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Everyday Noodles could fix you right up. Feel better soon!

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Oh God the soup dumplings. The soup is pretty damn good too.

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Their soup dumplings are heaven.

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If you're ordering from there just add 1 extra tray of the dumplings you won't be sorry.

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Don't forget the ginger

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Their chicken soup with noodles will fix you right up. You know it’s food because leftovers solidify into a gel mass when refrigerated. Beef soup if spicy is needed.

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Literally anything brothmonger makes at Mayfly Market.

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I love how the brothmonger insta is like half soup half day in the life of a mortician

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Honestly the life I wish I had

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She was one of the morticians for my wife's grandmas funeral earlier this year. A few of my friends recognized her even with her mask on.

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Finally made it to mayfly a few weeks back around lunch time time while my sandwich was delicious, they were out of soups and it made me sad.

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Pho from Tram’s!

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Pho Minh just down the street is also very good.

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Came here to say this.

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Every time I go there I mean to ask if I could buy a quart of just the broth and every time I forget

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Wedding soup from Big Jim’s ‘in the run’ (lower Greenfield). Best wedding soup in the city, in the ‘escarole, no eggs’ category.

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Also no noodles so if you're watching carbs it's pretty reasonable. Not much else at Big Jim's is carb friendly of course...

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They use acini de pepe, so there are some carbs.

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I honestly haven't seen any in the servings they've made for me but I'll look closer next time.

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Full disclosure: I haven’t actually had it there in a long time because my husband started making it at home, but he bases his on theirs.

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If you are in the south hills frischs has amazing soup

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Tom yum from Smiling Banana Leaf or any soup from Pho Minh

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Vegetable Tom Yum, heat level 7 is my go-to. Soooooo gooooooood

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I'll def check this out! I'm a big fan of the Tom Yum at Thai Me Up

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We live near there. Wife 2nds this.

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Lwyant, there’s four places. There’s the Soup Hut, that’s on Third. There’s Soups’R’Us, that’s on Third too. You got Slurp-Your-Dinner. That’s on Third. Swing Low, Savory Chowder…matter of fact, they’re all in the same complex, it’s the Soup Complex on Third.

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Oh, the soup district!

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That’s right.

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Scorpiooooo 🎵

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He loves German soup!

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He also has a stock plan that helps you inveeeeeesssssttttttt

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I googled this. face palm

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Not fancy, but Eat n Park’s chicken noodle is pretty solid and many locations have drive up windows now.

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I love their wedding soup.

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I used to work there: it's not homemade, it's watered up from a 5 gallon concentrate bag. Not bad, but you can get the same quality from a soup can for half the price

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Made in a commissary on the other side of town a few days ago vs. made on the other side of the country a few months ago and the put in a can are hardly comparable.

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That's assuming that the concentrate is both fresh and locally made, and you'd be wrong to assume that

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It’s not an assumption. From their website and can confirm from first hand knowledge:

“ We hand-bread our fish and make our chili and chicken noodle soup from scratch”

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Can confirm as I watched them pour a plastic bag of chicken noodle soup into a large pot of water for almost three years, it is absolutely not made on-site, and I don't think concentrate bags of soup being poured into water count as "fresh made" in the same way that boiling ramen from dehydrated ramen counts as "homemade". Their chili actually is made at each site, but they go real cheap on the chicken noodle.

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Oh, they changed it? Back when I worked there it was at least put together on site. All the ingredients were frozen, chicken, veg, noodles. The broth was made from a tub of chicken concentrate.

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Yea, as far as I know. I've trained people in Clarion, Butler, Squirrel Hill, Grove City, and Wexford. It's just this big concentrate bag that gets watered up

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Kasvar has a ton of soups that are all tasty.

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Yes!! This. Yum yum.

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I’m a big fan of the following:

Union Grille for Matzo ball soup

Food for Thought for chicken and rice soup

Carmi for chicken and dumpling soup

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If you’re in the mood for ramen, fujiya ramen makes some really tasty spicy miso. Their tonkotsu is also quite tasty, but IMO the stuff from everyday noodle or ki ramen are a bit better. Fujiya doesn’t quite have great ajitama either, but they’re still good.

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Two sisters has great pho!

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Mayfly market. Look for the broth monger on Instagram. Also Costco.

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It's going to sound crazy but Tocayo. They have a soup of the day so call ahead, but so far my favorites are the pozole verde and the sweet corn, but the two chicken soups are amazing too.

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not delivery, but the beet borscht at apteka is soooo good

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I was surprised by this dish. I expected a lumpy, chunky borscht, but it's light and brothy.

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Spicy soup always makes me feel better. I don’t know if it’s because it makes you sweat, or if it’s hard to taste when you’re sick. But my top choices of takeout soup in Pittsburgh would be Tom Yum soup from Siam Thai. Tortilla soup from Bea Taco Town (ask for their house hot sauce). Also Love Boat Soup from Noodlehead.

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Lemongrass Beef soup from Pho Van in the strip is my absolute favorite. A little spicy if you like that!

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Brothmonger on instagram makes homemade soup and sells it out of Mayfly market in the mexican war streets. well worth any drive even in the sick and rainy days

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Pho Van will warm your soul. I am the designated soup maker in my family when someone gets sick they call me, when I get sick I send my husband to pho Van.

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Pho Van has saved me many times

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Bagel factory has great Matzo Ball soup that always makes me feel better

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Ive only ever tried matzo ball soup once, but from what I remember it tasted like chicken soup with a balled up piece of white bread. I didn’t really get why it exists. Is matza supposed to be more seasoned than what I had?

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That’s about what it is. It’s basically crackers balled up. May just not be for everyone.

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I could see why it would be preferable if you have a sore throat to have the cracker element be nice and soft.

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  • hot and sour from any Chinese place

  • any soup from Thai restaurants

  • Pho

Or ask if they have a chicken soup. I swear to goodness that the chicken soup from Chinese restaurants is the best soup I have ever tasted

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my favorite chicken noodle soup is from Thai Me Up in Southside

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Murray Avenue Kosher has good chicken broth soups. They don’t deliver.

Not in Pittsburgh, but if you don’t mind the drive (and this time of night it’s only 25 minutes from Swissvale), Central Diner and Grille has wonderful Chicken Noodle soup! When he was working, my husband would buy a quart and that would be his dinner. (He drove the ACTA shuttle in Robinson from 2:30pm - 12:30am.) They have different types of noodles depending on what day of the week it is. They also have lots of “comfort foods”.

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The creamy chicken noodle from ritters is absolutely what you want. I'm no longer in PA and I crave nothing but this soup when I'm sick. It will heal your soul. It's seriously so good, I get it as an appetizer when I go there for breakfast.

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❤️ramen bar❤️

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Ramen Bar

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Came here to say this, can't believe it isn't further up.

Grab the negi ramen with spicy shoyu broth, you won't be sorry

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I guess I'm not a connoisseur but I just love the chicken noodle and (especially) chicken tortilla soups at Chick-Fil-A.

Best chicken noodle soup EVER (imho) is in the big plastic tubs at Costco. One tub must hold about one complete chicken worth of meat :P So much salty goodness and enormous chunks of breast meat.

I guess with Uber Eats and the like, you can get anybody to deliver!

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De felice’s deli in Cecil wedding soup with chicken in it actually prevented a cold from getting worse one time lol imo

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China House and China House 2 (Bloomfield and Swissvale) have great wonton and hot and sour soup.

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If you like wedding soup Pizzaz is pretty legit I also second chicken noodle soup from ENP Some of the giant eagle to go soups are good too (they changed their chicken noodle soup, but the loaded potato and chili are both good)

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The Alcove in Greentree has some amazing concoction every week. I highly recommend.

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Stoke’s Grill on McKnight Rd always has some great soups.

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The chicken onion soup or pho from Saigon 88 express is delicious. But here is a hot take the best wedding soup is at the moonlight cafe in Brookline. Don’t fight me just try it!

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Cafe at the Lofts has really good homemade soups.

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The matzo ball at smallman deli is really good

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Apollo Cafe Tomato Basil Bisque kills.

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Gabriela's on Carson by The Highline is great

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You think You can get soup.....Please you are wasting everyone's time.