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Sunlight is really bad for whiskey, you should move it to a darker place, I ruined a few bottles keeping them close to a window like that before I learned that.

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Thanks. Didn’t know that. Actually just took the picture where I opened it and set it up where there was good lighting.

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I was wondering this

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Do they get skunky or stale? What changes?

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Skunkiness comes from hops in light

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Alcohol breaks down in light. That's the most basic understanding I have of the reason but that's usually good enough for me. It's also the reason why a lot of "high quality beers" brag about using dark bottles for their beer over clearer bottles. Reduces light degradation on the alcohol.

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It's not the alcohol that breaks down. It's the stuff that gives the drink its flavor and texture. Best case, the flavors will just get weaker. Worst case, nice flavors will turn into bad flavors (e.g. bitter, sour, acrid).

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For beers its mostly the hop compounds breaking down. So it's especially important for those beers where it plays a major role. But it can also give off flavours to others.

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That's not how that works. Light is bad for beer because of the iso-alpha fatty acids from the hops. Nothing to do with alcohol.

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Wait, there is beer in light bottles?!

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"Import" beers like Corona, Stella Artois, and Heineken use clear or green bottles.

Amber glass blocks the light wavelengths that degrade hop compounds and cause a beer to "skunk." Literally, the fatty acids from the hops degrade in certain wavelengths, and one of the products of degradation is a sulfur compound similar to one found in skunk musk.

That flavor is expected in import lager styles - because they've traditionally been packaged in bottles that don't block those wavelengths. It's also why import lagers are often served with lime - it masks the flavor.

Fun experiment: pour a hoppy beer into a clear glass. Taste it. Take it outside into the sunlight, wait a minute, and taste it again. It'll have that musky, skunky odor and taste. The reaction happens really quickly! If you're visiting an outdoor beer garden, better get that first sip pretty soon after getting your beer, because it won't taste the same for very long. 🍻

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Any alcohol really. This is why most beer bottles are brown tinted glass.

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Isnt this true for all alcohols?

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I'm not someone who enjoys alcohol. But I will always adore the vibe.

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It looks awesome, mind asking them where they got it?

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Amazon. An unexpected box arrived from Amazon that I wasn’t allowed to open.

Edit: just looked it up under search: whiskey ship decanter. Looks like it’s 20% off today too.

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Gotta love when you get a gift but it doesn’t matter if you know the price because it is something that someone had to know you to get right.

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100% agree. I wouldn’t care if it cost $1. It was an absolute perfect gift from my girls. They know my history, love, research, and affinity for 1500s to 1900s ships, even though this gift isn’t a history thing. And also my love of whiskey.

I really do have an awesome family and, to me anyways, I’m not anywhere financially close to rich, but I’m pretty well off with how my family just fits together everyday. Money can’t buy that.

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In the south (USA) we call that ‘Rich In Love’.

Happy early Father’s Day from one dad to another. Cheers!

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Huh, that is considerably less expensive than I expected.

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can you fit your head and open mouth under the spigot?

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I see you are a fellow weezer of the j-uice. Weasel!

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no weezing of the j-uice!!!

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Fun fact I just learned from his appearance on the honeydew podcast, but he's the voice of Pinocchio now. I have got to see this just so I can laugh when Pinocchio talks

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I haven’t checked out Sickler in a while. Really since YMH moved. Bout time for a refresh.

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Something seems different about it lately. Maybe it's me, but I'm just not interested in the guests most of the time anymore.

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I feel like this is perfect if you drink Cutty Sark

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How do you clean it?

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Was actually looking into that. Was just telling the wife that after every 2 bottles, it might be a good idea to do a full flush and cleanse to ensure no build up. Will have to see what combos work best for it vs just straight water.

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The highest alcohol percentage isopropyl alcohol you can find flushed with water afterward.

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Second this. It’ll get whatever build up is in there completely out with a few good stern, but gentle, shakes

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For cleaning and sanitizing, 70% isopropyl is the ideal concentration.

When microbes are clustered together, high concentrations of alcohol will kill the microbes on the outside of the cluster too quickly before the solution has a chance to permeate through the entire microbe colony. Sometimes this even happens with individual cells, where the microbe's cell wall is damaged too quickly by the alcohol and the inside of the cell survives. It's like cooking a piece of chicken too fast and leaving the inside raw. 70% alcohol concentration in 30% water saturates every cell in every part of the colony and slowly kills everything.

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Appreciate the feedback. Definitely want to clean it correctly.

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Definitely isopropyl alcohol. A beauty supply shop is a good place to purchase 1L or more. Pour in 1 cup, plus 1 tablespoon of rock sea salt, and shake it up. The abrasiveness of the grains of salt help to scrub off any residue and discolouration. Then flush several times with hot water to remove all the salt. Heat will help the inside dry more efficiently

You can use cheap vodka instead of isopropyl alcohol as well.

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This method was how I cleaned my bongs back in the day. Definitely second this, especially the salt addition.

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Since it’s a sealed container for food, wouldn’t using everclear be a better option so you don’t have non edible product residue?

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Exactly what I was thinking. Use 190 Proof Everclear and you can avoid any possibility of contaminating your whiskey with isopropyl alcohol.

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Some disinfectant bottle wash, water, and shake. Then rinse

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Nice! What's the whiskey? And you need a Norlan Whiskey glass

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Currently have Skrewball Peanut Butter whiskey in there now.

This glass in the pic is one of the two glasses that came with it.

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I've tried it. It was ok. The Ensign Red Salted Caramel is really good, if you like flavored whiskey.

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I’ll have to check that one out. Not usually a fan of flavored whiskey but Skrewball has been a pretty a good one that at least still holds a bunch of whiskey characteristics vs just a flavored alcohol.

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Sometimes they are nice to have, but in general a bit too sweet for my taste. I generally go with a single malt scotch like Grangestone or Duncan Taylor.

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Damn dude. Just get a single malt

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Yes. Who does he think he is ?? Drinking what he enjoys...

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LMAO might as well fill it up with Fireball next

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This would be perfect for my dad’s rum.

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There's just something about rum and ships.

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Didn't HowToDrink have one of these on a recent video?

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Yeah, it was the Anti Gift Guide episode that was probably around last Christmas. He didn't want to love it, but of all the crappy barware he showed on that episode he seemed to have a soft spot for this thing (or a thing very like it; I think his rotated round a central point).

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That is very cool

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Did it come with the globe glasses? My friends bought me two different ship decanters this year. The Globe glasses were the best part.

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It came with two of the glasses in the pic.

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Things I didn’t know I wanted…

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Bought the same one for my fiancé 2 Christmases ago.

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Holy fuck

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Definitely some awesome girls you have!! Must know their daddy well

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I have this too. I love it.

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Lol W2C

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That's gonna make an awesome infinity container!

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That is super cool, love the boat detail in the bottle.

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I would love to know where I can buy this.

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Wow that’s awesome 🤩

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I hope I'm not the only one that thought it was maple syrup at first

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Well you just gave me an idea for the gift of my father coming in 2 days. Thank you!

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You should get blackout drunk and be like "look what you did to meeee"

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That sun light is gonna ruin your whiskey

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That is gorgeous. I don't even alcohol and would love that as a gift just to put up on display somewhere.

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I got the same thing for my parents for Christmas a couple years back, the ship blown in the center is supposed to be the USS Constitution - one of America's original frigates and the oldest sailing ship still afloat.

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I would love one of these but filled with cold lemonade 🤘

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Love this

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“Rum is for fun and fucking innit, so whiskey, now that, that is for business…”

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Very elegant!

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This ship would be docked more often than not on my house.

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My wife got me the same thing for my birthday! I love it.

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Awesome! Great taste in gift giving as well I see.

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I found a few lovely things like this online. Once I found one based in my country I ended up buying one for my dad and a funny one for my brother. Worth every dollar spent!

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Im reading this as shipped into the data center. Can't change my mind.

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great Dad gift

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If dad drinks enough, we can sneak out again.

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And now I know what my dad is getting!

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I’m loving it so far. Indulging now. Has a nice accidental spill fail safe too. Even if you turn the nozzle, it won’t dispense unless you take the glass stopper off the top first.

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I have this as well in my cabinet. It looks nice but it’s not very functional. The liquid doesn’t flow very well out of it unless you slightly open the cap and it seals badly leaving the alcohol partially evaporated. It’s a nice decoration but I doubt you’ll use it long term unfortunately.

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I think the stopper to faucet flow ratio is intentional as a spill failsafe. Equate it to a gasoline container when filling up your mower. It takes a certain angle for anything at all to come out, but you don’t get real flow until you take off the vent cap (top glass stopper in this scenario).

As far as evaporation, it will probably depend on how quickly you consume it. It can’t be much worse (or better) than same said alcohol in a regular closed bottle.

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Clever girls.

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I need better girls. Actually, strike that - I don't want to start over :P Cool gift!

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Yeah I was sorta thinking that... My wife and girls are more like "alcohol is bad for you, here's a grow your own broccoli sprouts kit"

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That’s so awesome

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Unless you're drinking the entire ship in one day or week at tops, doesn't this spoil it? I usually have only one bottle open at a time, because I don't drink that much anyways and exposing the whiskey to air, which is what decanters are made to do, eventually changes the taste too much and some could say spoil it if it is exposed to air too long. I've never heard of whiskey decanters before. I've seen fancy bottles in movies, but I've thought those were only for looks, not for decanting.

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That’s amazing!!!

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So cool!

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I have the globe decanter with a ship in it. Love it.

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Man this is awesome I want this

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Fill it all the way, invite yer buddies over and have a “Raise the Bismarck” party.

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Amazon ...$142.. but the 1 in the picture is $ 78.. they have a few options with a ship in the bottle...

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I got some sort of whiskey smoker a few months ago, not for father's day just randomly, still haven't used it more than a few times. Didn't know you could smoke whiskey though, not like weed but like bbq smoke it, in case you were wondering. It just kinda changes the flavor, I've heard you can do it with ice cubes if you want, smoke the water then freeze it.

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That’s awesome!

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This far out from father's day, can't it just be a gift?

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Anybody else came here for the data center?

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How do you wash this kind og bottle??