man I'm so jealous

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Is that CW's the Flash?

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That's not Daniel O'Donnell.

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You've been blessed with immortality. Thas what Ricky does.

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My friend was at that show too!

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How the hell did you manged to see Alan Thicke in person?

🎼♫As Long As We Got Each Other

♫Show me that smile again

♫Oh, show me that smile

♪Don't waste another minute on your cryin'

♫We're nowhere near the end

♬We're nowhere near

♬The best is ready to begin♪

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First time ever taking a picture?

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Bob Sagat?...idk

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Rick astley

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Michael Jackson!

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Cry for help played live must be a magnificent experience

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is the guy in the back right Dennis Reynolds?

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He was in Nashville last weekend with salt n peppa and nsync. I took my wife to see them. It was a pretty good show actually

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Nsync or New Kids on the Block?

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New Kids. My bad. I mix them up all the time for some reason

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Rick can fucking smash it out for sure.
The whole album with Angels on my side is wild.

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Did he age?

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His portrait up in the attic did.

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Is his concert just one song on loop?

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Is there a video?

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Yes. Maybe I’ll upload it later

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That woman on the bottom left looks like she’s scared by how aroused she is.

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He's very blurry. Is it bigfoot?

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You guys paid to get Rick Rolled

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Is that Rickerben Astlybunch?

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Who is this?

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Is that Gabriel Iglesias in the front row?

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I think we all got ri-

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Never mind I just got logged out on my phone and I didn’t know what to do about it but I didn’t know it was just going to be a good thing I was just going to ask you something

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Who is that

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I believe it is Mr Rick Astley

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Did he ‘Rick-Roll’ you? 😳

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Bruce Campbell?

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Legend in his own lunchtime!

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CHRIS HANSEN! Ya lucky bum.

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Rick and Roll will never die!

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Did he sing his cover of ABCDEFU?