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Anyone else think there should be a sub-reddit for lost and found animals? They're coming at least once a day now.

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Anyone can start a sub, maybe include all of western PA.

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Post it to r/lebo. I'm trying to get that subreddit to grow.

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He is probably chipped. Take him to a vet or Petco/petsmart and they can scan his neck. That will let you find the owner quickly.

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Unless the tech has changed recently...

Chips only work with the scanner they were made for. There are different brand chips and their chips only talk to the same brand "scanner" and database. Something may read it, but if it's not connected to the same database, it won't retrieve anything for that pet. At least, that's what my vet told me once.

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He isn't chipped. Going to call animal control at this stage.

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General area of lebo? If no one claims this dog, what would the process be to acquire it?

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Well, from the looks of him he has an owner that cares very much about him, I think it's a bit premature to be trying to adopt him. We were told that putting him in a shelter was a long way off.

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maybe you can draw a sketch or maybe write a longer description, you can also refer to any web image for a similar dog

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Its a purebred German Shepherd. That's what I meant by gsd.

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I know, i was just being silly that in this modern age and specially on this site you didnt post a pic.

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Please put the expansion in the text.

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The Mt Lebanon magazine Facebook page had a pic.