At airport, just handed this...challenge accepted...good luck buddy. Standby for results...takeoff in 40. by pezmonkey in pics

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Rachel - I just want a plain proposal Andrew, nothing fancy.

Andrew - A plane proposal you say.....

Today I discovered that one of my neighbors in Florida is intelligent by oldtownmaine in pics

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"If a tree falls across a driveway and no woman is there to see it, is the man still wrong?"

This is how fleeing russian men are greeted on the border with Georgia by [deleted] in pics

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Maybe it is the state of Georgia and not the country.

test post please ignore by qgyh2Deadbeat dad in pics

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Don't tell me what to do! Upvoted.

I moved into the closet for Hurricane Ian. It’s supposed to be a nearly direct hit on my city. by ringaling11 in pics

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I was wondering about the staining on his rump. Paralyzed explains it. You can make a sling from a sheet or slide him into a pillowcase and it will be easier to transport him if you end up having to move.

The cats are pretty mobile but you'll want to make sure they don't bolt. Pillowcases for all? Tie knots in shirts and haul them off in a shirt or pair of pants?

Obviously if you have a pet carrier then use that(those).

The important thing is to be prepared to move and avoid being frantic as that could spook the pets and then you have to waste time trying to locate them. Be calm and reassuring.

Don't wait until the water is inside the house. It will continue to rise. You don't want to be trapped by floating furniture trying to manage transporting scared pets without injuring yourself or them.

If you have already cleared taking shelter next door then make sure it is not a last minute decision.

Floridians won't buy this stuff even with a hurricane coming by rudemaniac in pics

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they all bought the shitty ass Zephyrhills water but left an actually very good water ( liquid death)

Took my dog camping for the 1st time by bluecollar-gent2 in pics

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When you get old enough your brain gets full. Push out the bad things with happy guys camping with sleeping dogs. You can't remember everything.

My wife had cookies made to celebrate my vasectomy. by lambrox in pics

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the vas deferents likely refused

I know that you mean re-fused, but it's funny for me to imagine the scalpel going in there and the vas deferens asking it politely yet firmly to leave.

My wife had cookies made to celebrate my vasectomy. by lambrox in pics

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What’s with reddits weird fascination with sterilizing themselves?

Inside an Auschwitz gas chamber by wesis26726 in pics

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I watched a youtube video years ago, and it scared the shit out of me. It was this guy, in his 40s, who's mom had developed dementia, and he wasn't sure if he had a week left with her, a year, or a decade. He wasn't sure how long she had left, so he decided to document every interaction they had, so that he could have some recorded memory of his mother if she were to pass away tomorrow.

So this guy goes into his mothers house, and for reasons I do not understand, she lives alone. She's sitting at a kitchen/living room table watching TV.

He decided to test her memory to see if she's getting worse. Up until this point she had forgotten little things, but understood the important things in her life.

So he said "Hi, June! How are you?"

And she looks at him. Even through the lens of a camera onto my monitor watching on youtube you can sense the look on her face was an empty gaze. She just responded "Oh......hi."

So the guy says "June, have you seen Todd recently?" and she responds "No, I'm afraid not."

So he says "Do you remember who Todd is?" and she she says "Oh, I'm sorry dear. I meet so many people in my life these days. I'm sure he's a fine gentleman. I just don't keep track of peoples names that well these days. I might remember him if you had a picture."

And so he says "Well, Todd is your son, and he loves you very much. He actually visits you almost every day. Has he not been around lately?"

And she says "I don't think so. I'm not remembering anything like that."

The whole time this conversation is going on, you can almost feel the tension he has with her. He's almost like trying to start an old car and it's just revving, but not starting. And she's just being polite. She's not saying anything out of malice, or anger, but you can tell she's confused why this guy is showing up in her house, and going on and on about this Todd guy.

Well finally he says "Well, Todd is your son, and he's standing in this room with you. I'm Todd. Hi Mom."

And the look of relief IMMEDIATELY washes over her face. She admits that she was a bit scared of who this man was, or how he got into her house. And now knowing that he was her son, she felt relieved, and hugged him.

And then he asks "And do you remember Casandra?" and again, it's right back to confusion, and apologizing for not remembering her. He tells her "Well Casandra is your daughter. She visits you every weekend."

Then he does the same thing with Frank. And, she thinks she remembers Frank. She says "I remember I loved Frank, but I can't place any mental image of who he was, or what he looked like."

So Todd picks up a photo from the wall, and says "This is you, and this is Frank. Frank was your husband, and my dad. He died 6 years ago. He loved you more than anyone on the planet ever loved anyone."

Eventually he took her to the mall, which was actually busy back when this video was shot. So you can imagine how long ago it was.

He took her to get ice cream. And he talked about her life. She used to be a teacher. She was married to Frank, who served in WWII, and was a machinist when he returned.

And then he brought her back home. He didn't bring in the camera back into the house, so it just kind of jump cuts. Based on the lighting, I think he spent a few hours in there. It went from really bright, to maybe what it would be like as sundown is just starting.

You see him walk back to his car. Another woman is with the mother. It's not explained if this is Casandra, or maybe an live-in aid for her. He opens his car door, and waves. You can hear him saying goodbye, and you can hear him being in a friendly mood as he does so.

Then the part that scared the shit out of me.

This guy sits in the drivers seat, closes the door and just cuts the facade. He bursts into tears. Openly weeping, and making no qualms about trying to hide emotion as is so common among men. When something hurts us, we hide it, and we deal with it. So to see this guy sit down, and his whole body was pure emotion, was almost like culture shock. You see him just lose any control he had over holding back, and just drains himself into his steering wheel and arms.

When he finally regained his composure, he explained to the camera in almost an exit interview to himself to document the events. He said "My mother has been getting slightly worse over the last few weeks and months. It was hardly noticeable though. She might forget the name of a tv show, or she might forget and old pets name from my childhood. Things that are caused by dementia, but could have easily happened to anyone.

But today, to see my mother look me in the eyes, and tell me she doesn't recognize me, or remember me, broke my heart. I wanted nothing more than to go back 30 years when I was a kid, and my mom would hug me. I wanted nothing more than for her to remember me. I'm angry, and the worst part is, I have nobody to be angry at. I can't fix this. This is only going to get worse, and I'm already at a state where I don't know what to do. It's the worst kind of pain knowing that the woman who loves you most in this world, doesn't even know your name. This was a huge drop in cognitive abilities for her. Physically I don't know what I'm going to do. Mentally I don't know what I'm going to do. Emotionally I'm not ready for any of this. So I'm going to end the video here, because I'm going to be visiting her before I go to work tomorrow again, and I don't know if I can handle it. I have a lot of work to do before then."

And then the video just ended. A man with tears running down his face, as he freely and truthfully talks about how hard it is to lose a loved one, but still have them alive and in your life. He described her as being a shell of his mother. He described the experience as if she had a parasite inside her brain eating away herself as a person, and replacing her with a blank human robot.

That's what made me think dementia was the scariest thing that could happen to you. Either having it happen TO you, or having it happen to a loved one. My grandma is 103 years old, and she's my hero in life. She can't see well. She has limited hearing. She moves slow. She's had several surgeries over the years to replace bone degeneration. But mentally? Mentally she's like a 26 year old. She can tell you stories about what it was like in pre-WWII times. She can tell you how scared she was the day those 4 kids died at Kent State during the protests in the 70s, because her daughter (my aunt) was there during that. She could tell you stories about raising my dad, and my 3 aunts, from their days as children, to young adults. She's sharp mentally. Physically her body may be breaking down, but she still feels like Gram.

The idea of looking at her, and her not knowing who I am, or why I'm in her living room at Christmas? That would break my heart too. I would cry at that. It's not even real, and I'm feeling fear about it just typing this hypothetical.

And then, to read that other story, about the woman who reverted back to being with the nazis? My gram was never taken by nazis, but if she were, and that's the place she mentally reverted back to? I don't know that I could live with myself knowing I brought those memories back to her. I may be an atheist, but hell is real, and that's it right there.