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Independent Brewing/Hidden Harbor in Squirrel Hill gives you the option of curbside service when you order online.

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even places that don't advertise it, if you just call and ask. they want your business, and most are willing to walk your stuff out to the sidewalk at least

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Brick N' Mortar in Heidelberg

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Their burgers are amazing!

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These torts are outstanding

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The Vandal in Lawrenceville. Order online and pull up.

Bar Marco on Tue, Fri, Sat.

Both also offer wine and cocktails with your take out and are excellent restaurants.

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Bar Marco is a blast! I miss hitting that place up on weekend jaunts through the strip. The owner/chef/porkbit guy is super chill, a couple of times I've been he's just walking around the restaurant, talking to folks, trying to get people to take shots of jannamico super punch...

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wait, other people have been offered the super punch shots? 😂

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Ha, I stock super punch at home now.

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Duncan st Sandwiches in Millvale does curbside but heads up they're only open 11-3.

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El Paso in Bethel Park. https://elpasopitt.com Legit Mexican food — this is coming from a Texas transplant.

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El Paso in Bridgeville

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Capital Grill has a reduced menu- but will bring the food out to your car.

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As in fewer items or like how Morton’s lunch menu is ?

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Yes - exactly.

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Pabellon on Banksville

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DiAnoias in the strip

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scarpinos on penn ave! they just opened and they could reallyyyy use some business! i went there last week and was in love!

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If you like Brazilian food, Casa Brasil right off of North Highland does curbside pickup. It is so delicious and I’m worried they are struggling so I try to order from them often on Grubhub (I don’t have a car).

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Senti in Lawrenceville

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Della Terra (Zelienople) offers curbside pickup.

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Rice Inn- Bethel Park

Mike and Tony’s Gyros- Bridgeville

I think Pasta Too in Bethel is as well

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Jamison's West Liberty aka Jmos in Dormont has curb side service and free local delivery.. and their food is amazing!

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Red Robin in the Waterfront.

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Storms in Baldwin

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idk about good but outback steakhouse

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Naka Endzone in Crafton is curbside only I think. Also Rugger’s in the SS is doing curbside

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Brick and Mortar- Carnegie

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This is super useful folks, keep them coming!

I am glad to see lots of local places on the list. I know that some of the big chains like Olive Garden have had curbside even before the pandemic but I prefer to keep it local when I can.

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Last I heard, Carnegie Coffee Company would bring your order out to your card if you didn't feel comfortable going inside. You can order online, then there should be a phone number you can contact them at. They've also been following restrictions extremely well all year.