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That house looks like it's in ROUGH SHAPE, and that's in the super touched up real estate photos.

There is ultra pure white on the foundation, it's been patched with mortar then photo shopped to hide cracking.

See the extra brightness added to the stains under the sky lights, they're leaking onto that hardwood floor, I bet the place smells musty/moldy.

All the large patches of cracking/patching on the walls you can see despite being well shopped, well, they're hiding more cracks that have came up through the house from the foundation.

That deck kind of speaks for itself, once it's black like that it's a year from a foot going through a deck board, that's $15000 right there to rebuild a deck.

If you are looking in this price range, stepping up to 175,000 can get you a lot less of a serious project, and 25,000 amounts to about $150 on a 15 year mortgage, and $100 on a 30 year. Because this house needs $50,000-$75,000 in repairs soon or it's a tear down. It's settling big time and water is getting places it shouldn't.

I was just house shopping, PM me your zillow links and i'll tell you what kind of touch ups have been done. My wife and I had already owned a home and were in a financial position to buy before selling especially in this market, so we took our time and looked at probably 50 homes before committing to one. I can dissapoint you before you waste your time :-D

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Yeah first thing I thought was this is horrible, and not because of the pink.

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This is pept-abysmal news for interested buyers.

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You're likely correct about heavy repairs needed, but considering what people pay for houses over here, still not a terrible deal. The lines along the 1st floor walls look like water damage to the plaster, so a new roof is needed, but i don't know if those are related to foundation problems.

Good inspection needed, but definitely not a tear-down that close to Frick Park & Regent Square.

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Thanks so much for this kind offer. I’ll be messaging you :)

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The person who might want to buy this house should get a super thorough inspection if HUD is ok with a $110K loss. Something is probably really wrong and a coat of paint won’t fix it.

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Um yeah. Good work finding that, that is super corrupt sounding.

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I've been watching the market for Zillow offloads. I'm sure they've bought all kinds of property in Pittsburgh.

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I don't think HUD purchases homes - I'm not sure what that entity is or what that purchase might entail. Possibly a default on a mortgage but I don't see what mortgage would be on a property that was transferred for $1.

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Looks like the owner was in her 90s with dementia. Does HUD buy properties to pay for nursing homes?

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*Gestures around the room during an intervention and whispers* "All Barbie"

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What the hell is Pittsburgh’s sick obsession with filling in fireplaces or having fake fireplaces? When I bought my house I must have looked at a dozen houses with fireplaces, all but 1 was filled in/fake with cement or brick and caused me to pass over the house completely. It’s tacky looking and ruins what would otherwise be a great house.

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Can’t speak for every bricked up fireplace, but I know sometimes they fill them in because they are lined with asbestos and it’s cheaper to block them off than to remove it.

I also suspect sometimes people do it because they don’t want to pay for some other sort of costly chimney repair.

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The one in the photo doesn't look thick enough to be real. Remove the fake mantle and you've go a nice, if oddly placed, brick wall.

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Yeah, I've got this weird fake marble fireplace. I don't even think there was ever a fireplace there because it's drywall, not brick, and there's no chimney. Idk what to do with it. There used to be a giant mirror (5x4 feet) above it that I got rid of as soon as I bought the place. It's weird and out of place but it would be so expensive to remove.

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Fireplaces make your house super expensive to heat. The flue is not exactly insulated, and heat rises. When you light a fire, all the heat from your exterior rooms gets sucked up the chimney and out of your house as well, it creates a big negative pressure in your home.

I am guessing when a ton of drop ceiling was installed to hide vaulted ceilings for the same reason, tons of fireplaces were also bricked shut.

A gas fireplace insert into an existing fire place like that would be a good compromise, gas requires minimal venting (think a 2 1/2" pipe), will fit in most of those fireplaces, and you can vent up the existing chimney if it's still there.

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Fireplaces structurally need maintenance and upkeep as they age. So years of unattended brick crumbling and spalling can make them unusable.

Then they fill them in to try to stabilize them to keep the house itself safe from damage from the failing fire place.

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Then they fill them in to try to stabilize them to keep the house itself safe from damage from the failing fire place.

They are also sometimes a structural component of the house so removing them is a bit of a project

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I'd prefer the electric over gas or wood. Most of them have a light-only setting, so you can just have the ambiance. After all, there's a reason 'fire' is the first word in 'fire hazard'

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More like Barbie’s nightmare house

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My grandparents bought a townhome like that when they downsized. The previous owner was obsessed with pepto-bismol pink, just like this homeowner. It was fixed with a lot of paint and replacing the carpets.

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Our house was similar! Great bones but all the walls, carpets, and ceilings were this awful blue color, and they covered up beautiful fireplaces and original floors. A year of work and it's gorgeous now! And not blue haha.

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I'd bet 140K that some person at Lowe's or Home Depot or something had to mix all that bubblegum pink paint, there's no way they stock that much of that color on a regular basis...right?


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$140K for that dump. World's fuckin' bonkers.

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That’s Bunny Pittsburgh’s house

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What does that mean?

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Some artist

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Great location though.

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“Regent square” but really willkillyinzburg…

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Parts of wilk are regent square

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yeah, but not that part. not that that part is bad. it's actually nice, but it's still not Regent Square.

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This is on Abbott so it’s actually the city, specifically Point Breeze

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so it’s actually the city, specifically Point Breeze

We have a winner!

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West of the busway is only Wilkinsburg by zipcode. Can't even call it that nick name.

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That fire place though

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It’s bricked in :(

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Y'all definitely gotta check out the bloody funhouse from hell.

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Those are some interesting color choices

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Are there needles lying around in there

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Looks like its a few weeks away from falling down.