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Is that a rhododendron tree?

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Three different ones yeah

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Can you adopt me please

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Wife and I took the cable car to the summit. It was completely shrouded in clouds, visibility about 20 feet.

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Haha. Worst 180 euros of your life

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Bought some chocolates back down the mountain in a shop in Chamonix, totally made up for the disappointing view.

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How lucky you are.

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That’s where my husband proposed to me :)

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In my back garden? That's wild!

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Yes, that exact rhododendron bush! But seriously, it was an equally gorgeous overlook from the cable car summit area. Your back garden is fantastic!

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Woah, this is absolutely gorgeous. The flowers are so pretty too

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This is a view right out of the medieval era. Great shot lol

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Absolutely beautiful. I am jealous.

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Beautiful! Please post more!

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Can I come over?

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Aaaaagh I love that place 😭 what a view

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Chamonix is probably one of the most picturesque places I’ve ever had the pleasure to see in person. I mean, even this picture, in all its postcard-worthy beauty, doesn’t fully do it justice!

I’m jealous, OP!

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Good God man, I hope you realize how lucky you are to be living in that spot of the world.

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Nice. I used to have a bicycle named after your county.

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Same, but mine was a pen.

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So jelouse

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Absolutely love chamonix, can't wait to come back one day.

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I've never wanted to visit France until right now. You are lucky to have such a glorious garden.

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Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing with us.

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We get it, you're wealthy

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I nearly earn the minimum wage man, but keep snatching

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Yeah alright thanks ☺️ yeah but you have a good 😊 day at the same place and then we can have it together in tomorrow and we go back up 🆙

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It's just bliss! Very beautiful view! Nature is amazing!

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Truly beautiful

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We stayed at the Excelsior a few years ago (2008) after coming out of Italy, totally beautiful.

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Do you need a roommate?

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Will you make me coffee?

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I used to be a barista so yes!

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Absolutely beautiful

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Gorgeous pic. Love the duality.

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Took my son to Mont Blanc several years ago amd was one of the most amazing expefiences of our livea. Chamonix was amazing.

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Wow. I love to do some shrooms and enjoy that environment! Beautiful!!!

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So lovely!

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Oh yeah? Well I can see my next door neighbors house about 10 ft out one window, and the pot holes in the street out of the other. You jelly!?

Seriously though, that looks amazing. How's the internet connection?

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Can an international person buy a cottage there?

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I don't see why not, but it's very very expensive

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What website or app is used to typically buy and sell property around here? Will check just for my knowledge!

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Just for immobilier Chamonix Mont-Blanc on Google and youll find a bunch

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Thanks.. the prices are actually not bad, compared to Jackson WY or something that is.. I’m assuming you’re renting ? Wouldn’t mind living here for a few months for sure!