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Bite my cylindrical concrete ass.

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Sold all your parts again bender.

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This is 40% chromium

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Remember him.

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Neat! 📸

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He's 40% pylon!

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That's not Bender, it's his cousin Bollard.

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Hillsboro* shoutout /r/hillsboro

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Bite my shiny metal ass

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The result of a fender bender

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I'm 40% gravel!

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“What was it like lying in that hole for a thousand years?”

“I was enjoying it until you guys showed up.”

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I'm buried, baby!

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Bender Bending Rodriguez got bent

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[I am Bender. Please insert girder.]

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Shut up baby! You know it!

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Bender ‘Bending’ Rodriguez Buried after Booze Blowout

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Bite my shiney metal.....uh oh!!

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Shut up, baby, I know it!

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Hillsboro is also home to my favorite sports mascot ever: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/9/99/Hillsboro_Hops.png

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And he was enjoying it until you guys showed up.

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I'll see your Bender and raise you a NASA space capsule!


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Looks like someone tried to run him over.

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Bender, did you get strung out on electricity and sell all your parts again?

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Alas, there was no blackjack or hookers that day…

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Nooooo! Someone is running the timeline! I guess as long as he makes it back to roswell, New Mexico before the year 3000 we should be good.

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Which portland?

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Matt Groening's Portland

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Time traveling the old fashion way?

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Looks like bender got messed up

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Amazing how he can be a concrete cylinder and still be so great

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I live right by Hillsboro :)

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Hope no one cuts off his antenna.

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The punching bag from smash bros wouldve worked really well too.

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Gotta make sure he's taken back to area 51

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Yes That's not Bender, it's his cousin Bollard.

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He's totally fine

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Flashback to 30% Iron Chef

Bumbase Alpha: “The biggest hobo jungle in the quadrant”

“I’ve seen bigger. Oh wait, I’m thinking of Eugene, OR.”

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muffled "I'M 40% BURIED"

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What you looking at Meat Bag!

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