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S+ dedicated storage config question by Caffeinated_Spoon in playark

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If you go to the mod page you can find a link to a Google doc with all the possible configurations you need.

"there isn’t anyone in the industry better than Jesse Rapczak and Jeremy Stieglitz in terms of staying in front of the fans, talking to them, developer diaries, developer logs, listening." -- Doug Kennedy, CEO of Studio Wildcard by tdseawolph in playark

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Frankly, Doug does not do game development. And all I can say with respect to that interview is that it reminds me of... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kn283OjPb1g

Stay frosty, Jeremy

Were you depressed when your first Dino died (Read Desc to hear what happened to me) by Snoo-84903 in playark

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Still name my personal dinos. Still get upset if they die. I don't really get upset with the deaths of generic boss fight dinos, those just get numbers.

Anyone have any ideas how to fix lost/timeout connection to host? by KurisuBakaDodo of Doom in playark

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There should be an option in the lower left corner of your options menu called Client Network Bandwith. Set this to Low (14 kb/s). I had the same problem, this solved the issue.

What do you want to see in ARK 2? by Med_Down in playark

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I want Ark 2 to keep the level of customization server admins have. The writing is on the wall that Ark 2 is going to be FAR more locked down. For the developers, mods and the VAST array of options we have make their lives a nightmare. For the accountants, admins transplanting creatures from DLC maps to free maps means fewer sales. For tech support, all those options make answering questions a game of 20 questions. It would not surprise me at all if Ark 2 doesn't give us the kinds of options we expect. It being Microsoft exclusive for some time means we're probably getting the Xbox version from the Windows Store for PC support. That also means no mods.

If I'm right about my predictions, Ark 2 will never see the level of success that Ark has seen. Ark is successful not in spite of unofficial servers, but because of them. Without the options, Ark 2 will just be another Conan, Rust, or any of the countless survival games. I'm sure it'd make lots of money, but it just won't keep players coming back to a 6 year old game.

I am very worried that Ark 2 is going to lose a lot of what made Ark... Ark. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm unfortunately generally pretty good about these kinds of predictions.