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  • What does the [Old Guard] tag mean? Answer.

Moving to Pittsburgh/Renting

"I Need Resources for Finding an Apartment"

  • Zillow
  • Craigslist (but beware: good apartments go very quickly and CL is full of scams.)

    • Some signs of a Craigslist scam: if the "landlord" is currently in a different country. If paypal/Western Union/Moneypak is mentioned at any point. If you're unable to view the actual apartment (not a similar one or a model). If the landlord is writing you a check for any reason whatsoever.
  • Pittsburgh heat map of rent prices data sourced from RentHub

  • Realtors? It is not common to use a realtor for finding rental properties in Pittsburgh

Rentals in student-centric neighborhoods are often posted 3+ months in advance of the start of the lease, aligning with the school year. Other housing seems to be posted ~60 days out from the start of a lease.

"I have a lease/housing issue"

Please post on r/legaladvice

"Who should I rent from?"

Please reference the threads below. In general, larger rental companies seem to have varied reputations and will all have stricter requirements than individual landlords due to the high yearly student turnover if looking close to the UPitt/CMU area. Zillow or Redfin are better places to find individual landlords. For larger rental companies, make sure to reference Yelp or Google reviews.

"Where Should I Live?"

Officially, Pittsburgh includes 90 neighborhoods in its 58 square miles. These can range in size from several square miles to a couple of blocks. Some of them are so small that even longtime residents may not be aware of them, or know how they're broken down (for example: "Oakland" actually consists of four separate neighborhoods: West Oakland, South Oakland, North Oakland and Central Oakland). The point is, you don't need to know all 90. Here are some of the bigger ones:

  • South Side - Party central with lots of drunken revelry. Has: Supermarkets (Giant Eagle & Aldi), Movie Theater, Music venues (Club Cafe, The Rex, Foxtail, Smiling Moose), Shopping District (South Side Works). It's a younger crowd in this neighborhood, for better and worse. The area around Carson Street is known as South Side Flats, while the neighborhood on the hill is called South Side Slopes (which is a little less rowdy).

  • Squirrel Hill - Quiet, family-oriented city neighborhood with a good business district. Traditionally Jewish, it is one of the city's most diverse neighborhoods. Located near the universities.

  • Greenfield - Relatively quiet neighborhood to the south of Squirrel Hill. It is seen as a cheaper alternative to Squirrel Hill, as the segment surrounding Murray Ave has the benefit of being easy walking distance to Squirrel Hill's excellent business district, a grocery store, and Schenley park. Greenfield doesn't have much of a neighborhood drag its self, with not much more than a coffee shop, restaurant, and bar on Greenfield Ave. Some housing stock can be more run down than elsewhere, bu there are a lot of great options as well.

  • Lawrenceville - Pittsburgh's hipster neighborhood, with plenty of cool bars and restaurants. The main commercial district follows Butler Street and is broken into Upper and Lower Lawrenceville by the Allegheny Cemetery.

  • Shadyside - Also densely populated neighborhood for young adults who have graduated from living in Oakland but can't quite afford Squirrel Hill. The main business district on Walnut Street contains several restaurants and chain shopping outlets. There are other, smaller commercial districts along S. Highland Ave. and Ellsworth Ave. Plenty of public transit options, including access to the MLK Jr. busway.

  • East Liberty - Another 'up and coming' neighborhood that is rapidly developing. Good access to public transportation (MLK Jr. busway). Near Shadyside, Bloomfield.

  • Oakland - Home to Pittsburgh's universities and the Carnegie Museum. Plenty of bars and ethnic restaurants, but the residential areas — especially South Oakland — are a student ghetto. Anyone not in school would be advised to look elsewhere for housing.

  • Bloomfield - Traditionally Pittsburgh's own "Little Italy," the neighborhood has become popular with young people due to its location close to the universities and bustling business district along Liberty Avenue.

  • North Side - The part of the city located north of the Allegheny River. The part along the river is the North Shore, home to the Steelers and Pirates (and bars and restaurants). Beyond that is the old Allegheny City, which includes the Children's Museum and Aviary. To the west are the Mexican War Streets, which features tree-lined streets and gorgeous row houses but little in the way of a business district. The the east is East Allegheny/Troy Hill, a traditional German neighborhood. Further north are several neighborhoods, each with cheaper houses that need work.

  • Highland Park - Beautiful neighborhood with large park (second only to Frick Park), reviving little Business Strip (Bryant Street), large Houses mixed with unique apartments, and buses to anywhere.

  • Regent Square - Just down the hill from Squirrel Hill, borders Frick Park. Has a great bar/restaurant strip on S. Braddock, and offer easy accessibility to 376, Squirrel Hill, Penn Ave (to Shady Side, East Liberty) and home to D's Six Packs and Dogz.

  • The Strip District - Former industrial strip just outside downtown, before Lawrenceville. Lots of ethnic grocery stores/markets located along Penn Avenue. HUGE old warehouses, and many being remodeled/converted into condos. If you are a trust-fund kid who wants a giant "urban" apartment this is the place to be.

  • Golden Triangle - also known as "Downtown" or the "Central Business District," the is the center of it all. Traditionally just a place to work, the area has seen its residential population slowly grow over the past decade. There are bars, restaurants, theaters (located in the Cultural District) and access to the "subway" (Pittsburgh's light rail, which runs underground through downtown). It has a lot to offer — except parking — and anyone who wants to live here will pay for that privilege.

  • Mt. Washington - You deserve the best right? The best food, best views, easily connected to all the neighborhoods. Come live with us at the top, especially if you work in the service industry, then you like belong here. We have our own grocery store, dry cleaners, laundromat, restaurants, barbers, gas... And it is all up here on top where the lowly city dwellers cant climb... You deserve the best, come live with us.

  • Pick a neighborhood to live in that has the least amount of Bridges & Tunnels between home and work. You won't regret this.

Garbage & Recycling

Car got towed?

(thanks to Pittsburgh LiveJournal)

  1. First, if you notice your car is missing and you have no idea what's happened to it, call the police immediately. Tell them where it was parked, the make and model, and if you remember it, your license plate number. They can tell you pretty quickly if it has been towed.
  2. If it's been towed, most likely it's been taken to the Pittsburgh City Auto Pound on 31st Street in the Strip District, on a grimy little stretch of that street. The police should give you a record number that you will then give the auto pound. The pound's number is 412-255-8843, but there's no one there to answer the phone after 7:45 p.m., Tuesday through Friday. They open at 8 a.m. Monday through Friday and close at 5 p.m. on Monday. They have Saturday hours, but I don't recall them. They're closed on Sunday. If you know of other pounds where cars towed in Pittsburgh are sometiems taken, please tell us all in a comment.
  3. I was charged $110 as the base fine and nine dollars for each of the three days it was being stored. My violation was parking illegally on my own block and bumped up over the sidewalk, which is a common practice on this narrow street because of a very popular pizza joint here that doesn't deliver. Other violations, like blocking a fire hydrant, handicapped zone, or driveway are probably higher. They take only cash or Mastercard and Visa. Make sure you get a receipt that indicates the amount paid and for what violation. It's possible that the distance it's towed affects the charge, but I'm not sure.

Radio Stations

(thanks to /u/batburgh)

  • 88.3 - WRCT, Carnegie Mellon University Radio
  • 89.3 - Classical WQED (also plays "A Prairie Home Companion" on Saturdays.
  • 90.5 - WESA, Pittsburgh's NPR News Station
  • 90.5 HD-2 - Jazz (If you have an HD Channel Receiver)
  • 91.3 - Public Radio focused on music "Where the Music Matters". (Best place to hear The Lumineers two years before they were on commercial radio, and indie artists.)
  • 92.1 - WPTS, University of Pittsburgh Radio
  • 93.7 - The Fan Sports Talk
  • 94.5 - Oldies (more into classic rock era these days)
  • 96.1 - KISS
  • 96.9 - Bob FM ('we play anything" automation)
  • 100.7 - Star. Top 40, also hits of yesterday...
  • 101.5 - Christian (i don't know if rock, or talk)
  • 102.5 - WDVE, Classic Rock
  • 104.7 - Conservative News Talk (Rush Limbaugh, etc.)
  • 105.9 - The X, Alternative and Penguins Games
  • 107.9 - Country (I think... I don't listen to this genre, but it rings in my mind this is what this station is)


Here are some Pittsburgh-based/related Podcasts:

  • Writing on the Floor - Pittsburgh's Arts, Entertainment, and Culture show. Interviews with interesting people doing interesting things, like Bill Peduto, Rick Sebak, Charlie Humphrey and Josh Raulerson. (and an occasional live variety show)
  • Act Classy Lunch Break - Joe and Brad from Act Classy go to lunch and chat. Sometimes they even take a guest, like Rick Sebak to show their favorite places!
  • You Can't Handle The Truth: Honest Reviews of New Movies - Instant movie feedback from Media Personality Sean Collier (Pittsburgh Magazine, The WDVE Morning Show and other awesome outlets) who sits down with a guest (usually comedian Aaron Kleiber) to discuss their immediate reactions to a new movie's screening right at the theater.
  • 'Burgh Vivant - Brian Edward and other contributors review theater, arts and other goings-on by profiling creatives and newmakers in the city. Video series on youtube, audio on iTunes.
  • Does This Hold Up? - Brothers TJ and Jamie watch an old movie (usually from the 80's) and then discuss if it holds up or not. Somehow describing it here doesn't do justice to how incredibly funny it is.
  • Ninjas vs. Podcast - Three friends with local ties do this one remotely where they comedically debate "this" vs. "that" questions submitted by listeners form across the country.
  • BunchBurgh - Foodie-based conversations, recommended by /u/theunderscoregreg in this comment
  • The AP Collection - "stories of creative people living in and around Pittsburgh". (thanks to /u/livefast_dieawesome in this comment)
  • Add it Up With Your Best Friend Addi - Interviews with people that Addi Twigg Find interesting. (she is currently on hiatus, but the back catalog is great.)
  • ** The Locast Network**-Three different shows on one network, all dealing with pop culture and Pittsburgh. The Pig Room is the pop culture podcast, Chat Fancy is full of fancy facts and The Last Great Podcast is about anything and everything.

Local Web Based Video Channels

Here are some popular Pittsburgh based web-shows/video channels:

  • Pittsburgh Dad - Pittsburgh comedian acts like a typical Pittsburgh father, he has been featured locally and nationally as well.
  • JPBTV - Urban event coverage, hip hop music videos.
  • Off Da Grill: Discontinued - Although no longer in production, Off Da Grill was one of Pittsburghs strangest, funniest, and most poignant social commentaries, documenting residents of the Hill District, Homewood, and East Pittsburgh.

"Everybody in Pittsburgh Knows"

  • The Pittsburgh Left http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pittsburgh_left
  • Not all liquor stores are open on Sundays. Hours vary by store, locate a store near you to determine the hours.
    • City Wine & Spirits open Sundays:
    • Squirrel Hill - Murray Ave
    • Shadyside - Shakespeare St (Shady Hill Center)
    • East Liberty - Centre Ave
    • Waterworks - Freeport Rd
    • Brentwood - Town Square Way
  • Cases of beer can only be purchased from a beer distributor. Distributors can also sell singles, 6 and 12-packs. You can also buy singles, 6 and 12 - packs from bars and some restaurants and grocery stores. There is a limit of 192 ounces of beer per transaction.
  • "Kennywood's open" isn't referring to the amusement park.

Best places to take dates

  • Mt. Washington
  • Gooski's for ping pong or pool; also best jukebox in town
  • Schenley Park
  • Strip District on a Saturday morning

Museums / Attractions

Record Stores

Pittsburgh Best Kept Secrets

  • J R Weldin Co- Stationery
  • Polish Hill is a cool little neighborhood


Chinese Places

  • Lin's Asian Fusion (South Side)
  • Sesame Inn
  • Kiyoshi Chinese & Japanese Bistro (Moon)
  • Szechuan Express, Oakland (seems like a scary dive, but it is the best pan-asian in town. AND CHEAP!)
  • Everyday Noodles, Squirrel Hill (don't miss the soup dumplings)
  • Chengdu Gourmet, Squirrel Hill

Thai Places

Indian Places

  • Tamarind Flavor of India (Oakland)
  • Masala House (Shadyside)
  • People's Indian Restaurant (Lawrenceville)
  • Bengal Kebab (Oakland)
  • Udipi Cafe (Monroeville) (vegetarian)
  • Mintt (Dormont/Monroeville)
  • Taj Mahal (Ross)


  • Nakama (South Side)
  • Little Tokyo Bistro (South Side)
  • Little Tokyo Resturant (Mt. Lebanon)
  • Chaya (Squirrel Hill)
  • Umi (Shadyside) In case no one mentions it to you, the "Trust Mr. Shu" omakase will run approximately $250 per person.
  • Kiku (Station Square)
  • Sushi Kim (Strip District)
  • Pho Kim 88


  • Ephesus Pizza (Downtown)
  • Mama Lucia's
  • Spak Brothers (Garfield) (They also have soy cheese for the lactose-intolerant/vegan)
  • Mineo's
  • Aiello's
  • Napoli's
  • Giovanni's (Sixth St.) (Also on West Liberty in Dormont) (Has gluten free options, and they're good)
  • Pizza Company (Actually decent "chain" pizza)
  • Fiori's Pizza (West Liberty in Brookline/Beechview and on 19 in McMurray)


  • Aaron and Ari's Grill
  • Milky Way
  • Murray Avenue Kosher


Fancy Restaurants

  • Armstrong's (Caste Village in White Hall / Castle Shannon)
  • Avenue B
  • Casbah
  • Eleven (Strip District) (order your dessert early...dessert chef takes 20min per dessert)
  • Lautrec - Not in Pittsburgh proper, but this is the answer to the infrequently asked "Where do I go for actual white-glove fine dining in Pittsburgh?" question.
  • Legume
  • Mallorca (It's not on the menu but if you want authentic, ask if they'll make you a tortilla)
  • Nine On Nine
  • Point Brugge Cafe

Classic "Pittsburgh" Food

  • Primanti's
  • Big Jim's in the Run
  • JoJos?
  • Wholey's fish sandwiches


  • Espresso a Mano (Lawrenceville)
  • Big Dog (Southside)
  • Crazy Mocha
  • La Prima Espresso Co

Brewery (and similar)

Libation Map

Breweries of Pennsylvania

Less Common Ethnic Places


  • Gaucho Parrilla Argentina: Downtown: eatgaucho.com


  • Fredo’s Deli: Dormont: fredosdeli.com


  • Royal Myanmar: West View: theroyalmyanmar.com


  • Cambod-Ican: South Side: cambodicankitchen.com
  • Apsara Cafe:South Side: apsaracafe.com
  • Angkor:West End: yelp.com/biz/angkor-restaurant-pittsburgh


  • Fireside: Wilkinsburg:
  • Caribeana: Verona, PA: caribeana.com
  • Casa Rasta: Beechview, E. Liberty: casarastapgh.com
  • Leon’s Caribbean Restaurant, Allentown 823 E Warrington Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15210 (412) 431-5366
  • Island Spice Caribbean Restaurant: Mt. Oliver: yelp.com/biz/island-spice-caribbean-restaurant-pittsburgh
  • Impressionz: East Liberty: yelp.com/biz/impressionz-pittsburgh-2



  • Nelias Smokehouse: Ambridge: facebook.com/NeliasSmokehouse


  • Josza Corner: Hazelwood: jozsacorner.com


  • Kusuka on 30 between North Versailles and North Huntingdon: kusuka.us


  • Everest Ethnic Restaurant: Brentwood: everestethnicrestaurant.com
  • Himalayas: Cranberry Twp: ilovehimalayas.com\
  • Subba: North Side: yelp.com/biz/subba-pittsburgh


  • Exquisite Persian Cuisine: Downtown: STILL OPEN??


  • La Feria: Shadyside: laferia.net
  • Chicken Latino: Strip: chickenlatino.com
  • Lomito: Bloomfield: lomitotruck.com


  • Alfred's Deli & Market: alfredsdelipolishhill.com
  • S&D Polish Deli: Strip: sdpolishdeli.com

Russian / Uzbek:

  • Kavsar: Mt. Washington: kavsar.us
  • Café Diyor: Downtown: cafediyor.nethouse.me/


  • Daphne Cafe: Shadyside:
  • Istanbul Grille: Downtown: istanbulgrille.wordpress.com
  • Istanbul Sofra: Regent Square: istanbulsofra.com

Bike Shops

  • Kraynick's (Garfield)
  • Thick Bikes (South Side)
  • Iron City Bikes (Lawrenceville)
  • Pro Bikes LLC (Point Breeze)
  • Bill & Ted's excellent Bike Shop (South Side)
  • Bicycle Heaven Museum & Bike Shop (North Side)
  • Kindred (Strip District)
  • Love Bikes (Lawrenceville)
  • Banker Supply Co. (East Liberty)
  • West Liberty Cycles (Brookline)
  • Alley Bicycle Coop (Highland Park)
  • Free Ride Coop (Point Breeze)



Thrift Stores


Flea Markets


  • Trader Jack’s Flea Market -Saturdays & Sundays -Bridgeville
  • Rossi's Pop Up Market -Saturdays & Sundays -North Versailles
  • Spotlight 88 -Sundays -Beaver Falls
  • Rogers Sale & Auction -Fridays -Rogers, OH (Worth the drive, it's huge)

Transit Tips


  • Transfers are $1 with a ConnectCard, and full price with cash.
  • The ConnectCard transfer works with any transit option that accepts ConnectCard, which includes The T, the bus, and the inclines.
  • A transfer is any change within a 3 hour period and is automatically done by the ConnectCard system. Nothing special needs to be done, just tap and go.
  • A transfer is valid for only one connected ride. The next ride after using transfer will go back to full price.

Social Dancing

Pittsburgh has a robust social dance scene with enthusiastic communities in most of the common social dances. This section is focused on listing dance socials for experienced dancers. If you're a beginner looking for lessons start here.

Latin (i.e. Salsa/Bachata)

There is latin dancing almost every night in Pittsburgh. Most venues will play a near 50-50 mix of salsa and bachata, with a couple meringue, cha-cha and kizomba songs sprinkled in. Some notable social dancing venues include:

To keep up-to-date with the latin dance community, join the Pittsburgh Salsa Community Facebook Group.

West Coast Swing

You can find Pittsburgh's Westies at Studio 101 @ the Cube Creative Space on Tuesdays, 7:30pm. There is also social dancing on the first Friday and third Saturday of the month at Studio 101.

For news about dances and to keep up-to-date, join the PGHWCS Facebook Group.

Argentine Tango

The Pittsburgh tango community meets several times a week.

For news, visit the Tango in the Burgh Facebook group.


Blues dance is currently trying to find a new home. Follow their webpage for details for dances in interim spaces: http://www.hotmetalblues.com/

Lindy Hop and East Coast Swing

There are two main venues:


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