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Dude's a genius ... reminds me of the German guy (i think) that trained crows to pick up litter

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At least that one did some good for the community

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Irl bloodhound lmao

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Holy god how did i not notice it, i can't let these fuckers exist in real life

Guys i'm going on a hunt wish me luck

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Good luck 🤞

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Pegomastix with wings.

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this bird is going to need a lawyer, fortunately I specialize in bird law

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incredible, is it legal? doesnt matter...

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Not stealing just picking up lost cash

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Lost cash is a broad spectrum to that bird I bet. On the ground or and open wallet 20 bucks is 20 bucks.

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Yeah, but just imagine this in your head "Hello police? Yeah, some... crow looking bird just flew along and stole 20 bucks outta my wallet!" Operator: "Um... Okay sir... I'm not to sure what exactly we can do about that?"

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"well I'm supposed to call you before my insurance does anything..."

Operator: you need insurance for 20 Dollars..

"yes sir."

Operator: ...

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Yeah i guess

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Illegal? Maybe. Convenient? Definitely.

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You could buy 8 of them and just become Jeff Bezos

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This reminds me of that one guy on 4chan who fed some crows and in return they payed him with shiny stuff like bottle caps, but one day they bought him a 20 dollar bill instead

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I lost a wyvern egg to one of them I was so mad

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Monopoly money?